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I demand John Kerry resign as Secretary of State on grounds that his oath to the society of skull and bones is a complete conflict of interest to the oath he took to defend the United States Constitution. It is not a theory that Kerry is a member as he has publicly admitted to it. If you agree he should not be in a position of power and does not represent the people of America, I implore you to spread this message. 

The Poster is correct, methinks. But sadly, so is Joe, above, to some extent.

Also, where do we stop, against this type of warping of their OWN minds, by such as the idiot 'skull-and-bones' sub-cult. There's so many of the same crazy mobs around!

Catholicism, but one, real biggy! 'Judaism'! 'Freemasons'! 'Illuminaughties'!

Because over time, perhaps thousands of years now, this same 'off-the-True-Path' 'group-up' has built huge and apparently infallible 'empires'.

Kerry's, the Bush dynasty, Rothschilds, etc etc and on, and of course, the same plutocratic centralization elsewhere, maybe most in Brit-Eurape, all end up being dragged down to the lowest forms of thinking, belief, ideology, and thus effects on the wider world.

I think, 'Machiavellianism' is why? But with every rise of one band of mongrels, power corrupts them, so another rises to dethrone them. Dirty tricks and filthy business becomes the only way for each and all to compete, so down they all descend to all being bad-ass [and thus deluded] mongrels. Then, ANOTHER Righteous Mob sees the evils, and 'collectivates' to fight them. and so it goes, on and on.

Like after the 2007/8 GFC, and the US 'auto industry' being regarded as 'too big too fail' for a few reasons, these mad and dark, deeply deluded cults are as well, in belief and in reality, too big to fail.

Were we able to dissemble them, one or forty, immediately others spring up.

I stubbornly insist that for the species to clean out those attics of antiquated 'ideologies' and 'security-in-numbers' cabals, 1st, Atheism has to keep growing, but founded on the most fundamental Scientific, Intellectually-confirmed Principles, not mere shallow antipathy to 'religion' per se, and a code of 'conduct' which IS Ethical.

Then all levels of 'authority' including the remnants of religions, with the clergy ready to admit their cult failings, get on the train of Factual, Truthful thinking, and through a global effort, via HONEST education, disseminate facts about our basic rules, moral, spiritual, AND Economic/s.

This would require those mad bastards - [Oop? Ethics, Max?] in such as the British 'House of Lords', the regal 'House of Hanover', and all their cronies and sycophants, right across the spectrum and globe, to come on-board as well, and finally become Democrats, by divesting themselves of their 'nice-little-earners' of illegitimate land holdings and the profits they cream off, basically, everyone's [slave] labor and suffering.

Banks, realty, energy, and other corporate empires and phenomena, have too, to join in.

I've spent some 30 years inquiring, and see there are possible ways for the Human Mind to think, which do not require such perversions and darkness.

So, yeah, I could only advocate for what the Poster is calling for.

But we are 1, small, divided, 2, more than them, United.

3, as yet, possibly not up-to-speed as to the extent of what the Post, you/me/us, have to confront.

However, with or without the likes of a slowly turning big ship of corporate-states, and of their 'agencies', many within the spy cabals, are coming up to speed, and do see something better than occult madness, and bigoted ideologies of self-interest, and see some basic truths in, and to, life on earth, that we all have to learn, and Stand-Up for.

All Strength to The Poster, and To The Cause!

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