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+Alan Bell Yep! Cooperate, is the way. However, it goes directly against the western 'capitalist' ideology, of 'competition', which does translate from the market place into the ridiculous political arenas all over the globe.

As for your "Ukraine is broken,..." is it not obvious, ALL 'modern' so-called 'democratic' nations and regions are 'broken'.

"Everyone lives in a failed state, mate!
In every nation on Earth!
Everyone lives in a failed state, mate!
Makes you wonder what a bloke's votes worth?"
as the song went.

I see the overall problem is that private, corporations, as gaining power, creep into government arenas, so corrupting the original concept.

That's an age old 'creeping', such that we misinterpret the whole field of mass people management ['GOVERNMENT'], now, as to be more a private corporate affair.


[But HEY? 'Government' was once monarchic? We have to look back to the fabled 'Garden of Eden' type scenes, [aka, pre-colonial Australia, perhaps?], to find True Democratic government.]

The issue is much much larger than the Ukraine, Crimea, or even of these overt and covert, disputes between two superpowers.

The issue, as I see it, is merely the business of re-distinguishing between the Proper roles of 'Capital', as per capitalism, and of 'Government', as per the most safe, intelligent, efficient management of the mass of [crazy mad] individuals.

'Capitalism' rightly allowed to function, includes the free consumer market, commodities etc, and that's all.

It's alleged antipathy - 'socialism', does not want, and has nothing to do with the free market place, or the production and distribution of 'capital'. 'Socialism' is merely the most efficient system of mass people management, structured so capital and capitalism, can move, be created, and distributed most efficiently.

The two need not be entwined at all, almost.

But this is, as said, an issue well beneath, and much much larger than the current discord in the Ukraine.

Nevertheless, I maintain, that until we ALL learn the differences between the role/s market and it's basic reason - capital - and the role of Socialist government, these types of fabricated disputes will keep being invented.

And, according to some, this, the Ukraine dispute/s, like Libya, Egypt, Syria, et al, are all fabrications of a dogged US administration, much larger than the White House, which has the long term agenda, of breaking up all the 'old money' states, where puppet rulers have been installed by the 19th, early 20th century Brit-Euro colonialists, the old rule monarchists. And all within seriously 'malfunctioning' borders, and the ensuing administrations. [The USA, too!]

According to an article on the Voice of Russia, the US admin, plans, and wants Russia to be broken into some 60-plus 'Democratic' states.

I cannot disagree with that ideal, while me, pro-Russia, and Socialism, but one must ask whether the [violent] means justifies the end.

And, whether at this 'juncture' the end is ever gonna be attainable, before say, a nuclear outbreak of war starts and stops everything, or before the rest of the planet's ecosystem/s, and any remaining civil order and control/s collapse/s?

Nothing of that offers immediate alternatives to the current crises in the Ukraine, but it does add considerably to what we should all be conscious of, and thinking about while we seek immediate effective resolutions to the Ukraine bullshit.

These conflicts for the most part, arise out of ignorance of the Proper roles, of, capital, capitalism, and government, the most efficient, and social way to let people live. And of course, these conflicts arise as well, because of fucking psychopaths in power, who've simply long ago lost the plot!


I agree, Ken, for what it's worth.

The US has been continually assaulted, in every possible way, by the 'monarchist' Brit-Euro cabals, since well before 1776, and it has really not, nor ever, gained the fabled "Democratic Republic's independence".

There are 'honchos' high-up in the US [most of whom I think of as pretty vicious and psychotic, to varying degrees, (Hi Dick! Rummie!)] who know that too much of the world is owned and controlled by selfish monarchic regimes, regimes and dynasties who will never and cannot break their addiction to the wealth they've gained over say, 500 years of colonial expansionism/s.

Wealth gained, as we know, at the terrible expense of the vast majority of once, peaceful, agrarian Peoples, Indigenies.

So sound logic, intelligent decision-making or not, the US elites, some of them who have taken up the fight against that [necessarily ever-expanding] colonial monarchism, see, and possibly correctly, that if the 'monarchic regime - global' - is allowed to stay where it is, the world will implode, ecologically, and 'politico-economically', and for our own Integrity, People will just keep and increase their resistance to centrist totalitarianist control.

Large states, like large 'empires', are well passed their use-by and functional, sustainable 'date'.

I'd posit that Putin and his admin., recognize this too. But he's close to the Chinese hegemony, and other 'socialist' state leaderships. They probably can intellectualize the rectitude of possibly thousands of smaller, locally governed more properly "Democratic" [micro-]states worldwide.

But bringing the whole of us up-to-speed on Proper Government, allowing 'Capital' to do it's thing, best with minimal government interference, and taking into consideration the several other entities, like fanatical and severe religions, and crazy mad right wing groups, etc., means we've all some way to go before that knowledge-base-global of how best to have capital and socialist government coexist, is worldwide.

Were the Chinese and 'socialist' groups and powers to acquiesce to the western putsch now, into the Ukraine, things might get a lot worse. So both sides have to maintain some semblance of disagreement, hoping things will settle themselves, hoping also that knowledge will keep spreading into all the little firey corners, and one day, one luvly magical morning "we'll all wake up to Paradise".

In short, Realists, don't hold much hope at all, long term, but also regard the Fight for Integrity in all things, is better than lying down to stupidity and ignorance of over-consuming fuck everything cultural rubbish.

But what would I know?

MORE..., from me

+David Fillingham
1, "Perhaps we should give it to Israel, and settle the matter for good!" yeah! Sure....! hohoho...

2, "...
+John Doe If that were accomplished by legitimate democratic means, absent the threat of force, based on the decisions of the Ukrainian people - sure."

Sorry but? What stops smart guys like you, and most commenters here, from admitting, that 'Democracy' in any Realistic structure, just isn't extant. Not in the Ukraine, the EU, Russia [of course] nor the US-marketed west? "CHINA' fuck's sake, is more 'democratic' than the rest of us! [Well....?]

Any 'democracy', is for the elite few, less than in Plato's ancient Greece.

My 2 bob's worth, is, Ukraine, being in the middle, of 'east and west', is more important to the larger issue of 'ideological divides', and the sustainability of either.

I go with 'eastern Ukraine' siding with, becoming a micro-state, 'colony' as Ukraine was before, of Russia, and the west can go west, albeit a bad decision, fueled by absolutely false marketing of the capitalist west.

But as the CNN maps show, the spread of language, thus culture, thus preferences is too wide to section-off east from west, etc, and/or Crimea and the south.

I doubt this fracas is going to be short term. And, we don't know what's really being discussed behind closed doors, re US, EU and Russia, et al?

Britain, going by Hague's performances, is but trying to be seen to be someone useful, while they also, really do not have any cause to be involved.

"Must give the troops something to do, what!? (When's the next election??)"

If it doesn't get resolved in the short term, and becomes a football, we can only hope the powers use Ukraine's peculiar geopolitical location, to nut out deeper, far far longer term global decisions.

I see that as addressing 'borders', thus, 'nations' as we've been drawn into seeing and foolishly accepting them by the 200 years of British and Eurapean 'resources and land-grabbing colonialism.

[That, is what is behind the current 'austerity' and failing financials across the Brit-Euro countries - they have no more OTHER PEOPLES' land to plunder. That should be clear to everyone.]

The Ukraine suffers now, for that same conquer-mindset, of both key ideological players, and the setting up of inappropriate, unsuitable, unsustainable borders.

It's one of those HUGE issues, most average and even politically-interested Joes' can't wrap their thoughts around.

Many political academics are fully aware of this being beneath so many 'localized' civil and regional wars - the Middle-East' very much so.

The Ukraine, I reckon, no different.

That it's where it is, should be seen by everyone, [unlikely by the egomaniacs in pro-EU right wing Ukrainian powerhouses now though], as using this to dig into and resolve on the broader front.

War talk is posturing, for the pharmaceutical corps to sell more prozac type pills.... [hohoho].

Azaman DiasYesterday 5:47 PM

There is one thing, which twists the entire situation and the role of Russia in it. Let's make it clear: Russia DOES NOT annex any territory and DOES NOT support any side of the INTERNAL political conflict in Ukraine! Russian forces PROTECT CIVILIANS of all the etnicities, Ukrainians, Tatars, Russians, Jews, etc. from the nazi guerillas, that now, after the Ukrainian legal power's collapse, terrorise the ENTIRE Ukraine.
On Mar. 2 the 'Left Sector', leading nazi militia, and 'Avtomaidan' 'activists' arrived in Odessa (see map), killed one and injured some (no valid report available for now), blocated the local administration buildings and performed the actions, that can be treated as robbery against the local civilians. There was no resistance as the local police is completely disorganised and the self-protection forces were not ready yet.
Such a situation is impossible, e.g. in Crimea, where the situation is under control of the local authorities, who have the complete support, including the armed forces, of the Russian navy base personnel, welcomed by the citizens, no matter of what etnicity they are. This also affects the local political life in a positive manner as the people, except the nazi of any kind, feel safe to discuss the political issues and to perform the activities of any kind in the legal field.So, for now the Crimea peninsula is the most peaceful and safe region of the Ukraine.
Regarding all that, the current western position on the topic seems to be a pure example of the complete hypocrisy.

Max CookYesterday 8:33 PM

+Azaman Dias Thanks for your insights.

It indicates, local protective troupes will form, and should [the world's youth are not softcocks like the generations of the last 50 years], merely, initially to secure their local areas, east of Odessa with a Russian leaning.

But the back row [pro-Euro] agitators will pay and push the 'nazi' mobs to keep pushing, the ideological war, we can expect, as far as they can, even to provoke, rather stupidly, the Russian military to strike back.

But it's clear [to me, anyway], any Russian 'wall' of arms, say, will be merely to assert a line in the sand, behind which the pro-Russian population/s will be safe.

Whatever, the west, via the thug mercenaries, seems to want, like rapacious maniac robots, to keep trying to shatter any Russian stability, to send the Ukraine into breakdown mode.

Then, while we can be sure the secretive subversives and financiers aka the CIA in Libya, will orchestrate ongoing chaos, breakdown of all order, until, it's "Syria part two", with all manner of external warmongering moving in, and not all 'balanced' ideological nutters in for the BANGBANGS.

All, backed by O! Korngold AGAIN! Israel's weapons-dealers, ET cetera.

Unless..., well before Putin is on the back foot, someone brings up the larger issue/s of 'national borders' and the whole flawed 19th century structure of nations across that region, and beyond, and it's glued to the top and centre of the table over which they all negotiate, and talk the shit they do?

NOT optimisitic.

Alexey SemenovYesterday 11:53 PM+1
"then we might be able to convince Putin that his long-term strategic interests lay in taking Crimea and leaving the rest of Ukraine alone." - ахаххаххаа ))) ххаха )))

I read your comments and I want to give you a view of Russia . That you have at least some idea of ​​what is happening.
The U.S. and Europe are trying to make a hot spot in the Ukraine in order to weaken Russia and Ukraine. At the same time the U.S. is trying to weaken and Europe. American politicians do not hesitate to talk about it. The Ukraine was paid revolution and its done . Now, however, there is no government . U.S. and Europe are not able to govern Ukraine .
Russia is doing now? The only thing that we did - put the strengthened protection of its military base in Ukraine. That's all. The rest of the panic and hysteria of Europeans Americans is an empty sound reminiscent of farting or belching . Russia does nothing else ! Absolutely nothing.
We still have the old plans and projects that were developed a few years ago . One of the projects - to build a bridge from Russia to the Crimea .
We have a direct appeal of the President of Ukraine - Viktor Yanukovych to Russia " by any means to prevent bloodshed in Ukraine." So we have the same appeal of the President of Crimea ( Crimea is an autonomous republic of Ukraine and Crimea is not subject to Kiev ) . Crimea sought protection from Russia . Since 60% ​​of the Crimea Russian , the Crimea will receive this protection , if necessary . I say again , for very unwise - Russia does not introduce troops to Ukraine !
As for news on your channel - you write - " Russia wants to start a war with Ukraine " is the most awful nonsense that I have heard. In Ukraine, there is no army ! In Ukraine, there is a small group of Nazis, who seized power thanks to the sponsors - the U.S., Poland and other euro - gay country. If the people of Ukraine in a referendum vote for Russia to remove these forces out of the country - Russian troops enter and clean the virus from Ukraine .
Russia is not going to annex the territory of Ukraine. If any parts of Ukraine want it , they can do it by legal means - a popular referendum .
All that has made the United States and Europe shows full of irresponsibility, incompetence and inhumanity of American and Euro- gay politicians. You can not just pick up and set on the country the Nazis.
Latest news from London - British media finally , after a month , noticed Nazi symbols on flags Maidan ! ! Yes, not really something ! ? I say this is a very long time ! !
I want to remind you about another fact: the whole revolution in the Ukraine took place exactly on American textbooks ! These sama textbooks were used for the revolution in Egypt and Yugoslavia (at least) and perhaps in other countries. U.S. leads constantly dirty politics worldwide. And God knows , sooner or later , the U.S. will trigger a nuclear war .

MORE me...;

+David Fillingham Yeah, so he isn't up with the new name - FSB?

Also, your references to WWs 1 & 2, accurate as records go, misses the back room ideological battles waged to set up both wars, for totally unpublicized reasons - Israel, a homeland for the jews.

19th century most wealthy Brit-Euro elites - all with links to age-old dynasties, arranging things to secure their lineages into the unforeseeable future.

Hitler, but a puppet, as were most 'players' of the last 100 years.

Sadly, the facts behind what we've all come to accept, are so contrary to them, for the vast majority, it's one of those 'too hard to absorb assimilate' and correct in our thinking of 'history'.

Thus, it's all too hard for everyone to come to believe.

But 'believe' they must, if we-collective, are to get a more accurate understanding of 19th, 20th and 21st C 'history' thus the ability to know WHAT we are voting for in these sham 'democratic elections' etc.

As well..., it's all too hard for everyone to come to believe, if only for the pressure from 'vested interests' such as the major cults - Theosophical Society [the 'TS'], formed in the wealth and influences and 19thC magic cabals of Helene Blavatsky, Cecil Rhodes, Ed Bulwer-Lytton [an English aristocrat relative/ancestor of mine], Alice Bailey, et al et al, and the 'genesis' of most 'secret societies' since then - Golden Dawn of Alistair Crowley, and, the spy agencies of today.

These 'secret societies' and spy agencies, 'lost the plot' of intelligent, rational, balanced discernment of the issues of war - distribution of resources, almost as soon as they started forming 'secret societies' all because they were 'chosen by god, et al' to rearrange the world, to be more [of their western already long-lost tribes' elite ] way/s.

[That's a big reason why, we laugh at the terms 'military intelligence', or 'police intelligence' etc, because they're trying to be 'intelligent' that-is deducing facts, evidence, courses of events, by 'wizardry, 'divining' etc, which is the exact counter to genuine application of the innate intellect of the higher mind. At least, they were misusing these faculties. Now, there is a more correct, proper use, so they are finally able to 'divine' passed facts and events as they were, without the 'imagination' messing things up.]

That side is avoided like the plague by most everyone, because those dogs in those still extant 'secret societies' are filthy with fanaticism and dedication to their 'masters' aka the masons and Rome, [both essentially subservient to the TS] and the numerous other 'ss's', and to speak out with the historical facts about them, incurs their [inflated] evil/demonic/mad-as-bags-of-rabies occult energies, with the added abilities to kill all chances of employment, to kill all your 'social circles' including families, sworn to secrecy, and to fuck you UP.

aka, me homeless for 19 years!

So, referring to WW1 & 2, has good value, but it still has to get beneath the elite's attempts at controlling things, both then, and now, as in how they change history to suit their pride, basically.

It goes on and on and on and on and, still we find things often do not, can not add up, to show us any clear unambiguous telling, retelling of history, thus, of what and why it's going off in places like Syria, and Ukraine.

Notice, how there's next to nothing on media about 'Syria' since the Ukraine crisis was focused in on by the MSM?

The Ukraine, while a real event, albeit 'fabricated by western anti-Russia powers, and while it's locale, thus 'politik', is more important to the bigger world dispute between the two major ideologies -crapitalism v socialism, is but another 'circuit-breaker' so Syria can take a breath. Etc!

And there's more complications behind both 'crises', we really can't be bothered nutting through, which are entwined, and involve the planet's long term 'hopes'.

So, from me, I'd suggest no-one gets too panicked by Ukraine, or Syria, disgustingly bad as Syria's death toll/s are, [ but what do we care NOW, about the tolls of every war of the last 6 decades? Only the jews have made a fortune from their alleged holocaust by the alleged anti-Semite Hitler, etc etc etc?].

Keep watching, thinking and commenting about any shitfight that occurs, but in the end, the elites are too far into their mad plans for us, that they're gonna push on regardless.

You must see that in how the majors' foreign ministers et al, ponse around on camera, and the rest of the diplomat corps strut like gods.

It's their game, as far as they're concerned, and they have exclusive control of the ball, the boundaries, the umpires, the teams and the sports media.

140223 My & Others' Guardian Ukraine Crisis Comments

Yulia Tymoshenko addresses crowd in Kiev after release from prison, as MPs vote to impeach Viktor Yanukovych
Shaun Walker in Kiev
The Observer, Saturday 22 February 2014 16.37 EST

Sounds like Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yugoslavia,The Czech Republic, and a host of other countries who've been through these right wing, western-fabricated, fueled and sponsored revolts.

Not saying some 'corrections' to 'socialist' rule didn't need to happen. But most of them went bad for bad advisers, and western pressure from within.

Much of the world is chaotic, politically, now.

Perfect for the flailing and failing [zionist monarchic] elites to worm further disruption in, 'justifying' [NOT!] imposing heavier authoritarianism, no different at all to the worst 'soviet' totalitarianism.

Large political protests today are all quickly taken over by powerful subversives, mostly of a far-right-wing, capitalist leaning.

Most of them are not nearly as intelligent as is needed for good government, and are but paid thugs, to disrupt democracy in the favor of the corporate elites. The zionist monarchies, eventually.

Timoshenko, will now ride the revolt and introduction of Eurapean capitalism into the Ukraine, and as likely will end assassinated, once enough Ukrainians realize that Eurape is not any friend, but is capitalism gone utterly and irreparably crazy.

Eurape's best product: advertising & marketing.

23 February 2014 6:46am

I'm a Ukrainian who has lived most of his adult life in the West; I am also gay; and I would like Ukraine to be a part of EU eventually. So you'd think I should be happy after the victory of this supposedly "pro-western", "pro-european" revolution. But I don't see any reason.
As a result of this revolution, we are likely to end up with good ol' Tymoshenko, who has been in big politics for more than a decade – in the role of the Prime Minister twice already, as well as the Minister of Fuel and Energy – and proved to be every bit as corrupt as Yanukovych. She uses the same rhetoric as after the Orange Revolution saying that the country has now "changed forever". Indeed, now the nationalist movement has risen to unprecedented levels both in western and eastern parts of Ukraine and is at the risk of becoming very radical. I don't really notice any other differences.
I am also extremely disappointed with how Western media reported about these events in Ukraine. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I could only see BBC to make an effort to actually send their reporters to Eastern Ukraine and talk to locals there. It is usually portrayed that Maidan represents the people of Ukraine, the majority, but is there a poll supporting that? When it was reported that the protests were supported in other cities around Ukraine like Lviv, one could get an impression that it is the second major city in Ukraine. However, it should have been noted that while Lviv is the biggest city with Ukrainian-speaking majority, it's not the second city by population, nor the third... It's the seventh. Why didn't those reporters go to 5 cities that were larger than Lviv but had a different attitude? It's also worth noting that out 27 regions of Ukraine, 7 regions of South-East produce 45% of GDP and all of them are in the top 10 of regional GDP after Kiev. If you look at GDP per capita, the last 11 regions at the bottom are in western Ukraine, Lviv region is at #13 out of 27. So, while people in this area are at the heart of revolution for integration of Ukraine with EU, once there is an opportunity for freedom of movement (which I believe is what many aspire to), most likely they will be the first to leave Ukraine in search for better opportunities in Western Europe. One should really wonder just how much Maidan represents the majority of people in Ukraine. It definitely reflects the mood in Lviv. That's also where openly nationalist party "Svoboda" has 30-40% support. It is beyond sad that Western media and leaders ignore this fact. ID7509860 has already commented that jews are advised to leave Ukraine. I'll add that 'Svoboda' has already proposed a "temporary" ban on Russian films and TV in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Europe is mocking Russian media for referring to protesters as a radical movement. Probably radicals are not majority after all, and I don't want to believe that such group will gain power in Ukraine, but there is definitely potential for that, and the mere fact that a seemingly progressive leader like Klitschko was collaborating with them is also worrying. (BTW to appeal to them, he had to switch to talking in Ukrainian, although his mother tongue is Russian, which would be totally understood by anyone in Ukraine but is of course not welcome by western Ukrainian nationalists.) These are not signs of liberal, pro-European values to me, unless you talk of darker times in European history.
To sum up, we're at the brink of the worst economic crisis in years, which is sort of nothing new to us, but such a polarized division between Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking Ukrainians together with a strong nationalist party in the Parliament is a new development.

KingCommo TO traktorist
23 February 2014 8:06am

Thanks for your views. I'm a fool in Astrayliar, but watch this with half an interest, seeing it as more crap from the west to totally smash socialism.

The Ukraine and Poland are in the midst of two power-hungry ideologue administrations.

'Administrations', not 'nations'.

'Nations' everywhere, are a falsity, invented to give people the feeling of 'belonging', but all along, are just the empires of the elites, monarchies and sychophantic 'high-class servants' [the political class].

Poland involves itself on pressure and advice from the mad-crapitalist, corporate Eurapeans.

But 'Poland' too, which media refers to, is but the Polish aristocracy, as are the Ukrainian backers of Tymoshenko.

Russia can not intervene now, simply because the west has the world in it's media-thrall, and will be demonised until the west justifies another major war between super-states. Or up-scaling of tensions, for their own subversive advantages, as in Syria, etc.

If, 'if', the Ukrainian People can rope in this revolt, before it falls completely to overwhelming Eurapean mass hysterical 'WE WON WE WON' bullshit, they have to address the problems from an international perspective.

Primarily that 'nations' and false, imposed borders are behind so many, if not all of the failures of the whole notion of 'democracy'.

Because borders only really create 'economic exclusion zones' for the dynastic elites to manage, always to their selfish advantage, and always, as we see everywhere the west has colonized and carved up little colonies for themselves, [A! The Middle-East, Africa, perhaps?] to the disastrous disadvantage of the People.

Ukraine may well be crucial in solving this worldwide problem, for being in the middle of the two ideologies.

So, I'm suggesting for Ukraine to avoid utter civil war, funded and supplied by the two opposing ideologies, they have to appeal to the rest of us, but focusing directly on the core source of the problem - false borders.

But, of course, we all have to take on the dynastic monarchies, and call them out as being totally anachronistic in the 21st century.

So too, their financiers, the western religions.

A big and v hard call, no doubt.

23 February 2014 6:49am

Well, it appears that removing legal and legitimised governments by rioting is the new definition of Democracy being promoted by the US and the West. Free, fair and universal elections is not a democratic tool to be used any longer. Well done and see who's next....

KingCommo TO vialactea
23 February 2014 8:10am

Funny! Perhaps it'll become known as "Demobracy"?

KingCommo TO vialactea
23 February 2014 8:14am

Only problem is, we've not seen 'free, fair and universal elections' anywhere really. [Well..., almost!] Because the wealthiest self-interested parties are best at conning [bribing] the voters into voting in puppets.
But, that's life, when all wages and salaries are bribes.

23 February 2014 5:55am

Mrs Merkel said without closer European integration there would be wars, refusing to integrate into Europe sure did cause one in Ukraine.
Regardless of anything else, the president by choosing not join Europe has has been toppled the country is in flames and may break into separate states as a country divides over its loyalties.
Europe is no longer a choice and we have seen in the Ukraine that trying to choose any different will end in disaster.
The Times described Ukraine as Europe's first civil war like it or not the issue of European membership dragged a country to war and deaths were caused in a conflict inflamed not just by state authorities but left and rightwing agitators serving their own agendas.
Just like in the Second World War people are dying in the name name of a grand vision of Europe that is not of most peoples choosing and most have had no say in.
This is an issue that democratic referendum should have solved before violence.
Why could the pro and anti-European sides not have decided their countries future in a referendum on European membership?
So what now?
Are countries that want OUT of Europe justified in dragging their country to civil war because they do not agree with their government decisions on European membership?
Are they justified in resorting to violence in the absence of a public referendum they are demanding on an issue that refuses to vanish from the fore font of British politics?
According to the worlds reaction to the Ukraine YES.
The Ukraine like the times is Europe's “first” civil war, meaning “first” as in "not the last" and if this double edged sword begins to swing backwards it could well be the fate of any country if not ours.
That may be a wild prediction but Imagine if you will, in an upsurge of anti-European sentiment although not giving UKIP power gives it enough votes to hold back the Tories of handing Labour an easy victory in 2015.
Ed Miliband assimilates Britain into Europe in the great integration pact of 2017 without holding the referendum the public have been demanding, this is his only “popular” act as he has failed to reverse the cutbacks or improve Britain’s economic situation.
The ratings agencies warnings of the dangers of a credit based recovery and housing bubble have gone unheeded, rising house prices and record levels of personal debt have caused another credit crunch wiping out Britain’s fragile recovery and plunging the country back into recession and rising levels of national debt.
Labour is forced to abandon its election promises of a return to high levels of public spending and instead is forced to continue the savage austerity measures instigated by its predecessors leading to a mass sense of public betrayal.
As anti-austerity protests once again sweep the country in a wave of public anger Russell Brand agitates an anti-establishment mob, that along side the protestors take to the streets and begin demanding an end to a government and political system that has failed to deliver the change it promised.
Growing anger among nationalists unhappy and angered by the new terms of Europe, UKIPs failure and not having a voice on European membership capitalise on the unrest and take to the streets to demand their voice be heard and a immediate referendum on Europe be held.
In a flare up of anti-establishment violence order breaks down and political violence between left and right begins, adding to and inflaming the confrontations as battling authorities and rival political groups drag the country toward civil war.
In the north Scotland narrowly defeated in 2014 in its independence referendum declares itself an independent state as the authorities, anarchists and nationalists wage war on each other for the sake of their own agendas.
Wales distancing itself from the violence in its neighbouring country also declares itself a separate state under the authority of the Welsh assembly, and as Britain breaks apart Northern Ireland descends into conflict and violence as Protestant Unionists and Catholic Republicans battle over the former British state and their religious values.
Ukraine’s present could easily become the future of Britain if not any European nation if we are not careful, but nothing will change the fact these problems are already on Europe’s borders, three years ago it was the Middle East rising up in anger but now it is much closer to home and could easily spread to Europe in the future.
This is a double edged sword that the leaders of Europe know fine well could swing back at them, that is why they were willing to inure America’s wrath when the refused to throw their weight behind the protestors, they know fine what this could lead to in their own countries.
Like it or not the issue of European membership has dragged the first country European country to violence and possible disintegration, and it leaves you wondering who will be next if the issues of democracy and E.U membership go unanswered in our own countries.

KingCommo TO DrSigmundFraud
23 February 2014 8:46am

Well written.

It does look like a catalyst for worsening outrage across Eurape, given the austerity etc there.

This could threaten to escalate, no different to your 'forecasting', and Eurape does seem to be being excessively hubristic, as if their global dominance is a given, and everyone is duty bound to comply and submit.

Arrogance gone even madder than arrogance is!

But, or so, my tuppence worth, is, outrageous though it be, for Russia, China and the USA to step in, as a block.

But, to go the full crazy, to all bring to the global fore, the whole age-old, and totally failed issue of 'borders' and, 'nations'.

Their [borders] real reason and purpose - 'economic exclusion zones' for the dynastic elites to manage their own fiefdoms-once-empires.

War it's very likely to be, as you assess.

But less likely if, IF, a majority of the species gets up and brings the whole issue of nations and borders, nationalism and patriotism etc., out into the public arena/s, guided by [hopefully] more even hands of the named superpowers, Russia, China and the USA, together.

The only probable FAIL in that is the USA, what with it's utterly insane corporatism and its dumbing-down of Americans, et al.

If any such chaos erupts in the US., with or after Eurape and the UK, etc., we can all kiss our sorry asses goodnight, bunker down and wait for the radiation.


'Apocalypse' means 'cleansing', or something!

23 February 2014 1:03am

This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Professor Francis Boyle. He is a Professor in International Law at the University of Illinois College of Law
“It is a fact that since 9-11-2001, the US Government has been in the business of destroying countries and using NATO as it principle instrument. That was stated more than a decade ago by then US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and later by General Wesley Clark.
The Pentagon drew up a list of 7 states that were to be destroyed: Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria and they have systematically proceeded to destroy all of the countries on the list.
The strategy in Ukraine is the same, US/NATO/EU are promoting the destabilization and the breakup of Ukraine in order to achieve the NATO goal of moving into Ukrainian territory closer to Russia.
While Russia was distracted into believing that the US wanted a reset US foreign policy was being planned and dictated by rabid Russia haters like Zbignew Brzezinski and Richard Pipes. Brzezinski wants to breakup Russia into approximately 68 parts and has placed his protégés in key US foreign policy posts. According to Mr. Boyle Brezezinski has staffed the Obama administration with his acolytes and protégées, including the US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, a specialist in color revolutions. At the end of the day the US plan is to see the breakup of the Russian Federation, that is the goal.
Since 9/11 2001, as publicly admitted by then Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, the United States Government would be getting into the business of destroying states. And that was later confirmed by General Wesley Clark, as you know in his memoirs, his meeting there at the Pentagon where they had the list of seven states they were going to proceed to take over.
Afghanistan was first, Iraq was second, Sudan was on the list, Libya was on the list and Syria was on the list, Iran was on the list. So, they are proceeding systematically down that list of destroying states. Syria is now near the top, Iran might be next. And it also appears now the same strategy is being applied to Ukraine to promote the crackup of Ukraine between east and west and, I would hate to say it, the dissolution of Ukraine as a state.
Yes Wolfowitz said… I have the citation in my book “The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence”, where Wolfowitz said: “We are going to get into the business of destroying states”. And then, soon thereafter General Wesley Clark (head of NATO) was in the Pentagon and can confirm they drew up a list of seven states that they were systematically going to go after.
So, that’s really, the objective here of Syria, against Syria, is as they did to Libya: to crackup Syria as a state into its constituent, religious and ethnic units not only for the United States but also for the benefit of Israel.
As you know, Israel has been a long time opponent to Syria. They headed a plan there, the Yi Nolan Plan to crackup surrounding states in order to better manage them and keep them under control. So, here you see a congruence of interests certainly between the United States and Israel.
And I regret to say it, but pretty much they have cracked up Syria in its constituent units, as they had done to Iraq. We now have basically three mini states in Iraq. The same has been done to Afghanistan and also Libya, where you have, you know it is hard to say there is a meaningful state there anymore. I have a new book out called “Destroying Libya and World Order” where I have all these citations in there and an analysis. And then, I tried to extend this to Syria near the end of the book.”

23 February 2014 8:58am

Well..., it looks from here, that the world is rooted!

A rush on nuke-suits is expected at Marks and Sparks, Walmart, Harrods, etc!

"Can you get them in wool?"

And one to an article written to The Guardian by Australia's ex-Prime Minister, then of the 'right-wing' LNP coalition.  BUt he's 'mellowed' well, and is very Balanced in his politics and commentaries, so much so, that for years I've seen Mr Fraser to be more 'Socialist' than of any right wing persuasion.

140304 My Guardian Comment to M Fraser Article

Good points Mr Fraser!

Glad someone can still think clearly!

Larger objectives, crazy ones included, by superpowers, thus by absolutely-corrupted superpowers, rarely make it to mass media.

Time someone, some True Statesmen, and Women, had a serious chat, about those, your points.

Clearly, today's 'foreign ministers' of the western alliance, are frighteningly under-educated in these larger realities, and even in how to think, from the highest, Impartial level, and their ego is leading them, thus, us, into a deep pit/ditch/abyss.

It's almost as if, some 'other' forces are at play, driving them on, to making really very very foolish decisions.

Plans laid decades ago, cannot possibly be of any currency in this massively quickly changing and moving period.


MORE..., me...;

I reckon the 'extremists now, are the west. Eurape, Britain and the US.

Eurape and Britain ride their arrogance everywhere, merely as if they are the 'born to be superior and rule forever' correct ones on earth. ['Whiteguys? SHEEESH!]

And, in all of this, everyone should keep at front of mind, that when we refer to 'Britain, Europe, Russia, China, all majors, and most lessers', we generally refer to, quite wrongly, though true, the elite, so far up them..... it's the '1%', and damn the 99%.

But, the US, military and/or admin, ideological and psychopathic, as 'absolute power' makes us, might well have an agenda, far more far sighted than you me or the most of the western 'foreign' egomaniacs- ER - 'ministers'..., can see, let alone contemplate wisely, and deduce sound paths forward from.

The forces active in the US, Pentagon, and admin, etc., [corporations not to be ignored, whether they should be or not], egged forward by 'the lords of sick' Brit-Euros [the ultimate beneficiaries of the corporate world - aka monarchism in money], are running at the speed of today's economics - too fast - and have [built and] jumped on a carousel spinning out of control.

So, they push push push their ways and agendas through all diplomacy, all [not necessarily 'better' in this epoch of change] more tempered, 'gentler' [more - Br-itish, ol' chum!] trying to fastrack their successes of an ideal democratic planet.

They want, by any means to shatter the bullshit Brit-Euro colonialist monarchic empires forever, and, as we're all wasted, culturally and in terms of the planet's overall health, they go hard hoping for the final goal before the final bell.

'Winning' is not so much their hope/dream/delusion at this late stage. Most serious, and well informed high-ups in places like the US admin and the Pentagon hate fucking HATE the monarchic ponses of the 'old world', and as the world's on the brink, they reckon fuck 'em, lets go for it, and either way, it'll be tough, broken and totalitarian, or heavily militarist from now on, but it'll still be better than those pri-ggs, riding us all into hell.

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