Why the right wing extremists of the global establishment, label "Greens" as 'extremists', and "Hi!" to the Windsors

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Might be that some in the West, [Western Australia] caught a glimpse of this and other Pro-Green comments I made over recent times, on The Guardian and the Google-Plus websites, and [yes, I dream] enough to shake their fatcells of over-consumption off and VOTE GREEN?

Might be.....

Whatever, I have no ego [!] to speak of, so don' care. [Actually, the 'ego' I do have, is rather, not inflated, as egos usually are recognized as, and by.  Mine, for a bitch of a life [yeah..., 'poor me?'], is still extant, but is the contrary - is constantly DEflated, drowning in traits of no self-esteem, no drive to help myself out of the shithole a whole lot of filthy 'egomaniacs' dropped me in, and, now, REFUSING to even listen to 'advice' from others, because thus far, of the last 20-plus years, the 'advice' others have assumed superiority to 'give' me, has been proven to have only been what THEY think, but mostly are told by some other fucking idiots, I should do.  I wont bother with 'who' the "other f-i's" are here - read the over 1400 posts here - but rest assured that the low level dicks who get into my ear, are doing so because some higher level dicks have bribed them to.  rahrahrah.....]


Thinking back, recently lots of West Australians protested on the beaches and on the streets there, and others joined them in support of - WHAAA?!?! our ocean's SHARKS! - across Australian cities, when the errant West Australian LNP extreme right idiots party ordered a mass culling of sharks along the W.A. coast.

That disgusting act by the right wing LNP quite annoyed a lot of West Aussies, from all 'sides', so that - something else I commented on on G+, which itself received a lot of PRO-SHARK comments from all round the globe - I'd say influenced West Aussies to reconsider the stupidity of the LNP W.A. government, adding to the Senate re-count vote away from the LNP, and away from the ALP, to the smaller parties, The Greens one of them.

I could write a lot more about Australian politics here and now, but other stuff needs doing.

So, here's my re-post of an earlier comment posted here, describing why the Greens are quite incorrectly labeled 'extremists' by the false, lying, corrupt 'right-wing-right-idiots' of both the LNP and the ALP.

Some day soon, I'll unleash some stuff about both the major parties in Australia, who are tied to the global 'left-right' global political cabal running the scam we are fooled to believe is 'Democracy'.

It, sad for ME, has a false puppet prophet at it's core, and extends to the highest, most evil echelons of global power - London, Rome and Washington DC - and is a bid by the world's most powerful, most deluded, most evil cults to 'own' the whole planet.

Further, they plan for a massive 'decimation' of humanity, so they can 'start again' after - one possibility - 'World War Last One' as I call the final and nuclear all-out world war, many are convinced is coming.

Personally, I'm without hope that the world can avoid such a calamity, and from the insults and mockery I personally get on the couple of mentioned webpages I comment to, and from the stonewalling I get from my own family, I really don't give a shit anymore.  In fact, all things considered, the majority of spoiled middle-upper to upper class whiteguys are such maggots, I do think the best thing is for us all to be wiped out.

From my lengthy inquiries onto the existence of the 'Spirit' in all living beings, and even in inanimate objects, I am convinced that the Spirit of a person goes from life to life, according to how it has performed in the previous life.

So, People who are corrupt, lying, thieving, unintelligent, selfish, unjust and immoral, ET cetera, or are just plain demonic, go lower on the 'chain' of evolving life, and 'live' lives lower than the spoiled ones they abused before. "Karma".  "What goes round, comes round".  Etc.

Those who are fortunate, mostly for previous lives in Ethical Cultures, and in this life can keep their egos at bay, so do not abuse others, do not commit the crimes the upper classes do in this fallen epoch, and remain honest and humble, yet at once, have no hesitation to Stand Up for Righteous Principles, where crimes against the Common Weal are committed, and to Fight that evil, have no reason to fear a bad afterlife.

They, I am convinced, even if the whole planet is trashed, 'ascend', even to higher realms, beyond the scary 4th dimension, and even to other parts of the universe, to better, more lawful and honest, more peaceful planets.

So, if the World War Last One does come about, my Champion Indigenous Peoples, everywhere, and any who Stand Against the filthy mercenaries in the police, or other tyrants' thugs, and who Honorably Fight the whiteguy colonialist tyranny, and who die, will live better lives, next time round.  Definitely better lives than the self-absorbed seriously mentally retarded scum from the elite, mainly 'whiteguy' cults.

Be clear, please, my attitude, shortened to labeling those 'Matrix-ian' "Blue pill" people in the word 'whiteguy', is not really racist.  But the word itself assumes racism, I admit.  This is a cultural thing, and it just happens that the dominant and most evil culture, 'rewards' most, the white-skinned people of the '1st' world.  AND.., that same 1st world supremacist cult-ure, also is itself the most extremely racist culture, for it has stomped every other 'non-white' 'race' of people wherever it's shipped it's firepower.  So, no-one can correctly denigrate me when I use the word 'whiteguy' in the REALPolitik, that-is IN-YER-FACE, Honest way.

In other words, "it's NOT personal, it's CULTURAL!"

Nevertheless....., here's the repost about why the whiteguy right wing right idiot predominantly Brit-Euro-US establishment elite label the Greens as 'extremists'...............  [Also, it's worth noting, that one of the world's richest landowner monarchs, Prince Charles of England, is , as far as his regal chains allow him, a Green, if only Intellectually and Philosophically.

O! and..., seeing as his eldest boy, "William" and the missus, Kate, with Baby George, are on a tour of the Antipodes, I guess it's right to say "Hi!" to them.  

But, it's also DUTY, y'unnerstand, to also say 

"G'Day!  Enjoy your stay, but don't linger, piss off back to the Evil Empire thanks, quick-smart!  Tah! 'Bye!"

And, "Fuck's sake!  Daan' send George to Eton!"  (hykhyukhyuk!)]

Don't know how to set the video directly into my blog, so here's the link to the YouTube of Green's Senator Scott Ludlam giving his 'welcome' to PM Tiny Abbort to Western Australia....;

Everyone really should watch this and take in what Senator Scott Ludlam says.  It is already being lauded as a most memorable and most noteworthy speech, and I'm sure will be regarded by the best of us, as one of the best of them, for quite some time!

I venture to suggest, Senator Ludlam is on the ascendant, to becoming The Greens next Leader.

140305 My G+ Scott Ludlam Speech on YouTube Comment
[or..., an explanation as to why the establishment label 'The Greens' 'extremists']

On the Google + post, another commenter asked why the Greens are called 'extreme' and another question, I answer below

+Teale Britstra They're labeled 'extreme' because, as per whiteguy politrix, they are the exact OPPOSITE to being extremists.

It's standard tactics by the British establishment, to call someone what one is oneself.

So, as per the Green's facts, science, evidence-based political, economic and ecological policies and stances, the Greens are the 'Conservatives', or, as they/we used to be called, the 'Conservationists' [aka "The Australian Conservation Foundation"], who recognize that the planet and it's ecosystems are the primary source of sustenance, so are the most important thing/s to be 'conserved'.

So the environment the Greens are INFAMOUS for standing up for, is what needs, 1st and foremost, to be 'conserved', above and beyond the junk product corporate industry mass-production, mass-pollution, mass FUCK EVERYTHING consumer marketplaces which are totally ruining the environment.

The polity are appallingly stupid in not being able to discern this blatantly OBVIOUS fact, and for all the decades of technocrap A&M ['Advertising & Marketing'] from the corporate world, who are the supporters of the Greens' antithesis, the so-called 'conservatives' [see how upside-down the right has turned political language?] the extreme right wing British 'Tories' and the USA's Republicans, and - would you believe it - in Australia the extreme right call themselves 'the LIBERAL party!' - [laugh NOW! AAAAAAA-HAHAHAHAHA!] the extreme right has assumed the 'right' to wrongly label the Conservative Greens as 'extremists'.

Sorry, I try put too much into each sentence.

NO social skills! Still absolutely correct though!

If ever the polity wake up to this type of filthy abuse of the language, as is the standard of 'the right', they may also wake up to the FACT, that the likes of the Greens are the Best People to run all nations, aka, the Planet.

As for your question about why they are made out to be unable to manage government finances - the reality is that most all 'finances' are so utterly filthy rotten with upper class, even monarchist cronie-ism and corruption, from the top down to the trashman, that any Green's type Honesty, and True Efficiency in government and public financial business cannot possibly get air.

Ie., they are too honest for the current, and age-old politico-economic structures!

For the Greens to BE the government, and thus to run the, a, nation, requires such enormous corrections to the whole basket of macro and micro economics, that you simply would not recognize anything we now know as 'economics', 'politics', 'government', let alone urban and demographic distribution, or..., dadadadaaaah - EDUCATION!

Thus, 'work' would be so different, industry would be as if it was all operating underground, for little or no grubby products dirtying up the world, and we'd all - SHIT NO??? - BE HEALTHY AND HAPPY!!!

That's why the Greens are painted down as incapable of running the economy.

The 'corporations', DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY!!!

That way, you'll always be hungry for more of their SHIT!

YAAAY!! MORE profits for Tiny Habbott's cronies!



Top Speech, Scott! Following in the Giant Footsteps of the last True Statesman the Senate had, Senator Bob Brown!

And You! A Sandgroper? Like my Noble Father [deceased].


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