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From the article...

"Here is the new game in the so-called American Defense Industry. It is a stateside game and it involves magically transforming any and all innocent, Constitutional, law-abiding citizens into Domestic Dissenters, aka “Domestic Terrorists” or something close enough to declare war on “Potential Domestic Dissenters, aka “Potential Domestic Terrorists”. This is an occult, alchemical symbolic processing of the American people (aka “we the people”) into an defined domestic enemy that can be waged war against on many fronts–phone and email tapping, massive spying and infiltration of all domestic groupings, even neighborhood coffee parties or local church charities–you name it, everything.

This new redefinition of normal law-abiding Americans into “Enemies of the State” and its internal security apparatus as a threat to national security IS a magical conversion or transformation of the normal American Society, mainstream law abiding America, into a huge domestic national security market. This is all an horrendous BIG LIE.

Actually the real situation is just the opposite–it is the USG and specifically the Fusion Centers and the Department of Homeland Security run by perverts and enemies of “we the people” that are the real risk to the true and actual national security of America the republic and to all honest, law abiding, Constitutional Americans. And the USG and DHS and Fusion Center officials are nothing less than world class criminals committing both High Treason and Sedition against America the Republic. The USG has been hijacked and is being run by those who have turned everything upside down."

Having to assume this article has credibility, and being an 'anti-zionist', [with severe complications - being a key 'asset' of zion, set-up to play a [puppet] lead role, now, since establishing the facts behind my existence, a Dissenter, (and, indeed, a FUCKING HERETIC!) etc], and having a recent dilemma about the Veracity of fundamental zionist economic [indeed 'scientific] laws, I remain anti-zionist.

However, I am inclined to regard 'mainstream' law-abiding, 'Constitutional' Americans as enemies of any True, Wise, and Free Republic. Merely because of the massive over-use of resources by the US mainstream [USMsm], beneath which most wars are over. As I write, "Capitalism is perpetual war between nations, cultures, etc., and individuals, against everyone else for the same resources".

The USMsm by it's wanton, uninformed over-consumption [clearly also, and primarily, a 'cultural' (zionist?) malady], of not just USA's resources, but resources rightfully belonging to every other Tribe of the planet, makes itself the enemy of all others, most of whom are '3rd-worlders' living on minimal incomes, resources and levels of consumption. And for that alone, aside from the fact that that style of over-cons., makes the people their own worst enemy, they attract all antipathy their way.

Irony, or one age-old and utterly massive conspiracy - BY ZION - to encourage this untenable culture amongst the most materialistic and militarized/dangerous nation, merely so-as to make them into the - THE - Number One world enemy?

So, with this article coming to me via "12160 Destroying the New World Order", with which I am totally onside, and as I came to 12160, on the acceptance that it was NOT mainstream, and was/is, and exists to challenge the US mainstream blind faith and acceptance of consumerism etc., there grows another dilemma, for me, and others I suspect, about the good points in the article, about any longer term aims of zionism, about whether the US mainstream ARE in fact THE 'enemies of the Republic', and about whose side we, The People, and them, the 'other people', are actually on?

Perhaps, if I've deciphered both the article, and, AND, zionism, correctly [no assertions I have], and with other information from 'the Voice of Russia' website, of an interview about the USA's real aims of breaking up some 8 targeted states - Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, etc., and, Russia into some 68 smaller states, and possibly now Ukraine, as a stepping stone, so-as to, I think, break the hold the global elite [possibly centred in Eurape?] have on these false notions of 'nations' ['economic exclusion zones'],aka elitist, centrist, dynastic, landlordal estates, so smaller, 'locally-managed' nation-states can become the new world reality [surely, properly economically-managed, THE Democratic Ideal, and Scientific answer [?] to the planet's problems of dynastic, monarchic madness?], America too needs to be rearranged within, to also break the hold the largest corporate elites have on - US consumerism??? AND, on the distribution of resources fundamental to everyone's stable, sufficient and sustainable survival.

Sorry for the looooong sentences?

So, dilemma NUMBA ONE? Is, is zionism the friend of humanity, by going to the forceful ends of smashing old tyrannies, USA and Britain, Eurape, and their 'colonies', ie., favored trading nations, [ie., those set-up by the Brit-Euro cabals across the Mid-East and Africa, ET cetera, AND ACROSS THE AMERICAS, in the 19th century], apart, so 'We, The [Properly-informed] People' can all take over our local council and state offices, after the military forces of each nation have 'en-coup-ed' the central federal government/s, and BY The People, OF The People, and FOR the People, Institute Proper Economic, Land and Taxation Distribution Laws, daan arr own main street/s?

If so, it all rests on zion, and war-mad Israel, AND all her weapon's-makers, and, and, and, on seeing the goal achieved, putting down their weapons of mass distraction, and retiring AT LAST! to their kibbutz's?

Are Britain's 'Lords of Sick' likely to do the same, and give the fucking LAND [the 'estates'] back to The People? And, 'China's 'princelings'?

But, regards America, can mainstream Americans, get up and start thinking above their comfy materialistic fannies, and really go for CHANGE, of and away from, all the bullshit in the A&M materialism over-consumptive FUCK EVERYTHING USA CRAPitalist [although, 'Capitalism isn't the enemy, - corruption is. And 'corruption', like christianity, is a mental illness!] culture, and become part of the solution as they say, by reducing consumption, thus need for MORE resources, thus getting all spirituuuaaal, and BEING HAPPY with a bit less junk, and a lot more Community? So.., being a bit less expansionist, thus less conquer-headed?

Let's be positive, aye? AAAAA! HAHAHAHA! Etc.....

Another comment from '14300'

As few know, only the top NeoCons 911 Planners, Dr. Barbouti rose again and came back to life to assist with many of the 9/11 attacks subplots which were designed to provide numerous false leads. A few of the most Patriotic Intel Cowboys who have “traveled” very close to the very “top of the pyramid” now believe that Israel provided the anti-matter positron micro-nukes which were installed in the Twin Towers elevators approximately every ten floors.


".....now believe that Israel provided the anti-matter positron micro-nukes which were installed in the Twin Towers elevators".

Like...., FAAARRRK?!#%^&??!

It's jus' gonna get more and more.... FAAARRRK?!#%^&??! !!!

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