Tony Abbott sacrificing significant majority

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Voters are being alienated with too many minor matters that are not going to create a positive legacy for the prime minister
Lenore Taylor, political editor
theguardian.com, Thursday 27 March 2014 18.57 AEST

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27 March 2014 8:05am

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The man is a fool, we can only hope he is not smart enough to realise this!

As I wrote earlier, "Brilliant!"

But the question then, is, "He, and his cohort being, "YES!", 'fools', how many of us are NOT fools?"

Are we, 'NOT fools', of numbers enough to do what is Right, as-in 'Righteous', and move and vote with our feet to 'dethrone' them?

'Them', as those NOT fools would know [if only to themselves], being most of the three major parties, and the supportive smaller ones. The 'political class'.

I think every NOT foolish one if us also knows that the longer we sit on our spoiled, comfy fannies, the worse the political class will become, and have us all in the slave-houses.

[Alas? Not already?]

Taking from the folly about re-introducing 'knights and dames',
and as the 'democratic' voting system is known by most honest thinkers to be one giant and pernicious FAIL, at least as it's been hijacked to now,
we might be in a most peculiar situation, brought on by all the major parties' failings, and,
by Abbort's re-intro of peerages,
a 'peculiar situation' of the 'left' looking for a 'knight', to draw his honorable sword in Canberra and play out some mythological fantasy as per Abbort's [read- "Rhodes-Murdoch's"] little dream, by challenging the corrupted ruling aristocrats, and with the knight's "People" with him, storming the palaces/castles of the carcinogenic city?

Quite, quite bizarre!

Ironically, were this to occur, many from both 'ideological' sides of life, the theists and Atheists, would be 1, satisfied, and 2, supportive, even, hopefully, to the point of together 'manning the barricades' to dethrone the psychos here, in Canberra, but as well across the states tier?

'Theists' being ' the faithful' fantasizers of monarchic myths, and the 'Atheists', being economic, political and REALISTIC Scientists.

It would be a small FAIL also, were it to not be taken up globally, of course.

Horrible though this scenario may be for Atheists [for me too, having thought of it], for the possibility that some 'knight' albe-they rather more fact-based, scientific and down to earth, than some dreamy mythology's puppet, or mere psychological trait we all somewhere deep inside have, and understandably very hard for all sides to grapple with, it may be exactly what Abbort and his cult [Cecil Rhodes' 19thC zionist British secret societies] either dream about, and with Murdoch's evil planning and manipulation of the common persons' minds, are conspiring to bring on?

Were it so - so too are the 'left' as 'ideological', the ALP, and other parties and members of parliament, would be in agreement, and, damn-it, would join in the collusion to encourage it.

Where be 'That Knight'?

And, the greatest consideration, IS IT the only option left us?

Were any such action to begin, and even to appear at first effect, to succeed, would it, could it, endure???

As the [white Australian] majority are either too ignorantly self-satisfied with things as they are, or are too scared, too stupid, or, by centrist subterfuge, too scattered [of mind], to act as a United Demos, to institute the necessary and Proper, Scientific, Evidence-based corrections, such that the Demos cannot do what they really must, and march down the tyrannies to assert Proper Laws, eradicating this farce of 'parliament, et al', and to implement the Proper, Property Laws of Equitable Land Distribution, and the freedom of True Taxation, etc., then yes, such a bizarre phenomenon may well be the only option?

If..., "We, The People" DO want Rightminded Economic [political] [and Spiritual] Management?

Of course, YOU [not LJATBA], the Demos, being you, "It ain't gonna happen!"

Then "Congratulations dimwits! To the sewers it is!!!"

Something to Meditate upon Australia....

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