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Leader says party can only capitalise on strong showing in WA by enabling members to have more say in policy making
Gabrielle Chan


Yep! Call it a wider update.

My view is that the Greens are the Proper Policy Council for the Planet. [The True "Conservatives"!]

All lesser - national, regional ['10,000 Micro-States' - GLOBAL] and local - bodies/parties would then, orientate their policies to what the planet's needs are, adjusting the larger global policy structure/s to suit the, their local variants of ecology.

That requires a somewhat 'idealistic' [though fully Scientifically Divined] perception, of what the Perfect Green Planet would be, and would need, as the basis for all party branches.

If the Greens can figure the Ideal, not for local preferences or members' desires, but for the Impartial planet, then stepping back, or down one or the required number of levels, as each problem is assessed, to modify the Planetary Policy base to encompass and plan around the mass of "anti-ecology phenomena" [polluting, for-profit industry and crazymad egomaniac lifestyles AND insane demographics], Local Policies could [?] be formulated. But the Local Policies primarily have to be in Harmony with a, the, Global Policy and Strategy.

Policies have also to factor-in human needs, of course, which all, sooner or later, come down to economics, supply, demand, and distribution.

Within that, are 'lifestyle' issues. I reckon any such attempt has to go the hard road, threatening of some Green totalitarianism, of 'recommending' the best-possible 'lifestyle' depending again on regional and local factors, which humans have to change to living, so-as to live in compliment to the planet's ecosystem/s.

Otherwise no Green's Policies can work outside of the party members clique, who go Vego, live low-energy, recycle-renew-rechew [?] lifestyles.

['Education' becomes another priority issue in policies.]

So, rather than those 'lifestyle' aspects being divined from some environmental/economic global policy base, [while that is founded upon Universal Economic Laws, the same as the Universal Laws of Physics] the adage "Think Global, Act Local" comes in, and people address supply and demand from what they can acquire/source, Locally 1st.

Then the satisfying of supply spreads wider, as to local demand.

Anyone who wants 'a world' worth living in, for the future, has to concede that 90% [my cynical figure, so perhaps 70%?] of 'modern' living, is unsustainable, so they who live low or highly unsustainable lifestyles, have to change.

It then, seems to me that it's for The Greens - Global - to Divine how best each of us can [and need to] live in harmony with, Mum Eartha.

That's been considered and known forever, really. Worldwide. There's many Wise Advocates for the same knowledge and ways everywhere. That and they also, are what the Greens Local/Global have to bring together and harmonize.

So, a new Constitution for The Greens, wants to work off those bases, methinks?

Sounds simple to me...

KingCommo a minute later..

And.., could be time we moved away from the "global warming' term, to "climate change" aye?

ID9761679 to KingCommo
13 April 2014 6:38am

The conservatives introduced the term 'climate change' to infer it was a natural process. The correct term is 'global warming', human caused warming of the planet foe profit.

My reply...

So many shmart people!

Why then are we in the shit, globally, politically, ecologically...?

Fine, 'climate change' is off the mark too. Accept that.

However, miss prissy, all things considered, 'global warming' is NOT the appropriate term as we have lots of very chilling things goin' orrrn, up north of the equator. Or perhaps you miss them, from your sheltered fireside & comfy chair?

The climate IS changing, and, indisputably because of humanity's - chiefly the 1st world of technocratic, profit-1st, industrialize-minded sickos' stupidity in ignoring the earth's delicate ecological, biospherical balance, and going for profit before wisdom in how to be happy.

Typical lost tribes, lost in the deserts of their own minds.

Funny how the catholics, 'specially the females, insist on 'global warming', while the proddies, 'specially of the lowbrained USA, insist we're heading for another ice age?

Something to do with 'faith', methinks? 'Faith' to me, meaning 'the power of imagination' or..., 'witchcraft'...!

The catholics have been planning and fabricating a false 'Sun king' for a while, who can employ his magic to create high temperature zones, to fool the [christian] idiots he's the Sun god.

The proddies on the other hand, are a bit more skeptical, if not more Intelligent, and are on to the dirty little plot by the Vatican, so, being themselves awake to witchcraft, play the other game, of cooling things down.

Yes, the planet has warmed up notably for our stupid industrial insatiability, ie., for wo/mankind's greed, etc.

But both warming and cooling, can be 'managed' as per the CIA's 'H.A.A.R.P.' program, and secret cults messing with the occult fabric.

But that will not cure nor repair the damage the pollutants and massacring of the natural environment our madness has done.

That requires a grand plan for the whole planet, as per my fabulous suggestions, above, and a lot more, clearly.

It IS too late to stop a severe collapse of the planet's ecosystems, so we all just have to change our lifestyles of excessive selfishness and opulence, stupid cultures of unhealthy things - food, fuels and chemicals, etc., and reduce-reuse-recycle as much as possible, hoping the future doesn't get real shitty with the past - US - and send back robots to TERMINATE us.

But, going by the o-so-accurate hollywood, it looks like it's gonna!

Ask Arnie? Hohohohohohohohoho......!

And, to finsh that one off...,

KingCommo KingCommo
13 April 2014 10:22am

Anyone seen that boy Arnie was protecting [HA!], in "The Terminator" movies. The bloke who was gonna save the world!

Y'know that 'John Connor' dude?

Oooh look! Same initials as that other Sun god, Jesus Crispy!

[So many shmart people....!]

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