Christine Milne to voters: 'Trust your gut instinct'

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Greens leader says prime minister is governing 'for the greedy few, the vested interests of yesteryear'
Gabrielle Chan

“D. . . . . . . . . .h” commented,
01 April 2014 9:09am

Trust your gut feeling on Tony Abbott and his Front Bench.
I would like to remind all the Guardian Readers of the following.
What you get if you come from the wrong side of the tracks. (Average Australia)
According to Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Eric Abertz the average Australian worker’s wages and conditions are far too high and generous this is why companies are shutting down and jobs being lost. It's the workers fault everything is their fault.
They have said publicly that this must change and we Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Eric Abertz will drive down your wages and conditions.
Now let’s have a look when you come from the other side of the tracks. (Well To Do Australia)
Now let’s have a look what comments Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Eric Abertz made about Arthur Sinodinos his company and their wages and conditions.
Arthur Sinodinos is an outstanding Australian, Honest, Man of Great Honour, and Proud to Know the Man, A great person within my government and so on.
Not a word about Arthur Sinodinos and his colleague’s outrageous salaries and conditions.

Now have a look at all the comments from Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Eric Abertz on the outrageous salary increases for Queensland Politician’s. Comments = zero, nothing, zip, silence.
So it is time for all Australians to not only trust your gut feelings but starting looking at the facts on this right wing anti-worker Abbott Government.
Kick This Mob Out.

KingCommo Davidjwalsh
01 April 2014 11:04am

"According to Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Eric Abertz the average Australian worker’s wages and conditions are far too high and generous this is why companies are shutting down and jobs being lost. It's the workers fault everything is their fault."

There's some truth to Workers' wages being too high for industry to be sustained.

But they are only as high because the ruthless unprincipled, unethical and in truth illegal speculative real estate industry has basically NO control of land prices. Land prices allowed to just keep rising because of Abbott's cronies in that industry, run by the right wing global freemason's cult.

An Honorable PM would, as Kevin Rudd and the ALP tried to, rope-in the rampant increases of land prices, by implementing "The Most Honest Tax" [unquote, ex-Liberal PM John W. Howard], as recommended by ex-head of Treasury Ken Henry in 2009, so workers do not have to demand ever higher wages merely to afford a secure piece of land to live on.

'Rising', and 'too high' wages are singularly because we pay too much for our plots of land.

A very 'Tory' right wing creation.

But you're quite right about this government being worthy only of being booted out. [paraphrased]

Another point in favor of Land Tax, is that it would remedy all manufacturing problems, blamed by this utter fraud of a party, and it's charlatan 'leading' politician, our PM, [the ALP also] on Workers high wages, by replacing the heinous pile of taxes all businesses and individual Workers are hamstrung by, as well as freeing them from paying exorbitant prices for somewhere to locate their industry.

Not that I regard Mal Turnbull as having the 'Right Stuff' to be our PM, but he does have a lot of Merit, a rather more scientific and thus Realistic politician than Abbott, in that he is also an Advocate for Land Rent for Government Revenue.

And again....

KingCommo KingCommo
01 April 2014 11:21am

Sadly, as the western world's current melodious land and taxation laws are upheld by the upper classes, whence come the Greens in-the-main, the Greens, otherwise by far the Best People to have in government, are not likely to try to bring in the Proper[ty] Land Tax.

It's a sign of how stupid voters are that the Greens are not understood by voters to be the Proper Caretakers of our primary and only source of sustenance - the Planet!

All political parties have their 'shady' sides to them. But, in the end, the Greens are the Most Ethical Party the world could find, and most needs.

For anyone to NOT understand that THE thing, THE Values which Humanity needs MOST, in politics, is Ethics, and to be more specific, 'Environmental Ethics', shows how disgustingly stupid voters for the two 'tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb' mainstream parties are.

Vote Greens.

[Disclaimer: I have NO affiliations at all with any Greens politician. I do not vote, mainly so-as to remain HONEST and unbiased in my political comments and assertions.]

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