Education Curricula need MUST-READ lists of political facts

140405 Education Curricula need MUST-READ lists of political facts

Party member John Ruddick says the brand is being damaged by the parade of senior figures before the corruption commission
Gabrielle Chan

Apart from masses of documents incriminating pretty-much all political party politicians, particularly from the 2 majors here, which adolescents should be tasked with reading, and reporting upon, here's a little appetizer for everyone, if any of us have doubts as to the morality and integrity of today's federal, and many states' LNP governments.

I'm not surprised by the information this exposing article [link above in headline] gives, not at all.

The Guardian are given a tick for providing us with the brief list of bias within the senior executive of the LNP.

The Guardian is a welcome relief to the Australian media scene, albeit a few centuries toooo late, dears!

Better they're here at last, nevertheless.

Blatant perversion of the political process, is what the oppositely-named 'Liberal party' is all about. But the Aussie public rarely either bother, have the intellect nor the motivation to make the inquiries as to the rectitude of our most powerful politicians and their corporate masters.

So this chunk of info on who's up who in the Liberals, will likely not reach the spellbound minds of the voters, and they'll still vote for the most corrupt party we have - the LNP.

But, if anyone, especially in teaching and education here, has ANY concerns about how fast the nation [and of course, the planet] is racing down the gurgler, then there has to be a lobby group made up of our teachers, preferably from government schools, taking the critical issue of political information/knowledge/intelligence and wisdom to the most senior curricula advisors and 'determinators', exactly like this article gives us an introduction to.

Yer av'rage punter, while often well aware of the depth of corruption in politics, government, and thus the disabling of all of us getting 'a fair go', are well-known to be 'soft' on corruption, and regard cleaning corruption out of anything, as a lost cause.

It could be that the majority of Australians, are of the false belief that there's nothing anyone can do, because corruption is so woven into the fabric of Australian and global political and economic ways.

Few realize that corruption is not an international, or over seas affair alone. Few, I say cynically, have the intelligence to know that fighting against corruption, but also against the common pessimism makes ourselves far far better beings, and some of us, for such honorable battles, even make the rank of “Human Being”.

Corruption, involves people, not human beings most of them, but they are still required to abide by some basic laws, the 1st and most respected being “DON'T GET CAUGHT!”

And, as we, and our sources of the vital political information - media - are all victim to corporate influences, from near and far, we surrender all the best and naturally good aspects of ourselves to futility, especially if we've been victim to the shitful education system, by either not learning to read in-depth and lengthy, detailed and big-word news articles from our more intellectual journals, etc.

But education should have as primary, the learning to read and think, and search and uncover, the less obvious facts, and causes of - well - everything. Everything pertaining to our own, which is one and the same as, the community and nation's and planet's welfare.

In a word - politics.

Australia has fallen into the worst political mire yet seen, since the fall of 1808 that is.

So we're a lazy and shrugging bunch of shaggers, when it comes to voting.

And, as I intro with, it comes down to how well informed and educated we are in our schooling.

Most kids, always I think, are apathetic to politics. “Adults' shit!” Or, they take their parents' attitude, as often of surrender and don't really think about it.

So it's all the more important that the schools take up the slack, and ensure kids are as best informed as possible about who's up who in their own electorate, and whose paying.

So there really should be a permanent lobby focused upon schooling projects and reading agenda to include the best and informative political literature available.

It could easily be from the 7th grade-on, to have classes, multiple weekly, teaching kids how to understand and pick apart etc, statistical data from the likes of the “Bureau of Statistics”, and other official bodies, so kids can become familiar with the concept of reading and understanding stats and data, from as early as possible.

I'm hopeless at reading and understanding stats, as put in the media, and I reckon most Aussies are also. But most media I hear is deliberately confusing.

“Political Science”, another 'must-have' in schools, from as early as can be slotted in to all secondary school curricula's.

And a rahrahrah........

But..., making kids, and adults read just this article, could well be enough to have them review their political leanings.

Everyone knows the two majors are both as filthy as each other, and that they are in-bed with each other.

So why do people still vote them up?

Go figure!

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