Russia, Ukraine, Crimea and Vlad Putin

Max CookMar 22, 2014+3
+Slava Chetin "Ukraine will finish the West off."

Oh You Optimists! Being the slippery filth the western elites have always been, manipulating things to their advantage comes well-honed and easy.

Also, being basically the jewish aristocracy, they will, again, resort to the threat of all-out war, if it looks like they wont get their way. aka; M.A.D.

".... changes of mentality are due."

You're DAMNED RIGHT there!

Max CookMar 22, 2014+6
+Aris Katsaris You're right in many of your points.

However, it's almost a trend on G+ to resort to using Hitler as the baddest example, and equating today's partial tyrants with him.

Very few here, accept the whole game, of international diplomacy and negotiations and war, nations v nations, people v people, culture and creed v, etc, are engineered by an elite who have watched over the planet for centuries, if not longer, and who have been behind most of the wars of the last few 100 years.

We know Hitler's background, and yet not all of it, regards him being 'snapped' to being a puppet, by the elite to do what he did. We know of his psychoses, which may have brought him undone, as well of course, through the inherently flawed nature of nazism etc.

The changes across central-Europe of the last 100 years and more, have been rearranging things for both elite self-interest, but also trying to fit together some grand 'Noble' plan at the same time.

Noble intentions, some. But as the elite are possessed of far too much power, they lose the plot, being as they're so in-deep in corruption, and, it's result is insanity. 'Cultural' insanity. 'Christianity' the biggest.

Also, the tendency to accumulate power centrally, as a bulwark against opponents, forces ruthless actions. "Machiavellianism".

But Machiavellianism also goes off the rails, always. It eats at the psyche of the players.

Putin, and Russia today, should not be compared to either Hitler nor Stalin nor the old USSR, etc.

Putin is very intelligent, and is not deluded by mere ideologies and parochial 'nationalism'.

He and his Politburo are in close with the world's elite, powers and forces [they 'selected' him for his prowess and sharpness of eye and mind], and know better than most any passed US President, the underlying and irrefutable basis and need for a collective of socialist nations, especially as immediate neighbors.

Also they know well that the west's 'free markets' are deadly long term, and that a more egalitarian political culture is fundamental to our common existence, so are quite right in rebuilding the old 'eastern block' as a buffer zone against the west's insane, insatiable and uncontrollable need to expand. Merely to preserve the basic truths of how we are best, and most naturally able to exist on this small orb.

But as I say, Putin and Russia are definitely not the old USSR, or nazi Germany. I say that while at once assert both nazism and the old Soviet Union had to come into existence, because by the middle of the 19th century, the watching world elite knew well how decrepit the whole 'modern' world was, and the 'west' and the undeveloped world regions, were 'peaking' in population v infrastructure and aging hegemonies, etc, and that things were gonna change, for the worse.

So it was seen, rightly or not, as up to the elite to start fucking things around, in the hope it would all end something near 'OK'.

Putin and coy are more advanced in many aspects of leadership, especially in psychology and general and abnormal human behavior, than most of the western power bases of the last 1,000s of years.

So are we all, of course.

However the west has become too steeped in it's own errant beliefs and superiorities, and the fact that the bullshit 'free market' system 'self-consumes' after too long unregulated, which is why things are so arse-up now, and why the jewish bankers cabal etc., are out of control via the various 'agencies' - CIA, NATO, UN, etc., and are doing heinous things like the 'justifiable' [from that elite's big picture viewpoint] unsettling of north Africa, the Mid-East and now Ukraine.

and a rahrahrah.....

Max CookMar 22, 2014+1
+Slava Chetin isn't the EU 'addicted' to Russian gas?

If Russia says 'piss-off' to the EU and turns off the gas..., especially if they keep the taps shut until and through the next northern winter, the EU will implode.

And, as per usual crazymad whiteguys, they start another war.

Same-same, as it ever was...

One might discern from this, that all the fuss and bother made by the US and EU against Russia is 'piss and wind'?

I reckon Russia and 'the Socialists', who are well spread-out globally, are well aware of EU's situation, in banking, social, cultural, industry, over-consumption, re-colonialism [for MORE!!! resources], and of the same realities in the US.

Rather than getting angry, the 'socialists' are actually waiting for the west to start tumbling, by being strong, knowing the west has passed it's useful, acceptable [no! 'Colonialism' has never been acceptable!!] expansionist culture, and days, holding their [Russia's] ground, letting Obama [ a puppet, as high in intellect as the US has had, nevertheless] stomp his feet for the madhouse zionist corporations, and do whatever it takes to prevent the west from going ballistic - literally.

The EU will wilt, Russia will have the 'bargaining chips', new deals will be struck, and reforms like never seen will be demanded by the Socialists in and around the EU.

And the USA will be hit with a new rise of The People, who are more disgusted with the US/EU/Israeli pact than ever, and Americans, scared into silence since the McCarthyist era of anti-Communism, will get thinking aright again, having finally dumped zionist christianity, awakened to Atheism, find their voices again, take it to the streets in PROTEST, and things will be corrected BY THE PEOPLE, there too.

Shit I'm Optimistic....

Of course, it could all just go arse-up, and we all die from nukes?

Whose gonna push the button?

Israel's been setting the stage for the big button push - we call that 'the big dummie spit!' - for a long long long time.

Max CookYesterday 12:20 PM+1
+Vernon T
> "Why does the average Russian citizen continue defend the Russian elite like they're deities? They are just as, if not more corrupt than any of the 1% in the west."

Basically because the 'west' has more wealth so military finance, etc., for them being the most corrupt over the last ooowh? 3,000 years.

So anyone with Honor and who knows that there are legitimate ways the world must be run, have no option but to partake of the same filthy games, just to be able to take-on the western dogs.

Drugs, tax, land distribution, all make huge under-the-table incomes for all sides, which is why drugs are more profitable when illegal, tax is allowed to be avoided by the wealthiest [political] donors, and land laws are right up the shitter, making the '99%' mugs, slaves and basically homeless in their own homelands.

Max CookYesterday 1:04 PM
+Sergio Perez I'd guess he [Alberto] probably already knows that.

Knowing so makes it all the more our Duty to Fight the PoS who run things as they are.

I'd guess he also already knows that too?

I can see how futility overcomes people, with the power the PoS have, and so, why people just throw their hands in the air and 'party' as they can afford to.

But with years and experience, some see passed the fairy floss, and shallow trends and culture/s, and recognize that a person's Integrity is damned important, not to anyone else - but who gives a shit about what others think of us - and Integrity is welded to Honor, to being Honest and to face the woe head-on, no matter the cost to our own little little life.

Every time you turn your back to some bad shit, like BIG bad shit, like how the PoS in power are shitting on the '99%', you make a weaker person of yourself, and your 'soul' shrinks.

That reflects out to everyone you know.

One day, one lifetime, it'll all come back at ya', and you'll see hard and straight how wrong you were to run away from the [BIG] fight/s.

Words are cheap, kid.

This medium is so easily abused by immature dorks with no experience, so no real hard get-back-up-again, day after day, etc.,spunk in them yet.

They think daily, and as often, hourly 'doses of testosterone' is enough to make them adults, humans, and 'Men'. [Or 'Woemen'!]


It IS a huge and hard fight in this age, against the PoS.

Whether we win or not, is beside the point.

People run to join 'gangs' mainly for cover, without checking the credibility, if it exists at all in places like the USA, and whether a gang or tribe or club really do have the goods, of focusing on members always working together to improve their own and collective Intellects, to discern what is more perennial in terms of good government, in terms of good ways of living, in terms of teaching each other, AND the kids, what's truly Right, and in terms of protecting each other daan the street, in the 'hood, across the planet.

Words are cheap kid. America is snowed under in bullshit from the cults and corporations. You gotto dig hard and deep to get to the 'fertile' soil, the rock of knowledge, BEFORE you/me/we/us/they run to some 'tough' gang so we can get cheap dope, grog, a feed and some security.

Tomorrows world will be for the Warriors. Not for the geeks hiding behind daddy's inheritance or their church schooling.

And Warriors who have done the hard Intellectual yards, to find what IS of worth, worth fighting for. Not warriors who 'think' they're tough.

It's because the PoS up top have lied and dumbed us down, that they now have it so easy. The 99% are lame self-absorbed couch-potatoes, shit-scared of facing the dogs. Exactly how christianity and the PoS cults want you.

And throwing smart 'run-away-run-away' comments to People who HAVE done the hard yards, here, is really piss-weak.

A major failing of the social media and this type of medium, is that Respect is GAWN.

Community survives on Respect.

NOT, on cheap un-thought-out quips.


Thank you for shopping at Walmort! [TYPO?!?!?]

Have a nice day!

Max Cook12:35 AM

+Charles Aulds OK. Still can't quite discern if that's a covert way of not recognizing the genocide/s of the Indigenous N Americans?

But, I'm cool.

As for the aggressive David Duncan, who has lots of good points in his shot at me and the others, about Indigenous Americans, it's quite likely you're a 'denialist' Mr D. So I'll leave it to you to go ogle for yourself as to the British maltreatment and genocide of Indigenous Peoples, here, there, and about everywhere the British East India Company rampaged from about the 17th century on.

You do have a problem going by what you wrote.

My own family's Nation, and some hundreds of others, of the Australian Islands and Continent alone, were massacred, some to 'extinction' [refer Wikipedia: Gunai/Gurnai/Kurnai Aborigines], by British 'pioneers'.

I get the feeling you're a prick, but I wont assert that until you provide more evidence.

I am aware, if you're British, of the Edicts [very hard to find the texts of, now] which traveled with the 'First Fleet' from England, written by 'mad King George the 3rd', which stated clearly and Nobly, that the 'natives' were to be treated with the utmost respect, and given freedom to go about their business unencumbered. His instructions possessed not a trace of 'racism', nor arrogance so common now amongst whiteguys.

[Why, I suggest, the Noble King George, was later sent 'mad' and written into history as such. I contend he was far from 'mad', and that his nobility to the original Indigenous land owners of the expanding British empire was at odds with the British and Eurapean colonists, aka land-grabbers, who went a colonizing with the attitude that the Indigenous Peoples were to be regarded, by, the British land speculators, as not human, so as 'vermin', could 'justifiably' be eradicated, so the white bastards could 'assume' ownership of the real estate. (Wikipedia: Terra Nullius") THAT, is the root of 'racism', I think you'll find, if you have it within you to inquire with a mind clear of the usual whiteguy bigoted shit?]

However, to continue..., as things go, it was not long before others of the original 1st fleet crew, spurred on by the BRITISH convicts, saw the potential of this endless paradise, especially for land speculators, and so came the overthrow of the colonies 3rd or 4th Governor, Admiral William Bligh, by one British scoundrel, and a cohort of lower AND upper class criminals, Sergeant John MacArthur, on Jan 26th 1808, infamously known as the 'rum rebellion'. You can go ogle his 'official' story. The truth, not fully disclosed, is quite other than how the Brits and our own elites, retell it.

From 1808 on, the most Honest land laws on earth, as written by King George, were trashed, and so began the world's largest real estate speculators' bonanza, which continues now world wide to today, at everyone's expense.

'Own' your own nice patch of land somewhere, do you David D?

Do you pay "The Most Honest Tax" better known as "Land Tax"?

Not an Economic Scientist, then?

Back to Ukraine.... President Putin and his Politburo, are well aware of that MOST HONEST TAX, as it happens [nice lead-in, Max!], and with China, which rose to it's current status, of 'princling" wealth, admittedly, on the Maximal Efficiency and Noblest Economy of Land Taxation, and which plans to re-introduce it across China in 2015.

Russia's long term hopes are to bring that back as well.

The western tyrannical realty mega-corporations do not really want that to happen. Neither does the Bank of England, nor any of the western finance corporations.

Factor THAT into this discourse on imponderables and unconfirmable western [and Russian] news media BLAH about why and what is happening in the Ukraine?

Apologies for the long comment...

Max Cook

People insisting that 'democracy' works, are terribly ill-informed, are ignorant, or liars.

It is failing us badly. The sooner even some minority of over 30% accept it has failed, and needs some Evidence-based laws and government to intercede, until the polity is educated properly about not 'politics' but ECONOMICS, as per the economics of equitable land distribution, the less likely we will be to 'vote' ourselves into an irredeemable shitfight. If, we're not there already.

Many brilliantly informed, academics and people within the establishment are well aware of the current failures.

Once the people are brought up to speed on the underlying issues, about - ECONOMICS - then 'Democracy' can be introduced again, based on facts, not slippery bullshit and A&M campaigning.

This is known by many people worldwide, and no shortage of Russians know it, which is why Vlad Putin is secure there, with over 70% popularity.

Democracy as it's fallen to in the west, is a tool the elite use, fooling us we have an effect, while they are behind the scenes free to plunder our wealth.

Wake up 'voters'. I think most of those who insist democracy works in the west, yet that Putin's secure position is dictatorial, are merely venting their angst and rage at what they KNOW about the flaws, particularly in the US 'democracy' model, and are shit scared of the fact that they ARE utterly powerless to actually change things for the egalitarian better.

Wake up voters.

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