Deeper Truths And Issues To Put To The Inquiries Into The Churches

130527 My Comment to Google+ Atheists page

Getting bored fast with the generally inane level of discusion on the new-to-me Google+ “Thinkers” pages, and “Versus”, I looked at the Atheists.

Aside from more than a few using it to lambast Islam, from the USA I expect, it has got pearlers.

So, I dun mah ting and flung a few responses.....

My “Snipping Tool” screen shot software has been subverted lately, so I couldn't snip shots of the lead-in comments off the Google+ pages. So I just put my thoughts here, and damn the rest!

Hey!  new to the Atheist's page, but a convert for years now.
The child sex abuse scandals are atrocities, methinks, never to be let pass.
"Why?" is the mystery, it seems, and is never gotten to, mainly because the focus of media and concerned and damaged people is on stopping it in institutions generally, and to get the perverted culprits.
Not insignificant.  Some blame the "celibacy" factor in the Catholic church.  Others say not.
I think it has roots in the overall awry, astray culture as has developed, evolved over millennia.  Western society - Jewish/Christian - is riddled with corrupted beliefs and "customs", so it's a very rare person who is not tainted in some way by what is all around them.
To suggest "celibacy" is to blame, or perhaps adds to any propensity, or uncontrollable desire for sex, infers that celibacy, which can be for one's deep piety, as well of course, for other psychological problems like an inability to attract another enough to enjoy sex together, etc, is wrong.
Sure, such a sexless environment like a monastery or such, for someone not strong in themselves, which is more likely why anyone joins a church cult to that extent, creates it's own festering problems regards sex and staying at ease without any, perhaps even without masterbation.
I reckon piety, celibacy can be maintained, but the crucial thing is that the mind is trained well beforehand, and, of course, during any length of time being celibate.
This, I think, is where the whole of the western religious group of sects have never been right.
They meditate, but I dispute the "quality" of their practices, of their types of Meditations.  Not that I know them intimately.
But while eastern cults also suffer/suffered from these same abuses, of kids, and other younger clerics in these isolated cloistered environments, western religious culture has been off the track since Adam and Eve.  This their story of the two proves in it's telling, by their being evicted from the garden of Eden.
This, to me, explains why the western culture, for 1000s of years, has been on the downhill track.
But, to my point for this entry...:
Child sex abuse does seem wrong.  It is rampant today, across all sects, groups, clubs and classes.  I don't agree with it at all.
However, while it is a travesty and has to be exposed, cleaned-out, and whatever corrections to cult or society have to be instituted, by an impartial government (HA!), I ask, especially Atheists, whether there should also be, or should be of greater importance, an emphasis on what other "abuses" these types of "power-cults" inflict on kids, and on adults?
And here, I mean psychological abuse.
Deeper to this, I put it that as I assert that they and their ancestors have been off the track of a right minded, clear-thinking, Intelligent and most of all, Moral and Ethical ways for our species to live, since "Genesis", they abuse everyone with their incredible biblical stories, corrupted interpretations of events and of what their prophets said - allegedly said - proselytizing, and forceful advertising and marketing of 1, a false god, 2 any reference to a Jesus returning to save them, 3, the outcomes of which promote wars against usually other more pure, peaceful cultures, more Intelligent and Wise Peoples and nations, but also the obviously awry underlying design of what they demand of people and governments, in the blatantly flawed structures of the Christian, nuclear family models.  Et cetera.
These add up to abuses far worse abuse, to my mind, than the child sexual abuses, for they cut deep into every aspect of all overpowered societies, cultures and individuals, and as we can see globally today, driving millions, if not billions insane, to immoral/unethical lives, and generally down the shithole.
When is someone in genuine authority gonna make an issue of the plain fact that the most heinous corporate abusers, in, the banks, mining, resources, food production, real estate especially, and, in the largest corporate, that-is "privately-owned" governments, are all trained, taught, indoctrinated in these "too big to be brought to account" western religious cults?
When we ponder on these powerful details, facts, if I may, and - if I'm correct - realize their magnitude, and, that it's likely that those larger malfunctions in the dominant western models of thought, and of culture, government, society, and of how to raise a child to be a balance adult, are behind this "sensational" scandal of child sex abuses, the child sexual abuses by those devils of priests et al, et al, fade into comparative insignificance.
Here endeth my anti-christian sermon.... [hohohohoho!]
The churches have no [honest] defense against this type of evidence.
All Power To Atheists!
One last line, I seem to have deduced with their enemy - the Intellect -
"A 'Christian Democrat', is an oxymoron!"
Ponder that one, il papa!


This replies to a quote about religions, from Rowan Atkinson, or “Mr Bean”, but more to my liking, Rowan's brilliant role as “The Black Adder” in his series comedy of the same name.
Sorry I can't get it to put here, but joining Google+ will lead you there, and everywhere else! [Not, actually, recommended, by this deep-skeptic of western media. I'll lose some other connectivity for writing that, I expect?]

Here's what is quoted as said by Mr Atkinson:

What is wrong with inciting intense dislike of a religion if the activities or teachings of that religion are so outrageous, irrational or abusive of human rights that they deserve to be intensely disliked?”

Quite so, Black Adder! Rather the kind of words, we, the Holy Atheists needs-must ascribe thereto, in our endless wars against the unholy of unholy Christians! And.., of course, all the rest of theyne hypocrits!

But just to be clear..., people who are so naive, or protected by their cult, to feel secure having a "faith" [a word used by the western religious which actually, is a cover word for "witchcraft"] and can honestly, without blind faith, without ignorance of the horrors any such faith incites and drops on other cultures and peoples, can maintain an Intelligent life, which really demands the ethic of living very frugal, indeed rustic, "luddite"-type lives, and who hold highest our finest faculty, the Intellect, thence, are 1st to PROTEST against the infidel materialist cultures of our times, are "OK!" by me, and have to be seen as True believers.
From my observations, the western cultures of judaism, christianity, masonry, etc, are the least in that regard.
It should therefore, have us arrive at the fact that the followers of most all western religious faiths are the least likely to go to their own version, their own invention, of "Heaven"?
Hyukedyhyuk, and a HOHOHO!

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