No Councils Recognition In Constitution Means They Do Not Exist!

130517 JUST DEFIANCE No Councils Recognition In Constitution Means They Do Not Exist Edition

by Lauren Wilson, The Australian May 17, 2013

It passes disbelief about the true condition of politics in Australia.

Begging the question, but only from REALPoliticians, REALPolitik Journalists, and REALPolitik members of the Australian citizenry, society and polity, as to whether any of what we are dragged into believing about today's political hyperbole, key being the federal election nearing on September 14th 2013, is real, or is, in any way, meritorious?

Because, as the heading of this piece states, that without our Local Councils being recognized in our nation's Constitution, they do not actually exist.

So it's well passed bizarre for anyone in politics or our media to argue that further non-recognition of our Councils in the constitution, is the way for us to vote in the September 14th Referendum.

Falling late onto the side which says, as The Beatles sang in the late 1960', “Nothing is real” (Strawberry Fields Forever), this only adds to that feeling, belief, way of perceiving the existence.

Or, if it, therefore all the political hoopla we are forced to consume and pretend to partake of, at each LOCAL COUNCIL, state and federal election, does and do exist, then there is an HUGE element of BOOOOLLLLSHSHSH-IT in and behind it all.

Begging Revolutionary questions as to why someone doesn't nuke Canberra, Israel, the Vatican, London, Washington, et CETERA?

And/or simply go all out for a 3rd world war.

Because, sad and useless though it is, that I have been nurtured and hypnotized by a most whorey cult of LIARS, to regard honesty, and one's own personal Integrity of being truthful in all affairs, as worthwhile including in one's framework of being a Human Being, I still maintain - exactly what the cult want some lame, vulnerable, duped and controllable sacrificial puppet to do - I still maintain that life quickly diminishes to worthless junk-bonds status once we abandon these and other high-minded Principles??

O! It IS all junk bond status!! So that explains why everyone around me is so full of shit! Another NEW CAR cockhead?

So..., as some parts of our nation and our economies, and our local communities do seem to recognize that Councils do - in this illusion - exist - for anyone who refuses or fails to pay their council rates finds out - EVICTION - REPOSSESSION - FINES AND JAIL - QUICK-SMART THE TRAPS ARE AT YOUR DOOR with the bailiffs to throw your belongings onto the street - then it probably is safe to assume that Local Councils do exist, and therefore, for a number of reasons, good and not so, and as they partake of many aspects of the larger state, national and international economies, and, as they are in fact the hub - or should be - of healthy Communities, and the conduit necessary for Local People - very few people are not, in some way, local people - to be useful participants on this local-to-global idea, if not delusion - which it is in most western “democratic nations” - called “Democracy”, then there cannot be any sound or intelligent or practical or economic or social or political - er? - I withdraw that last word, your Honor, then there cannot be any sound or intelligent or practical or economic or social or wise reason for Local Councils to remain excluded from being mentioned and fully recognized in our flailing nation's Constitution!


Gunai Aborigine Outlaw Journalist Revolutionary For Local Councils

However, to continue, your workshop, I put it that the only reason why anyone - namely the idiots on our federal drOpposition - who seem to have shanghai-ed with MI6-and-CIA-and-asio-quality skullduggery, the rule of law, into their own pockets across the states' political arenas, and left LAW at the cleaners when they laundered their panties - and vested-interests - would argue against reality, is that they are living in totally other universes, and out there, your high-chair, they like the idea of corrupting every possible, real and unreal thing, to suit their own unreal beliefs, ideas, delusions and utterly unconscionably selfish private school educations.

That they are given media airtime to say anything, let alone the appalling things they fabricate against good government, especially good LOCAL government, where, the seat of sound political and thus sound economic communities was, is and forever after shall remain, is one of the greatest travesties of this thing called “Democracy”, your, wig-wearing over-educated madame and/or sir.

Indeed, in language befitting of their own blasphemer fathers and priests, and teachers of the private school secret agendas, “they are an absolute abomination!”, your soft shoe leather!


Gerney to The Legal industry
Astrayliars - all of them!

Now..., as to the abomination we've been seduced into calling our “federal treasurer”, and the federal budget I did not follow, hear, watch or read about - having dwelt for the last 26 months in his home state of WHOSE-LAND-with-a-questionmark, I do understand why he has been so unable to speak honestly to Australians about the backroom state of the national economy.

Honesty does not appear to be high in Whoselander's list of things to say?

Yeah! You're mentally ill, bitch.....

And, from the minuscule info I caught on that budget, somewhere, there's been an appalling failure, by everyone in the bighouse up on the manmade hill in Canberra.

Horribly obviously, the lot of them are distracted from being good and true economists, or, economic managers - which is all government really needs to be - but so minimal in that role as to be more or less unknown to honest business, education and cultural industry - and it's not a long leap to say that the distraction has been an utterly disgusting bunch of egomaniacs, both across the media and the opposition - that is the foreign, offshore corporate interest mob, who, since Adam was duped by his missus, and they were both evicted from Eden, for corruption. Tooo many clammering to be MEMEMEME I SHOULD AND COULD AND WOULD BE [I would be I would!] LEADER, if it wasn't for all the other ambitious aspirational egomaniacs!? NOT like memememe! Nooo-h?

Funny how things don't stay rosy forever? Even down here down the delusional shithole of offshore future real estate market!

Well we might say “God save the....” er? Sorry Lord Gough!?

Well we might say Australia escaped the global financial crisis - when every more honest economist here and globally has forecast that it will spread globally, that-is even to this-here paradise for Eurapean land speculators, who fund our government to keep the Aussie slaves deceived into thinking we can SPEND-SPEND-SPEND until Armageddon, then get out of having to pay for it.

And well might the fucking dogs of right wing real estate - er - media and politrix say that 1, the government has failed, and 2, that having a deficit, sssSSUP? Ooooowh Nooo-H?!?! NOT - a DEFICIT!?!#@$%^&??? - made by borrowing, or by selling the farm, to keep the 90% not oligarch-rich Aussies housed and fed, is evil, like the Tiny Habit with big ears and nothing between them likes to say say say, especially in front of right wing media cameras - does he champ-at-the-bit like that at home daughters? [“THE DISHWASHER HAS - GOT - TO - BE - TURNED - ON!”]- merely so the absolutely braindead, 1st-time humans of Zionism's Zombieville Astrayliar can act like they KNOW who - not what - to vote for come September 14th, merely because Tiny big ears likes his lines of propaganda to keep coming from the world's most evil government corporation making war in Afghanistan and selling heroin to YOUR DAUGHTERS, and keeping drug laws perverse, corrupt and - evil.

Yeah! Vote for the filth! That way, we can be rotten corrupt parasitical rats, and call the politicians out as worse than us!

Makes us feel “PROUD” it does!

And oooowh! 18 billion dollars deficit?


That's not such a bad price for us to pay to avoid the disasters being lived now in Eurape, Britain and the USA.

And..., it forces home to the blithe, spoiled, maximum over-consumption idiots of this nation of lairs, that you voted for a liar, no matter which of the 3 major parties you voted for, so don't vote them down because you did not do your maths, join public PROTESTS and demand that all of the majors to go to jail, for treason!

One step removed - by voting in traitors, the voter is also a traitor!!

If Australia had sunk in pace with the rest of the over-developed, over-consumptive quite-quite certifiably insane, your honor, 1st, white, Christian BOOOOOLLLLSHSHSH-IT world, from 2006-on, the depth over there still not fully realized, ie, it's gonna get a fucking whole lot worse in Eurape yet - there'd be so many unemployed, and poverty, enough to cause more than a few of the lawless to pop-off a few rounds of stolen weapons here and suburban there, we'd as close to a civil war with ourselves by now.


As well..., every low bastard from any other over-populated nation would've been here by now, we'd be dropping like flies from their warring against us, and we'd all be wiping with our fingers, if we had food enough to poop!

If the Lib/Nats either stayed in from 2007, or from '010, or come September 14, get in, “Law” y'know, that primary thing upon which all the universe rests, would be, or will be totally dead. Sold to even worse private security firms than own the prisons and streets and your freedom now!

Only if you had incomes above $300,000 per year - OOOOP! the dollar just dived to about 25 US cents - had incomes above 2.1 million a year - OOOP! It just devalued again!! OK? With 50, no, 65, no it's war out there - 90% percent unemployed, would you avoid the fastrack downward spiral into unemployment, and having to forget all about you, or your great grand kids even renting a home, let alone buying one.

As to being good voters, ie., supposed to be good managers of your own democratic nation, and/or therefore of your own moneys, lives progeny's future, via those totally trustworthy banks and land speculation experts - well......, want the truth? - you've been taken for a 200 year ride down hill Aussie!

Now, as the bills of maximum over-consumption come in, and the chickens come home to roost in Eurape's lofts, and their unrepayable debt belts the shit out of the 1st world, with the majority of Eurapeans waiting-in-fear for a return to fascism, ten times more brutal than any Mussolini, Franco or Hitler, we and the majority of Eurapeans wait for one of the nuclear nations of psychos to stage another reason to war against left wing common sense.

Then..., what you gonna vote for zombie?

DERRR!?!?#$%^?!??? A bit late for that!


Oooowh? We're all waiting for JE-SUSS!
He's going to rescue us, rescue us, rescue us!


I guess I'm never gonna rest my case, your horribilus?

Gear-Change Expert
Astral Floorshift.

O? If Local Councils do exist, in this illusion at least, then it's good to confirm they, and a more efficient two tier system of government is at least out there, somewhere, on paper, for some brave democratic nation to set the groundwork for, before or after Armagettin'- outta-here!

BUT!  This small personalized comfy, negotiable and calm, easier-going level of YOUR government - ie, Local Councils - wont really do the best for any of us, until we get off our fanny-pads and PROTEST - or get a REALEducation - OR BOTH - on the essential structure of a REPUBLIC.... then VOTE one of them in!

Waiting for Jesus though, is the biggest hurdle stopping YOU from becoming REALFreedom Democratic Republicans.

So..., war it is..........................

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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