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Unfettered investment by state-owned enterprises is a development that remains politically sensitive in Australia
Katharine Murphy, deputy political editor


The choice Australia, will be between a nation 'managed' [he said, judiciously] by China or by the USA.

China, on average, has by far the upper hand, in many respects.

Enduring Culture,
Honest Philosophy
Heights of Physical Perfection [Martial Arts]
but 8.

and not being the utterly insane psychopaths wanting to control the planet, 'by any means', as the US corporate-military-industrial-complex CMIC and it's insane capitalist ideologues are intent on doing.

Intelligence is not the Chinese authority's enemy, for their and all humans, like it is for the US CMIC administration.

China, with "The Party" having most influence on industry, is not beholden near as much, to fossil fuel and all manner of other polluting, ecological and human physical, profiteering, at any cost, as the crazymad US, and the majority of it's people are.

So China is doing everything it can in "Going Green", albeit a race against time, while the US is still disgustingly egocentrically absorbed with totally illogical, unfounded ideals, 'religious' beliefs, and evil, profit-centred industries and ideologies.

'Totally illogical, unfounded ideals, 'religious' beliefs, and evil, profit-centred industries and ideologies', forced upon everyone else, globally, by the pathological US judeo-christian fundamentalist corporations, so stopping all of us from going hard at Greening Up the planet. Or from even reducing the impact up the track.

I'd be happier with Chinese here, than the left-overs of the ancient 'lost tribes of Israel' aka, modern USA, running around STILL lost - in the deserts of their minds - , and claiming they're the 'chosen tribes'.

[The 'superiority complex' of the USA, is but the residual hangover from the old Hebrew confidence trick of 'chosen tribe']

Old, old Israel - to - Eurape - to - Britain - to - USA - to - oh dear - Australia.

Looks like Australia is the last real estate patch for the old agents of the lost tribes march to conquer humanity's land.

Better China than that, going by the last 6,000 years of western history.

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11 April 2014 9:22am

Selling out Australia to the Chinese Communist one party state,back a hundred years or so the likes of these tossers in Canberra would of been marched out to the local square and strung up....
KingCommo BlackEyedBob
11 April 2014 10:33am

1st, you and your presumably rather more right wing [than 'Communist'] political theories couldn't do better managing their population.
2nd, wake up to the fact that the USA is well passed being a failed state, and has totally lost control of itself and all it's goals, ambitions, people and sanity, which is the main reason it's on it expansionist resources march.
'Reason' outside of a few at the top of US power, is non-existent now.
Grow, intellectually beyond the 1950s McCarthyist anti-Communism campaign, to understand the Merit of such things as a governed economy, etc.
Don't wish any further, the madness of the USA on us, as much as we're already drowned by it.

KingCommo BlackEyedBob
11 April 2014 10:36am

Howvaaar... I DO agree with you about "these tossers in Canberra", on BOTH sides of the speaker's chair....

Wobbly KingCommo
11 April 2014 10:30am

If the Chinese government gets out of hand, the Chinese can just vote it out, can't they?
If there's corruption in China, the public can just report it and
it will be dealt with, won't it?
The Chinese government has such a great environmental record.
The Chinese government has displayed great willingness to assist foreign countries that have lost markets due to the rise of China.
In short, for all the USA's many, many faults, Chinese economic power will bring with it Chinese political power. Australia is already a corporate oligarchy in the sense that no government policy can be implemented without corporate approval (e.g. carbon tax, mining tax) but with
China in an influential position, we will look back on such times as halcyon days.

Yeah, I agree! But, YOU posit better ways to 'manage' how many? 1.5 billion people?

Democracy is the best system. But we failed with it, because it was founded on frail bases, coming out of the old mad, Brit-Euro dynastic lords and monarchs who WERE NOT GOING TO GIVE UP THEIR ESTATES THAT EASILY, Chum.

People really have got to comes to terms with the facts about 'democracy being dangerous, if the people are stupid', which the false-god, false-savior religions have been making the majority for millennia, to suit the - monarchies!

The Balance is GAWN Mayte, everywhere now.

So those who still cling like drowning rats to these dreamy, idealistic notions of 'FWEEDUMB' and false, terminally corrupted democratic electoral structures, are THE problem, not any help, nor cure.

Don't trust the USA!

It's a basket case, as are all it's hopes dreams ideals, foreign policies and people.

Many great theories, about liberty etc., but lost now.

The world as we know it Jim, has come to an end.

We can still be 'free' while we correct what we can, including forgetting some aspects we're enamored with/to/by.

And Yep! The 'halcyon days' are over. Everywhere.

Either humanity braces and faces this, or we keep down-sliding into the bottomless ditch of insane insatiability.

I put my money on China being the far superior 'masters' in steering us through the stormy oceans we have ahead.

We can only hope Israel and zion [albeit party to the Chinese Communist Revolution, and all China's policies since] can find SOME wisdom to accept this, and accept even their superiority complex can be cured - with acupuncture, perhaps?

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