My G+ "Atheism" Comments & on Atheist Christians!!!

140301 My G+ "Atheism" Comment & on Atheist Christians!!!

The Google Plus “Atheism” Conversations pages were hit yesserday by a troll who had clear, subversive intentions, posting pics of, on one, “Richard Dawkins” [? I tunk it's of him?] a renown Atheist, and mocking words pasted over the pic. 

 I commented with accurate observations, and added some. But when I looked again, a few minutes later the dick poster had actually removed my lengthy comment, and falsely 'reported' me as having used 'hate speech', which I clearly had not.

Here's the 3 comments I posted to the same page, the first being the one he, or she, deleted and reported.  

Following them are a few words of mine about CHRISTIAN ATHEISM, and it's veracity.


Poster - “Atheists R Lame”
Discussion - 10:23 AM


Noticed a bit of pro-god, christian assertiveness on G+ of the last couple of days.

I'd guess the well-paid kiddies of [christian-indoctrinated] corporate daddies with big inheritances to pass down, and/or perhaps merely evangelical 'inspired' youth [yet to see the dark side of religion, or the facts, history and long term goals, or what Intellect actually IS], are jacking up, and have finally decided to 'group-up' and mount an assault on these increasingly popular G+ "Atheism" pages.

The same as what I read [well, I rarely bother reading the articles on this type of topic] about the Republican party in the USA - it may have been about the Tea Party - starting to get shitty and active about their declining right wing christian-indoctrinated 'flocks' and thus electable popularity.

Atheists should expect this type of drivel, designed to incite our venom, as here, online, so-as to assert any manner of 'unAmerican' etc, garbage, against [American] Atheists, so-as to be their usual bitter, stupid and bitchy selves by calling for LAWS banning freer, more Intellectual, scientific comment, and thinking.

Because it's obvious the Republicans, the churches and their, yes, THEIR corporations, products of zionist Israel, as-much, rely on idiot consumers to buy buy buy stuff, and to support the false god religious cults.

This, is why 'capitalism' is so supported in the USA.

However, to carry on... Atheists don't believe in an ultimate deity. That's it.

However, here, I notice a lot of so-called Atheists, shooting down perspectives which go to, and try to give credence to - 'spiritual' beliefs.

Atheists can be very 'spiritual' people. So 'Atheists' are stupid to shoot down any who do not believe in 'god' but who do believe, as much because they know, there are other 'hidden' aspects to our own being, but also to the planet, to the world and to the universal cosmos, which fit right in with the term 'spirituality'.

And, to shoot a missive christianity's way, christians, to be pedantic, can also be Atheists.

Think about it, dicks?

You believe, albeit blindly by accepting dogma and LOOOOADs of verbose imaginated and hypnotic rubbish, including disgustingly bad 'breakdowns' of allegorical literature [scripture], in a super dude world leader.

I denounce that 'theory', although it has been deduced as an eventuality by minds far far wiser than any who bother babbling on here - mine included [BUT I ADMIT IT, FUCKSTICK!]

With the species clearly 'in the ditch/pit/abyss' we're in, and have been for a long long time, like any purification process, all the dross - perhaps, yes, in fact, in our cases, the majority, bumble along, while always, somewhere, there is still a purification process occurring, such that somewhere, there IS the 'purest' mind getting it together.

But I assert this remains 'old thinking' and fails to include the spread and growth across the planet of millions, to billions, of individuals really learning, by Proper Tuition, about their own deeper 'spiritual' selves, [quite something other than the 'American ego' of 'unduvudualusm'] and so rather than any one purest mind one day, as the flocking chrustians [TYPO!?#$%??] hope hope hope will happen, [and ply their wands to encourage, leading to a 'faith-based' delusional disaster - aka christianity's mass-destruction by consumerism] I, [apart from believing we really have gone too far, and we're a lost mob now, just waiting for the radiation], I reckon it's a case of that fabled 'critical mass' peaking, such that a significantly large minority convinces the powers that be, to acquiesce to Honest and Legal, Scientific Democratic Rule, Global.

Possibly a majority of Americans are dead-against 'big government'. I hope most of them, and the rest, acknowledge that government is the most sensible way to manage large numbers of crazy fuck 'individuals'.

And, that 'small' government, aka 'local', is least likely to be corrupted, with certain factors being extant. Where 'Locals' - the REAL You's and Me's - are, as part of their daily lives, informed about what's happening up at the council chambers, etc, and with a Properly ECONOMICALLY Educated polity, when - if - the 'council' the local government, goes off the rails, the local Mob knows straight away about it, and rallies together at the chambers to kick the fuck out of the corrupt officials [metaphorically].

So government is Good, but only if it's kept 'small', but 'small' as in 'Local'.

There has to be, of course, larger bodies to coordinate the small governments, for the most efficient macro, national function.

So, the last thing anyone needs, if they want Honest and True Government, is deluded opportunistic charlatans taking the podium microphone and using their 'charisma' to persuade [ie., 'hypnotize'] the Locals that centrist government [read JEEEEESUS GONNA SAAAVVE USSSS!] is necessary.

As I say "LAW, IS GOD!" We can all learn Proper Laws, and that Knowledge, is how government and our own being, stays sane, stable AND - HAPPY.

So..., 'christians' like the poster here, go away please?

However, in the spirit of Intelligent balance, I do see these Atheism pages being flooded with anti-christian, anti religious 'dogma' and short, pithy, very funny quips and stuff.

I often think they harm Atheist's who've gone further than merely rejecting 'faith' and blindly adopted beliefs, and so harm the Greater Cause of bringing Humanity up-to-speed about the FACTS on that 'First Principle' not-thing, etc.

But I'll keep reading the shorter ones, 'cause they make me fall-over laughing!

Atheism has got to be 'Balanced'. So if you can't put an Intelligent, and funny hey! deconstruction of any religious falsities you find, well..., insulting those who are sincere in their 'belief' with 'immature slights', does them, you, and the Atheist perspective, no good, and only adds to the disquiet and divisions, and wars.

So..., again...., 'christians' like the poster here, go away please?

You're stupid, ["Forgive them lord, for they know not that they are HYPNOTIZED!"] and certainly are no better.

Here endeth......

My 2nd comment

MODERATOR? Can you block these types of trolls [this poster, 'Atheists R Lame'] from at least this site? At-once I see the gap, for they will be typically deceitful christians, as alleged this one does, and use another name.

Atheists be aware that these might become something we will find plaguing our precious little G+ "Atheism/Atheists" pages, to 'scatter us'.

Soooo typical divide and conquer jewish/christian/freemason tactic.

I guess it means we might just have to be more Intelligent about what we post and make in comment on our pages from now on.

Whatever, this guy is a sad distraction. [30-pieces-of-silver, no doubt, gone into his bank account!] Albeit maybe making Atheists focus, and drop the cheaper mockery of 'religions' and 'faith'?

It might even incite more evidence-based discussions and arguments here too?

Lastly, MODERATOR? Do I have a legal pathway to 'dispute' the posters allegation that I used 'hate speech'?

My 3rd comment

Atheists? Don't feed it, pls?

Refer to it as 'R Lame'. We know who you'll mean.

There's clearly a charged, paid and seriously psychopathic malady [demon] floating round it's mind.

Maybe he's a 'protégé' of Joseph Ratzinger?

And, another.... [the 2nd 3rd and this one I may have posted as comment to another “Atheism” page, maybe by the same troll, I can't recall now.]

+Brian Haslip
Agree, Brian. [I too should get a life also].

And, to add fuel to this vicious fire...,

"But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, ...." as you quote, is clearly a reference to the Art of Meditation.

THAT, I reckon, is what that Fella, Yeshua, actually taught.

IF, he existed, and thus had the disciples [questionable, sure], he taught them to be Gnostics, aka, "Knowers", as opposed to lame 'faithfools'. These lame types of chrustians ignore the fact that the early catholic church banished 'Gnostics'. For very political purposes, of taking over the planet's real estate.

Meditation, in it's Truest and 'deepest' form, is regarded as devil's work by these chrustians.


Because Proper well-guided and deep Meditation enters into the mind, and goes deeper again, into the realm of 'no thought'.

Chrustians, when they try, go sick, because, their mind's shallower level/s, are 'occupied' by the demon priests, who enter and stay in their minds to keep them within the cults' flock, to be used as cannon fodder in this war. A war, not of 'beliefs', but purely of economic, ie., land-grabbing power.

And Proper Meditation works against those 'spells', against those cult demons, and if an adherent can persist, and fight the urges to drop the practice, the adherent will be able to break the spells of the cult. Genuine, totally onside, and 'Wised-up' supportive 'allies' are essential often, when going through this.

With the christian and other cults being so adamant about keeping numbers for their delusional 'final fight' against 'evil' [ha!], anyone who sees this and tries to get away from the hexes and cults, can have a very hard time. Nightmares, really scary shit thrown into their thoughts by those same evil cult bastards, and this is what sends lots of people insane, to suicide, to drugs and grog, to escape, etc.

It's NO coincidence, that mental illnesses AND all sorts of drug addictions [including jewish-christian corporation pharmaceuticals] are most common in the judaic-christian worlds. Rabbis and priests doing very dirty work on Dissenters.

So, if anyone 'senses' they're going mad, let it go, remember those possible sources, and know that if you're getting a hard time, mentally, it's more than likely because you're doing great work for yourself, mind and body, and thus, for those around you, by getting the fuck away from the church!

One line I wrote in the 1st comment, above, has loitered around my cranium since, and had me a bit pissed for it's echo this mourning soon after I woke.

And, to shoot a missive christianity's way, christians, to be pedantic, can also be Atheists.

Think about it, dicks?

It should be obvious to them, but hey, they are unthinkers!

However, at quite some concern to myself, mainly because it may well give the idiot christians who really do 'believe' the myths that I'm that fella whose dug himself out of his tomb, after some 2000 years there [and, albeit that the 'story' goes that he got out after just 3 days], and has been reborn to save them, there are stories from other parts of the world, Greece for one, which tell of an eventual 'percolating' to the top of the world's hierarchy of a single fella who does 'win' or is given, the top chair on earth.

We are thus led on to the conception of a higher State, in which "no man calls anything his own," and in which there is neither "marrying nor giving in marriage," and "kings are philosophers" and "philosophers are kings; …”  [This paragraph, in yellow, is an excerpt from Plato's "Republic", which I looked at quickly just now, for material about a mythological world leader. I couldn't find the stuff in Plato's typically very long writings,(that's where I get my prolixia from?!!), but saw this, and just like it, so throw it in for American CRAPitalists to get pissed about!]

I studied eclectic philosophy for about 10 years, and one area included Plato's treatise on “the Republic”, and on this same eventuality. [I can''t now recall nor re-tell any details of Plato's writings, and going to the webpages of “THE Republic” and another, they're too long to re-read, and refer to.] However, Plato being no fool, not seduced by dogma nor by charismatics, detailed as I recall, the development of this super dude world leader and the processes and progress of him.

With or without being able to refer to Plato and Socrates, on any 'world leader', just staying with my assertion in yellow, [above by two; “And, to shoot a missive ...”], the question remains, of 'christians', who are what they call themselves, not as much because they believe on 'god', but because they believe in a world leader, can be Atheist at the same time?

This brings up the question of whether 'out there' in the wider world, there are any mobs of people who think along the same lines, without being theists?

As said, I don't like the idea, because of the falsified, mythological 'reputation' I've been given. And, I see too, that if I go to addressing this fairly relevant question - not relevant just for my pitiful self, but in this epoch of national uprisings and collapses of national governments and the peoples' loss of respect and trust of 'the state', and, as-if hardly worth mentioning, the loss of the peoples' trust and respect in any monarchic, regal 'leadership', rule, or authority, etc., - if I go to addressing this fairly relevant question, I'd attract insults from those who just like being Harry Potter devils against my name, and make up excuses to shit on me - again.

But it IS a valid and perhaps important question.

More so because 'religion' per se, as in the false god christian and jewish and masonic 'faiths' are I gather, from mostly internet news site reports, losing numbers in significant and fairly fast rates.

But, the concept, of a 'world leader' remains antithetical to Democracy.

Is that the point here? NO. My point is that if Atheism is rising in popularity globally, then as well as theism becoming exposed as false, so less popular, this challenges a major part of the basis for christianity.

And, I see this as important as part of the process of 'waking' the theist mobs up, which includes christians, of course.

Personally, it would be best if 'christians' woke up to both of their 'faiths' and beliefs' failings, by abandoning the theism and the belief that some super dude is gonna ride in on a cosmic white horse and stop the destruction of the forests, the destruction of the oceans, the over-production of fucking cheap, short-lived EVERYTHING, so stop the growth of waste dumps of air water soil and mind pollution, ET cetera., with a quick flick of his super dick er wand.

Facing it, with the hard facts, this ain't gonna happen. Jeee-suspicious ain't gonna manifest, and god isn't spying on the devil, waiting for his chance to dump him it her, in poo, forever.

Come down to it, to saving what we can, of the once pristine and entirely natural planet, which to my mind, is where the most beautiful things and critters exist, we all have the same, equal duty to do everything we can to, at best, now, on the last dirt of the abyss's cliff, slow the destruction.

But hey! That ain't gonna happen either, because crazymind whiteguy, and guys of every other skin ["Ni Hao! Yinnie!"], have totally lost it to greed and stuff, and as soon as some softcock 'Greenie' [I'm a Greenie', But not a softcock Greenie. I see myself, by example, of how I live, as a very very very DEEEEEP Green Greenie!] gets up and plants a tree, the crazymind scum digs out an whole bunch of them, just "cause they cannn! AAA hahahaha!"

So having a world leader 'appear' will guaranteed, be merely another myth created by such as those who 'created' me - the global, utterly corrupt and mad as Hell, elite, designed to keep every lame brained christian delusionally happy that they '...wuz right!' etc, and, the elites able to win ignorant respect from the flockers, so they can keep flitting around in totally unsustainable Rollers, and Leer Jets and shit, way over our heads.

And on our foolish support of the consumables the elite profit from.

HOWEVERRRR..., chipping away at all facets of theism, purely for the dissolution of it's evils, which sustain the destructive and delusional mentalities of their flockers, the thought, idea, concept of 'christians' who still like dreaming about a world leader, or even just a leader who lives down the road, but who is not the crazymind egomaniac most 'leaders' are today, who just likes pottering with his garden, and workshop creations, like a trick scoot, ET cetera, or building his and his Mob's houses, ET cetera, should be taken on as worth thinking about. As much as REALThinking is antithetical to most western religions.

See it as a step for the hypnotized flockers to break away from the charlatans down the road in the churches, AND, to break the spells the biggest assholes up in the high places of the Vatican etc, have on your pockets and minds.

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