My G+ Ukraine Comments & Capitalism V Communism

140308 My G+ Ukraine Comments

+David Fillingham  Yeah, you condense 'history' too much, social media or not.
[But don't we all!]

Perhaps for 'preservation' of correct recollection, commenters should avoid going there, on these sites?

Hitler was a puppet, as most have been.  

A pernicious campaign lasting now some 3 to 400 years, if not longer, by the global dynastic elite, since the 'cheap' [but not unproductive] 'Enlightenment' phase, away from 'Communal-ism' where the individual did not count as much [for wise knowledge of how we're all to some degree, but products, puppets, of our heritage, and of all who contributed to our own development - parents, grandparents, society, culture etc], to what we have now, which suits the elite perfectly, of egomaniacal self-interest.  

But that's another, and [econo-]philosophical issue.

Hitler was a puppet, of a broader cabal of BRITISH, and jewish secret occultist societies, with very very strong 'jewish' influences.

Who write 'Vril' - an 'uncle' of mine, part of what's now collectively called 'the House of Hanover'.

But hey?  You're not going to go there, are ya?  And Reuben?  HAhahaha....!

Skipping minutia detail, misleads and detracts, making these types of threads irrelevant - but ego's dueling.

And with it all, Crimea is welcomed by the new [and illegitimate] Ukraine government who are happy for Crimea to become their own pro-Russian state.

Without a shot being fired.

Did this thread help?


Maaaaybe NOT?

Whatever...? With the latest alleged outcome, I bet the CRAPitalist Yankees [and Euro-jews] are pissed-off?

Hadeehadee hohoho...



+David Fillingham 

" +Mary King
I believe this is a different world from 1930s  mankind has changed

I will respectfully disagree. People are, I think, .....", etc.

Fair points.

Howvaar...?  'History' is mostly rewritten by the victors, aye?

And that's the elite.

So, it might be, that we do or do not learn lessons from and of history only according to how much the elite let us, want us,and tell us?

'Wars' of recent centuries, were about disputes between crazyminded egomaniacal elites, not about the masses so much.

Clashing ideologies, and their 'estates' we call nations.

'Wars' I suggest, will only stop recurring, once "We, The People", can REMOVE - the elite from control, and assume authority based on True, 100% Democratic Laws of Equitable Distribution, of People, Resources, and Rolls Royces.

140309 My G+ Ukraine Comments & Capitalism V Communism

+Alexey Semenov Up to here, I saw your comments as being more concerned with a Just resolution, that being the only type, from Impartiality.

Whereas, my perceptions of those you've argued with here, from the US mainly, have been the usual pro-America biases, and their presumption, terribly blinded, that CRAPitalism is all good, is best, and even the mention of 'Socialism' let alone 'Communism' demands retaliatory reaction/s, usually war.

Having to fight to survive, against one's own neighbors, be they national or in the house or company next door, reduces our capacity to determine proper enduring outcomes in strife situations.

In the end, if we depend on the market for secure housing and foods, we must side with the market, so lose sight of the rectitude of Impartiality, to determine the proper most enduring outcomes.

'Socialism' or as I'm unafraid of labeling it, 'Communism' is how best to manage the mass of people, and the resources they rely upon - aka, the planet's ecosystems.

[Noting, that 'Communism' is not properly explained in any treatise or attempted system of the last several centuries, in any 'western' controlled region. 'China' etc., included.]

'Communism' for government, is but the exact same system employed by 'Capitalist' corporations - "economy of scale" - to maintain maximum efficiency [with humane underpinnings] in it's field of employ.

"Capitalism' is how the markets should be allowed to function, 'free', with minimal interference from 'government'.

The two, Cap & Comm, need not be entwined, more than the minimum. 'Cap' should not be in government, and 'Comm' should stay out of the markets, outside of when markets, replete as they usually are, in a seriously imbalanced culture/society/system, with greedy out-of-control megalo-maniacs, free to be nut-jobs.

But balancing the two, thus everything, greed becomes recognized for the mental illness it is, rooted in paranoia etc., and also, is redundant, because our needs, short and long term, are Equitably, Justly Intelligently AND Perennially met.

However 'Government' is precisely that - the means of 'governing' the whole, so things do not accelerate and we lose control of all human activity.

[Some may discern, that 'the whole' now, means 'the planet'!]

If 'Capitalism' aka 'the free market', loses control, and the 'machinery' runs too fast, logic and wisdom demand the 'governor' be engaged, to bring the speed back down to manageable levels.
Exactly the same as a 'governor' on a diesel engine.

Certain, underlying, completely tangible factors must be recognized by all parties, the Capitalists, the Communists and, the Academics [in these arenas, the Economic and Social Scientists], Philosophers, all,
as being so special, and so different to what is, and to what is produced from, Capital, as to be excluded from the 'free market', to allow the markets, and the government, to function at their optimum, without either being a drag on the other, or upon themselves.

Divining THAT peculiar, special factor, is our Common Call, Mission, and Duty. Perhaps most so, of the Academics.

But while the Academics are beholden to corporate interests [college funding, etc] they cannot speak out about this fundamental fact, and it's influential factors.

So to correct this, there must be a complete revision of 'education'. principally in all fields of 'Economics', and what funds it.

A complete appreciation of that/those peculiar factors, discerns that a complete revision of the notion of 'nation' and thus, their borders, and manageable sizes, in geography and demography, must be undertaken, if we genuinely want resolution to these exact types of conflicts [Syria, Libya, 'the Middle-East'!, Africa, 'Scotland' as per it's recent attempts at breaking away from the UK, Timor L'Este, etc.,etc., etc., and..., the Ukraine.

But everywhere we look, the same Issue creates tensions amongst 'The Peoples'.

Either 'We, The People', of the planet, shy from the real economic issue and factors forcing us to be, bigoted, racist, genocidal, warmongering, STUPID and utterly insane, etc., and allow the elite, aka, the Illuminati, to keep on with it's darkest of plans, 'decimation', or
'We, The People', 'HuMan-Up!' and recognize [ie., Honestly recognize] the factors most contributing, or not, to this exact type of crisis, separate them from the mad houses of the free market, and pseudo-economic management aka 'politrix', and put the devil [of inequity] back to sleep, for a lot longer than any other form of marketed, popular opinion can.

So, Alexey, is it in your own interests, that Russian gas is piped to the EU via the Ukraine?

Asking you for 'full disclosure' of your vested interests in a pro-Russian outcome in Ukraine, might ask the 'right' of the USA, here, to disclose their own peculiar vested interests in a pro-US/EU outcome?

[HA! 'pecu' - 'money' from Greek for 'cattle, the ancient medium of exchange aka 'money', or something. '-Liar' - 'liar' will say anything for a feed! Hahahaha! sorry]

As it stands, globally, the Illuminati is winning.

So, Capitalist or Communist - inform your kids and grandkids to be ever ready to kiss their sorry ass's goodbye.


The debate -

and their durability from here forward."

Start a new thread David?


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