9-11 - not "WHO Dunnit?" But "Why?"

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To Deep Space -

Q's may have to include not 'who dunnit', but who were they aiming at?

Review the corporations atop WTC, etc.

take out 'political sides'.

consider possible culpable members.

Rummie was in the PentaCon when it wuz hit.

His credibility was trash prior to, he rushed to scene, took 'command', his cred went through roof.

Cheney was ex-CEO of Haliburton. Haliburton got massive contracts post-Iraq in rebuilding Iraq.

Long term US military, and ideological, not completely dumb-ass christian idiots, major plan to unsettle entrenched 'monarchies, right across the Mid East, plus GW's dumb-ass complicit revenge for daddy not taking out Saddam in the ? 1980/90s.

But..,? All-up, things everywhere were shitful.

Wall Street was utterly insane, fucking every aspect of local and international trade, merely riding the tsunami of hi-tech internet revolution, 'inventing' trading and and and constitutional laws with every bathroom wank.

“we can do anything!” their mantra.

Tough, astute, long serving, sharp as nails service personnel, from the ranks and command, not just in the US admin or PentaCon, were watching the world go to the shitter, led by fucking Wall Street, and allies in Switzerlandenenen, London, Rome, Tel Aviv, weapons, stocks, realty, hedge funds, you name it.

Saying, we might find the controllers of the remotes for the obviously non-standard pass planes [A! Hum? military-equipped at least], and answer some Q's. But perhaps the hardest Q is getting behind every piece of shit propaganda and and AND - [me the guy Mel Gibson played IN 'Conspiracy Theory'] conspiracy and counter conspiracy and counter-counter conspiracy, and America has to face up to a possibility that 9/11 was justified!

PoS that Cheney was, is and forever after shall be. PoS that Rummie might also be.

Pieces if shit every fucking where. But some, some, PoS, might also have some clear, clearer unnerstanding of the general, overall condition of the species, the planet, the economic-politico BOOOLLSHSHSH-IT, the religious BOOOLLSHSHSH-IT, and the rude fact that we're OUTTA CONTROL BABY!
One response, justified as any, I say, is "Fuck it! Let's go out with a BANG!"

Maybe the corporate fucking psychos of Wall Street, atop the WTC, the F-C's of the admin, the PentaCon, like everywhere then, were of the same mind.

And some in places where they could go for it, and strike a blow, "who knows what the future holds" scenario, anywhere in the military or PentaCon, or in powerful outlaw gangs [YO! Sony Where's me fuckin' motorbikes, asshole??? [lol] ], but KNEW the WTC was riddled with utter filth, as was the right wing admin then - but HEY? 'Whitehall'? Tel Aviv?

China was rising like a quadruple sun in the East, scaring the shit out of already paranoics.

Drugs, magic, fast bucks, more wealth possible in stocks, weapons, just in the fucking IMAGINATION!

So..., something had to be the 'game changer' the - circuit-breaker - and all things considered - "what the fuck!" prevailed.

Think, if we can, where things, financial, etc, would have gone?

No. Not millions of lives trashed across the Mid-East, still now. And every other thing ramifying from 9/11 wouldn't have happened.

No excuses. 9/11 was a fuckin big fuck up, and shoona happened.

It may have accelerated the general demise of humanity?

Maybe? Maaaybe NOT?

But perhaps one thing, Americans, hit by it, have to ask, is not so much, "who dunnit?" but why?

Most of us, are passed the MSM 'bin Laden' culprit stuff. Other players were/are right in there.

And...., while the shit still flies, booolllshit sticks and is still being layered on thick-as, while asshole elites have a slave wipe it off, the Mid-East, and every other STOMPED region gets bombed by drones, PROTEST grows, lawyers are getting back up, and while Chelsea and Julian and Ed and John [Kiriakou] are still incarcerated - the BIG planetary 'ship of state' is a slow turner - even as my nation falls off the cliff, politically, and elsewhere, after 13 years, more people - global - are a shitload more astute and awake to the BOOOOLLLLSHSHSHS-IT we've known, called 'politics'.


Not "Who?" "Why?"

End of Message

Commander Notorious