USA Cops Kill [another] Homeless Man

USA Cops Kill [another] Homeless Man

"WHY?"  Because the LAND LAWS are the most corrupt!!!

I saw the email from 12160 a number of days ago, with the headline & intro, but never hit the link to the video, mainly for it being so distant from me in Australia, but also to save on data charges - vid's cost.

But scanning news wires yesserday, the death has caused PROTESTS and a bit of violence by Citizens in Albuquerque New Mexico, the nearest town and station location of the cops who shot the Dude, dead.

So, after reading the news report of the protests, I went back, [I kept the 12160 news email] and watched the video, footage obtained somehow from the helmet-cam of one of the cops on the scene and - culpable.


Well, were it not in the US of A, it would be!

So if I can, here's the 12160 item on it, with 12160 members' comments, and the video link, although I'd say a lot of People have seen it by now.

Homeless Man Gets Shot To Death By Police For Camping Without Government Permission!

So I went back to the 12160 site, and saw the thread of comments on the event. None were complimentary of the cops. Some were trying to excuse their blatantly excessive manner and shootings-plural, but the one comment that stuck, and I turned into a song with ol' guitar, was

The only good cop is a dead cop!

My little blues rendition went

The only good cop is a dead cop!
The only good cop is six feet underground.

The only good cop is a dead cop!
Nobody's safe 'til there's no more around

And, as I chant regularly, “and the cops protect YOU!” directing the words at the general whiteguy, mainstream utterly corrupt, blind faith, 'Harry Potter' amateur witches public.

Knowing not as much as I should, about the ongoings and machinations within any police department, it is a given that they do a tough and perhaps too often 'thankless' job.

A point against them, or against their needing to exist, is that

were society not corrupt, we wouldn't need coppers.

But cops protect the most corrupt?

And yet, as above, the cops protect, in all nations, but especially in the most 'advanced' nations and culture, the most abject, 'fallen' dishonest, deluded, self-absorbed, egomaniacal, untenably unsustainable wealth-aspiring idiots ever known!

[REALITY CHECK: “the most advanced” in fact, can be correctly interpreted to mean “the most advanced toward the common destruction of all that is genuinely good in the world”. In other words, “technology” the basis to which the word “advanced” is generally applied, while providing us with 'labor-saving devices', is also providing the species with evermore ruthless and destructive capacities to FUCK EVERYTHING, at a genocidal, “Planet-cidal” rate!]

So, I played that 'blues rendition' in Memory of the murdered, or “assassinated” Homeless Dude, and will again.

Other thoughts against the cops sprung loud to mind, and to mouth, while watching it.

Seeing how the four or so cops acted, was seeing an utterly insane culture within the NM police force, which does seem, from other accounts, to be the same across the USA.

There is NO DOUBT in my mind, that the cops there, are quite insane.

This might be supported by the Public PROTESTS in Albuquerque New Mexico, USA, who are also PROTESTING against the NM police department's killing of some inordinate number of people over the last few years.

And, from my own, but from an Australian perspective, I shout my disgust, and never-ending antipathy against our own Australian state and federal police forces, because they are like little children, trying in every possible way, to emulate the USA police.

Having been homeless for over 19 years now, thankfully, not without a motor vehicle, so quite a lot less restricted, as the Dude killed in the video was, I've been an easy target for the Australian state, federal and ASIO coppers, and suckhole members of the filthy-rotten and pretty-much genetically-corrupt public.

So I have seen the ridiculous manner in which they, our cops, strut around, proud as peacocks, because they've 'got a gun', as much as their totally unwarranted 'license' to lean on members of the public, mostly whom the pigs know cannot afford the protection of expensive lawyers, or such.

Here, like in most nations, 'most nations' also being totally corrupt, if one is not a land owner, one is up against whatever the coppers decide to implicate you with.

Which is more often than not, false testimony 'under oath' in court, and/or usually unwarranted 'targeted' maltreatment, derision, intimidation and as often, if your a 'known' say, 'Political Dissident' provocation and persecution, trying to push one over the edge from passive acceptance and tolerance of the filthy and disgustingly corrupt tenor of the culture and society, to 'acting out' so giving the filth 'a reason' to really STOMP you.

And, this is tolerated by the judiciary! I unnerstand that a judge or magistrate, has to be very strong, highly astute and brave to challenge police testimony in the court, when they might clearly know the coppers are talking shit against a defendant.

This perversion of evidence and records etc, by police, is as old as the concept of coppers itself.

But the judges typically come themselves from the most corrupt - upper classes - so they generally are more willing to abide the false testimony etc., from the police, because while the magistracy do, the cops make sure the magistracy’s class, family and person are protected.

[The term “Kangaroo court” obviously originates in Astraylair, and for blatantly obvious reasons - to me, at least. It'd be very inneresting to know who first 'coined' the term “Kangaroo court”? I imagine it was for some Honest Victim watching, listening to police evidence and the prosecution lawyer putting their case, and seeing that the 'evidence' and case against them was “jumping all over the place, like a bloody Kangaroo!” Wonder if the Victim was an Indigenous Australian?]
The cops do this regularly, obviously, as the Australian cops are so enamored with a USA police style, in the USA and all 'modern' western nations.

And they protect the upper classes, all of whom are 'upper class' because they are the most filthy, lying, criminal, corrupt people on earth!

So, this video, article and news of PROTESTS in Albuquerque New Mexico, USA, inspires me to go to the issue supporting A WORLDWIDE PROTEST against the general attitudes and character, of police which goes deeper into the types of 'entry tests and exams' the police forces have for applicants, and thus, into assessing the general levels of sanity within the 'police culture' itself, and of the individuals who both want to be coppers, and the one's who are, and who clammer for whatever it takes to be promoted up the smelly ranks.

As said, I've been targeted by cops for decades now, admittedly, in my working life I was an Outlaw, riding as a motorcycle courier, who accrued a Honorably Notorious 7 or 8,000 dollar bill of unpaid traffic fines in my 'career', [in the 1980s, a large-ish sum]so I do know the common attitude of the police. However, in my defense, your honor, I refused to pay the fines because of the attitude of the booking police!]

As said above, the 'entry levels' required by each department is notoriously low, probably because they know that the higher the level of Intellect anyone thinking of joining has, the more the applicant will be able to discern that being a cop is so dishonorable as to be unconscionable.

And, again, from those I've seen, and had to deal with, bullshit is primary in their heads, such that being honest is antithetical to the job, and is definitely NOT the way to be promoted.

So, this malicious shooting of the Homeless Dude in the USA, prompts the call for the People, who are both potential targets of the sicko cops, and from the People who they deem to protect - the property owners - to demand a total evaluation of all aspects of police culture, starting with a

cultural analysis” - assessing and establishing the general type of psychology extant, active, and predominant within the field of policing, a

personality analysis” of all police, from commissioners down to recruits, a

social analysis” of the society the police are armed and licensed to 'protect', a

legal analysis” of the laws the police are 'authorized' to uphold, protect, sustain and enforce, and a

public psychological analysis” assessing the general mental health of the people most influential across societies - local, state, national, and in the global arena.

To get the the root, the core, the seat of the problems which manifest in local police like those culpable for the death of the Homeless Man in New Mexico USA, we must also inquire into the predominant “psychology” - but clearly now, what has been a “psychosis” - amongst the ruling, oligarchic, plutocratic class.

This, obviously, descends down the 'class' structures, into pervading the lower classes, because 'ambition' is the norm, is this type of errant culture, and so any number of lower classes, from the upper-middle, to the lowest classes, understandably, though erroneously, aspire to be wealthier than they are. This, another errant belief, whether factual or not, is when people think they are better people, or merely happier or safer once they reach a certain level of personal wealth.

In the short term yes, correct.

But in the longer term, all the individuals are in fact doing, when they “do whatever it takes” to be rich, is accelerating the larger group's demise.

Today, with the huge margins between rich and poor, and with the ability, purely by corruption of every aspect of the being and the culture, people can accrue such phenomenal riches, material riches, wealth which is of so unsustainable a level as to be the front-runner in the race to FUCK EVERYTHING on the planet, culturally and ecologically, an “excess of personal wealth” has to be accepted as being the most psychotic state and the worst of all mental illnesses.

Therefore, any police force, culture or individual cop who leans toward 'protecting' the most wealthy - usually the owners of the most land - and in turn leans heaviest upon the likes of the Albuquerque Homeless Man, or anyone who typically has befallen an UNJUST fate, so perhaps with some Honor, by BEING HONEST, DEFIES the common 'fallen' trend of MASS-CORRUPTION, must come under the harshest, that-is, today, the MOST HONEST ASSESSMENT as to their mental health.

It's painfully clear to most who see this story, the video, that the police are well out of control, out of order, and need the most severe re-assessments as to their roles, the laws they uphold, and their own personalities and mental illnesses.

In other words


As an addenda to this, I must wonder as to the Intellect of the Homeless Dude shot dead?
I wont re-view the video, for data charges, but from the words I heard him speak before the cops shot him, he sounded quite sentient, and intelligent.
It actually hurts a bit, because at 1st hearing it, I wondered if it was an American Dude I knew, Whom I regarded as a very Honorable Guy?
But I can't see Josh ending in that way, although the last thing I could well see Josh yelling, as some pig shot him down, would be 'FUCK THE POLICE!!!”

However, I reckon a Journo should follow up on this, by getting the life story of the Homeless Dude. Whether he was but another “ordinary American”, as he appeared to be, or not, it did seem like he was not stupid, retarded [like coppers] or unintelligent.

And, therefore, we must ask if He WAS in fact, Homeless because He DID have some Honor, and could not and would not, abide the bullshit, terminally corrupt 'all American way' culture.

May He Be Redeemed!

And, May His Family Be Appeased!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

General Blue Meanee
Commander Notorious
General War Pig


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