Further G+ Voting Post Comment

140325 My Further G+ Voting Post Comment

+David Coulter You were glad Hunter deleted my comment because I pointed out your obviously nonsensical attempt to denigrate me.

As well as it's political validity.

Your and others, inc., Hunters readiness to continue to insult me with bullshit comments, AFTER THE COMMENT IN QUESTION HAS BEEN DELETED, shows your cowardice, political ignorance, and readiness to be censors of honest and accurate political comment.

It's established that you're a bigot, David. Sorry for being Honest.

I and other Economic Science Dissidents are well used to your and Hunters and others type of mockery.

Land tax is the most honest tax, as I wrote, and China built itself since it's Communist Revolution on it, for government revenue. Russia is well aware of it, and tried, but was still too encumbered by the Russian and western religious elite to implement it completely.

That, being one part of my comment, was a 2nd reason why you and Hunter were eager to delete it's Honesty.

Dismissing it as 'a rambling mess' is typical of weak self-absorbed folks under the thumb of such as the cabal of western elites, one being Rupert Murdoch, who has more say on what is discussed on these pages than you, or the other moderators/censors of REALPolitikal statements are brave enough to admit.

I understand this, and feel sorry for you, weak as you are.

But HEY! It's not 'personal', it's clearly 'cultural'.

Google Plus, via you and the other moderators must insist Hunter Hyland reposts my comment, and if he does not [insisting he deleted it and does not have a copy - a guaranteed lie] then you must block him from posting further items to this conversation.

Sorry if that comes across as dictatorial. It is not at all. It is purely so the G+ "Versus" pages are Democratic and Egalitarian.

Others who want the same, will agree, if only offline.

I don't apologize for 'apparently' and allegedly being a distraction from the points in Hunter's post, whether or not they themselves are pointless drivel.

My minimal concern here is that people have the free and fair chance to post and make honest and valid, comments, foolish, intelligent, political, REALpolitikal, or otherwise.

Max Cook 11;15am

+Ryan Scott I take that as a compliment Ryan.

You see it as the gutless mainstream, dysfunctional popular consensus does.

Thanks for the video link.

At least I see, passed your slight there, that you have some intelligence, politically.

The video pointed out the stupidity of Hunter's post and his assertions, perhaps explaining why the dill deleted my comments.

It may, in an indirect way, also have validated my lengthy, admittedly off-topic points. Points which go beneath this superficial bullshit distraction from Mr Hyland, and get to some rock-solid foundations of the human existence on earth.

But 'he IS very powerful, you know?" hahahoho.

Clearly, to drag it on, America is wrapped in lies, and few are brave enough to Talk True, about the corrupted foundations.