The Rise of The AtDee's
Commander Notorious, 3D21C Global Report
[inspired from listening to the 2014 news]
Some people are slow. But some people are stuck fast in the past.
Not merely a day or two behind, but some, are stuck in hexes cast centuries, even millennia, ago.
The 'religious' the worst cases. Although, in 2034, 'religion' is well dead, with only covert mad-as-rabies groups sneaking around, in raggedy worn-out 20thC clerics' costumes, holding haunting ceremonies, aided by 4th decade 21C - “4D21” - drugs to enhance the madness.
But, even today, some 20 years since Eurape collapsed into the “War ON Aggressors”, hit from all sides by the 'Eastern' and 'Western' and 'Southern' world regions' military, in what became known as “The Tripod Pincer” or “The Three Foot Kick” Maneuver, even today, there are still seriously large numbers of people worldwide, holding fast to their archaic spells that technology and 'inventing' MORE unnatural, evermore high-technological shit, and evermore dangerous shit, will save the world.
[Few of us, by 2034, call 'beliefs', 'beliefs', anymore. Awareness of how the false god cults held their powers of false 'beliefs' over the minds of the masses for so long is common knowledge now. So everyone knows it, when instead of 'beliefs' we use the word 'spells' amongst other similar words.]
However, with that shrinking minority, clearly suffering what we now call “the church psychosis”, or colloquially, “churchuck” [often accompanied by a hand-mouth action simulating vomiting over the finger sign of a cross, and as oft' mimicked by the present group, to little or large laughter], outside of their narrow cliques, usually pharma'd to a constant stupor, there are many who live in an utterly unreal dream, refusing to even admit what is in their faces, every second of their lives.
The mad 20th century rush of mass-producing whatever some clever-dick could dream up and manufacture, with NO consultation to Wisdom, nor even to some Higher Intellectual foreseeing of a plastic piece-of-shit product's RAMIFICATIONS, has also invented it's own demise.
However, as all “churchuck fucks” excel at, they failed totally - AGAIN - to discern the end-game, so just kept on INVENTING, even stuff that actually spelled their own delusion's most horribly violent and painful death/s!
DERRRR? Good one, Brains!”
For the woe we all face now, of typically starving for days, for people dying hourly around us, disease, thirst, blindness, for no fuels to warm us, to cook whatever edibles we find, let alone transport us, for no magical technological toys of communications, or for making ourselves superficially HAPPEEE! by sensory thrill, for no energy supplies, more than what Local Joe has rigged up out of collected junk, it is beyond a joke that some people still cling - quite insanely - to the most fucked delusion, that technology is our savior.
And, like lost jews in a huddle, they cling to the belief that that sort of shit is how WE CAN GET ETERNAL HAPPINESS!
The Gangs and Tribes of us who've dropped all our addictions to anything, and everything, even food, and, the hardest, drinkable water, leaving 'modern' techie toys and the shocking amount of other stuff the 20th century species fell so deeply into being addicted to, as far behind us as we can, while remaining as best we can consider ourselves 'sentient and intelligent beings', one of our Gangs' biggest BITCH, is knowing, not even seeing, others who plod around, weapons and egos trying to be held high, proud as a lost jew, still thinking they have some principled right to “owwwwnnn” stuff.
And to “owwwwnnn” people - children, partners, cult devotees, loose wanderers, etc.
It was one of the most GIANT Leaps forward, when a significant enough minority of humanity had enough of a voice to sound their disdain and anger at the foolish 'technocrat' delusion that'd taken over, centred of course, in Eurape.
It was fought bitterly of course, by the idiots of technocracy.
And anyone who even uttered the slightest disdain at technology, was pounced upon by as many who could land a punch, or a virus, or some occult dis-ease.
Typically, the technocrats kept people mute or shit-scared, and compliant to the hegemony of destruction - the technocracy - by whatever means the 'programmed' zombies of technology could manage.
As paranoia was 'normal' by 2014-15, people were also shit-scared of thinking about anything contrary to the rule of wealth and technology.
The rampant prescribing by the medicos of dumb-'em-down pharmaceutical drugs, helped kill billions of intellects, whether still, still-born, dormant in people's heads, or awake.
Many 'anti-tech' Dissidents, “atD's” [“Atdee's” phonetically], suffered under the hammer of technocrats, and were often seen floating on the margins and in deserted places.
The masses in 1st world countries, mostly paranoiacs by the 2nd decade of 21C - 2D21 - bent over forwards to the elite and pseudo-elite - local bighouse land owners, even franchise store managers were regarded as worthy of dicking anyone - for a while - out of the 'sheeple's' induced paranoia of, if not, being shunted into permanent homelessness, friendless, and despised by the mob, thus becoming vulnerable to the bands of insane marauders.
In short, 'life' was over for anyone with the sense, the ability to simply add-up, or Wisdom to foresee the perils of addictions, to ANYTHING, but especially to technology.
So, the technocrats on top of the pile [of cheap technological shit and it's mass of sheepish consumers], assuming, in their arrogant-cum-ignorant superior knowledge and right to control the world, felt at liberty to just keep on talking shit, and to keep on over-enjoying the means of the planet's downfall. “Technology”.
Even as far back as the 19th century, OBVIOUS errors of modern industrial over-production were known and accepted by all levels of local society, and of domestic and international status. Yet “denial” of the impending end, was the way these modern day egomaniacal intellectual amoebas 'moved forward', ignoring ALL the signs, the warnings, the reports, the science, and the “in-yer-face” EVIDENCE.
Of course, for all our existence, there's been Dissidents to these 'trends' and fashions of the day.
But since the species ran out of land enough to evacuate from the throng to, to either live as Recluses, Isolates, Nomads, or in isolated Agrarian Communes, and since around the turn from the 20th to the 21st century, with an undisclosed global pop of some 8.5 billion [as against the published pop of under 7 billion], all crammed by the illegal land and resources' distribution cartels running the world, into compacted and paranoia-inducing metropolii, 'the numbers' had shifted considerably, and had turned the 'trend' toward blind faith in technology, on it's head.
People, although slowly, impeded by every possible means, 'invented' by the new age of fuckwits with magic, were starting to see that technology was BOOOOLLLLSHSHSH-IT!
Naturally, but really, most un-naturally, people ran to the medico's and their corporate and pharma shrinks, as a - as ANY - means of escaping the REALITY, that, THEY ARE WRONG, in everything they'd been hypno-drugged and indoctrinated into taking for granted, and “...as their right”, “to the manor born”, “… the lifestyle to which we have become accustomedBULLSHIT, as if some 3-to-5 BILLION whitefaced cockheads were ALL fucking pure and infallibly righteous monarchs.
So 'waking-up' to the FACTS about their own microcosmic bullshit existences of 1st world plastic 'luxuries', hit heaps of them very hard.
CULTURE SHOCK” of such an unprecedented scale, enough to become regarded as a 'culture' all of it's own!
So, “YAAAHOOOO!!!!” was the cry around the Dissidents' fortresses, desert camps and enclaves, albeit also steeped in a terrible sadness that the technocratic zombies had come to recognize their - not just stupid, nor merely foolish - but OUTRIGHT EVIL - 'spells', too late.
The AtDee's, as said, had seen the errings and the end-game, for centuries, so in their discussions and councils, had also divined the expected responses, such as the technocratic knee-jerk reactions to THE TRUTH.
Hence, the many and varied overt and covert AtDee clubs, gangs, cults and tribes.
As is how mobs go, with all the troubles inside and from outside attacking them, disparate perceptions, insights, approaches, and considerations, split many, and lots were killed off altogether.
Before the end of 2D21, as many Dissidents had seen the day coming, and left the gang/club/cult/tribe, for-to fight their own wars, how they as individuals discerned best, all things considered, seeing self-preservation, but as much a complete loss of hope, in the AtDee's contrary trends.
Again, many fell, and as many fell in battle, against anyone who came near, armed and hunting.
Better to go out FIGHTING the scum, than to just drop off the twig, pushed or from disease, thirst or famine!” was a known refrain, across the AtDee-sphere/s.
And, by the middle of 3D21, the shift, brought involuntarily forward by the undeniable changes in the ecologies, in the climates, in the tectonic eruptions, in the ensuing end of nations, of borders, of religions, cultures, fashions, of 'civilizations', including an end to all forms of energy production and supply on any scale, an end of most all forms of freight and people transport, especially for leisure, forced the small-minded technocrats to accept things, the big games, of western, “jew-krist” modern technocratic BLAH...., WAS OVER, ol' Chum!
BUT! Here and there, like Frankenstein's hiding in their old dynastic castles' dungeons, the AtDee's Gangs kept finding evidence of surviving techno-nutters messing with their junk, in vein spells that they can invent or perfect or advance the 'nology', and make everything betta!
Of course, like the AtDee's of centuries before the War ON Aggressors came to it's head, who saw it coming, so too did a large proportion of the technocrats, which was primarily why the technocrats were so emphatic about - technology.
Almost all of the world's elite had stocked up their palaces and castles and retreats with enough of everything they deemed they'd need once 'Armageddon' struck it's final blow to the planet.
In a much shorter time span than anyone expected, a large slice of these elite 'survivalists' found too late they were simply not stocked-up well enough, to endure, with the right ways of thinking and being conscious of the REALHard FACTS - like - “IT'S OVER, COCKHEADS!!”
As an alarming proportion of the super-rich, from every sector, region and national, dynastic club, clique and cult, were already for generations living such false and specious lives, were also seriously inbred, in their vein efforts to keep the family jewels - in the family - once the fall set-in, vast numbers of them, with every psycho-pathology steeped deeply into them, from
Right! Now let's start again! Without the plebs! I'll build a new world city - over ? THERE!” to
Ve must prepare like VARRIORS! I vill built an army of MACHINES, to protect MY castle!”
E-e-e-et CETRA! No matter what anyone of them, or anyone even slightly 'lesser' to them said, or did, they almost all quickly became mentally uncontrollable.
It was like a psychological case of 'superiority-influenza', which was spreading unchecked through whole enclaves, palaces, castles and underground cities. [Yeeees! While we plebs had been toiling and fussing and wasting ourselves fighting for jobs, etc., for their crusts, distracted by the cricket, footy, pizza and porn, crime and hollywood, larger than expected groups of elites were hard at building underground cities!]
And, it was fast all coming to nothing!
Madness, in the new world, post the decimation of the global pop, was the new 'birthright'!
Rich, that-is 'old world rich', poor, the vast majority of the new - or remaining - world was being brought totally undone by every imaginable mental illness!

Or..., that's what the AtDees thought they were witnessing?

AtDees were convinced that technology, PLUS an excess of wealth, spoiled the intellectual faculties of mind, and the ability to function in honest, normal ways.

AtDees had long earlier assumed some very 'spiritual' practices into their daily regimes, which were aimed specifically at 'keeping the ego at bay'.

They weren't the first at all to know where the devil to their Balance dwelt. So “Primitive” was Kool!

But they had to keep watch, in their own mind, and in the group. Perspectives of others are always at risk of being turned to one's own favor, thus adding negative perceptions of the others, if only for something to laugh together at, but twisting the reality into delusion.

So with other delusional thinking habits, such as an addiction to technology, 'madness' can creep in, while assuming it's only 'out there!' in 'the enemies' heads.

But, there became a standard, across a wide range of known AtDee camps and villages, globally, to WATCH!, and personality tests were regularly run, as well as about every Respected and Tried and True Practice, to keep the mind clear, and exercised to it's optimum.

And the AtDee's in general, 'shone', even while most of them slowly succumbed to the final fate of the Great Mother Eartha.

TO! BE! ConTINUED...............

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

Commander Notorious
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