Here's a pile of comments ........

140329 Here's a pile of comments ......

- 9 in this dump - [more to come in the next few days...]

which I wrote over the last fortnight or more, to Google Plus 'Conversations', and to The Guardian comments section/s.  They don't all have links to the articles or pages, sorry, and address leading issues in the media.

I came under a shitload of BOOOLLLLSHIT extreme right wing, mainly bigoted American attack, for me going where the softcocks are afraid to. 

Unnerstandable as they prefer living in houses to motor vehicles.

I couldn't be bothered posting here, the various JPEGs and intros to the topics.  Sorry SHITIAMABADPERSONFUCKYOU!

The first one, at the bottom, the last section, is my BITCH just written and posted to Google's feedback window, about online bullying from idiots and from Google Plus moderators as well.

I reckon I've exposed a seriously right wing censorship within Google.

If all my lengthy and not all 'on-topic' comments were able to be posted here in order, you would be able to see for yourselves that there ARE issues in Google about online censorship.

I accept some stuff I write is laughable.  However, I am inclined to think I have more credible supporters than credible critics.

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