Ukraine Nazis?

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Voice of Russia 29 March 2014, 09:45


The US is using the least intelligent brutes globally, those we in Australia have come to label 'outlaw motorcycle gangs'.

Sad really, because I used to 'ride with' and in very 'shallow' ways knew some of them.

Many are Solid Dudes, in the decades-passed, Vietnam Veterans, Et Al [my Dad was a WW2 Veteran (paratrooper Sar-Major), and rode pretty much as an 'Outlaw' in the 1940s] rejecting much of the mainstream western trends, and come of course, from the hardest done-by class, and even lower, the really beggared underclass, which Australia does have, in larger numbers than most realize.

They're often from the rural regions, which all 'democratically-elected governments' of the 2 main persuasions' [neither being much different] have ignored for well over a century.

For that, they suffer the 'rustic' thus far more 'hands-on' and thus brutal lifestyles, and often are working on family farms, or for the 'bighouse' local landlords when they should have been at school, so many are not educated, and take what the big house bosses feed them in political 'ideologies' etc.

These usually tend to the right, because keeping a job requires keeping on side with the thieving land-grabbing 'lords', in voting trends etc. Thus, like those in Ukraine, they can be mindless brutal PoS.

Here in Australia, the Hell's Angels are as much, 'forward officers' for the silent US invasion, that's been going on since WW2.

I think they 'work' the lower class locals, with both good assistance the authorities do not provide, and on the 'cause' that they are against the elitist British establishment, who used to own us.

But I'm sure the HA and the many other clubs and gangs who appear to be at constant war against the HA, while may well be on the same side.

Fact of life, the lower classes have few options but to resort to crime just to get enough to get by with in life, so 'territorial disputes' between 'battlers' always happen.

But I'm sure a lot of these 'bikie' clubs are wrongheaded in regard to fighting the established - aka British - powers, and the HA and their allied clubs are actually working - as mercenaries - for such as the global land-grabbers, the freemasons.

There's also no doubt they do 'dirty work' for whomever offers the right amount, and in 1996 striking Australian Waterside Unionists were confronted on the Webb Dock shipping container port in Melbourne, by HUGE security men with giant rottwieler dogs, who I'm sure were Hell's Angels, straight form America.

So the Hell's Angels may not be the same 'ideologically' as Ukraine's 'nazi thugs', because I do believe the HA do also have some political intelligence enough to know that the popular western politic of the day, of the extreme right wing, is bullshit, and I think from my own experiences and inquiries, they do actually have some pretty 'left-wing' ideals underneath their colors.

However, being not of the 'monied' classes, they are forced, like all Fighters for some Justice, to resort to getting funds however they can, and that in the end, means taking it from whomever is willing to pay them.

Left-wingers here at least, have the usual tough Unionists for that.

And having to be mercenary, the HA and coy will do anyone's bidding, for the right price.

I ask if the Ukrainian 'nazis', if in fact they ARE 'nazis' and are not merely painted-down by media to dramatize it all, getting cash however they can?

Both sides, to differing extents, in the Ukraine dispute, and in other 'battles' and wars of recent decades, are in fact all under the guiding eye of larger more singular powers. So thugs and global powers are likely not, or may not be, as against each other as we are led to believe.

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