Green Planet, Bundy Ranch, USA Revolution, Chinese Vegemite Farms, & 10K Micro-Nations


Down from HERE are seven new posts, 3 plus the top one, going to how humanity has to manage ourselves and our Mum Eartha, from here on, with the world's Best Influences courtesy of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC.

2 go to related but more Economic Issues focusing around the canceled Civil War In the USA of the last week, at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, with the first one - below - being a diatribe on Global Nation-State Reforms, from large ones to Micro-Nations, including a fresh view of what might be possible in the USA.

And there's 1 going to the recent Astrayliarn PM and his popularity try-out with the majors of Asia - Japan, South Korea and China - in which, the big Tiny Hobbott PM basically folded to China and gave away all our farmlands to the Chinese mega-agricorps.

Rippa Rita!

But we're all saved, by Abbort's and the LNP's Deputy Showoff, National's bleeder, Barnyard Joycestick, who reckons he's gonna perform a coup d'etat, throw Abbott out and take over as our rural dictator for New England, from his shale oil and coal farmine [LNP newspeak] in the western NSW desert, or something?

Most of these posts, as most other posts here, are what I flung onto media website comments sections, when they let me, when they don't censor/delete them or simply do what they'd like to do to ME - they 'disappear' them.

Fortunately, I really enjoy 'semantics', so employing the inner ear's listening, to channel down from Alpha Centauri the stuff I do, then warping names and words into funny shit, is my sole delight in life, outside of chocy muesli. 

But sometimes the messages which come through, from up there, NO!  from..., up....., THERE, get REALSerious, and so I just obey and type, trance-like.  

So, when I come back down, or out, or UP, from wherever I'm hearing the shit, I find I've wandered off topic sometimes.  Not so far off as to change the weather, but enough to take in related issues no-one else in the galaxy has ever ever ever been able to!



But these have some sound arguments and points in them, about stopping the big asses in Washington DC USA, who drop in and haunt/hound/harass me here and there, from decimating the lame population of the Untied States of America - with feeling - and nukes.

Good Fortune America!

And Good Job, Bundy Ranchers!

But hold that gallon of Bootleg!  

'Cause, It ain't over YET!!!

And, MISTA Obama, And MISTA Biden?

Next time you drop a selfie onto my screen, even for some few seconds - SAY SOMETHIN' TOO!  Why don' ya?  

Like "A! G'Day Cobber! Like a beer?"

Fair dinkum, Rooter, don' know WHOSE side I'm s'posed to be on?