My BITCH To Google About G+ Bigotry

140330 My BITCH To Google About G+ Bigotry

I recently had a written dispute with Google Plus 'Versus' Conversations moderator, one, David Coulter.

2 other moderators chimed in at times, all writing mocking and unjustified, but clearly 'anti-political' comments to myself.

'Bigotry' by the moderators was clearly evident, against me for my openly, and honestly expressed political/economic 'Socialist' perspective/s.

Several 'anonymous' and/or distant commenters added their vitriol.

One poster, 'Hunter Hyland, went so far as to delete one of my admittedly lengthy comments, simply because it was counter to his ridiculous political beliefs, which David Coulter agreed to, after the fact, adding that my comment was 'a rambling mess', as well as other mockery, merely to support Coulter's clearly bigoted 'southern white male' view. He resides in Georgia USA.

I was 'cyber-bullied' by a coterie of online users, as well as by a number of Google Plus's 'Conversations' ['Versus'] moderators.

This is insulting, and is bad press for Google, albeit that such large internet corporations cannot not become bigoted and censor comments to some extent, merely for the seriously warped right wing forces extant in the USA.

Politics is in turmoil globally today, so it is all the more important, that the likes of Google, a major conduit for public sentiment and opinion, but also, more importantly, for providing alternate and often more accurate information, data, details, facts and knowledge about the things that matter today, "change" in how the world views crucial political-economic issues but one.

Also, wars, their causes, and potentials, etc., need to be aired by all ideologues and opinion-holders.

Or Google, and the other leading internet corporations' want to provide a healthy and honest medium for all, is seriously undermined.

I lost the comment the foolish Hunter Hyland perniciously deleted, which went against the 'rules' of 'Versus', and yet which David Coulter let slip.

I assert that Coulter let it remain 'deleted', mainly because of it's more accurate perspectives than most of the comments to that point, were, but also because I exposed Coulter as a bigot, and a fool, for his nonsensical replies to my comments.

And the viewing public were deprived of a, my, pertinent little diatribe about 'voting' in the USA, and generally.

I am inclined to believe that Google Plus's 'Conversations' have been exposed as but a forum for right wing views, which mocks and derides the usually far more astute and honest and intelligent views from the other side, farther to 'the left' than the American 'Democrats', of the political spectrum.

A small victory for bigotry, US style. But perhaps a damaging exposure for Google.

"Don't be evil"


Nevertheless..., thanks for the window to write this little bitch!

If at all possible, I would very much appreciate if someone could track down the deleted comment I wrote to the post by Hunter Hyland of about a week ago, and have it made available to me once more.

And PLEASE, do something about your moderators' bigotry!

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