Bundy Ranch Nevada USA Stand-Off over Feds Land-Grab

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Looks like a welcome break in the news?

Gotto ask though, how long will the feds leave it go?

Like Britain STILL trying [some say 'successfully] to win back the USA, since 1776, these majors don't throw their hands up and walk away, so readily.

The 'land' issue, is the underlying issue we all have problems and disputes/wars over.

If, "IF" the feds and other authorities DO retreat and retire the offensive, and even if the 'Militia' said to be in the several thousands, and bound to grow, US-wide, and if the USA IS finally looking at something sustainable - We The People against 'the corporation' - and the Militia and this birthed 'Movement' becomes the foundation,

1, what then, and

2, knowing the big asses don't forgive and forget, how long before they form up and make a fresh, overwhelming new offensive?

[I ask again, is this a 'right wing' reaction mostly to/against the alleged 'left-wing' and not to be discounted, the "black" Obama presidency, or something attacking/reacting to the overall corporo-corrupted federal level administration? And, "would this have occurred and grown in Militia support were the feds under a 'white' and Republican presidency?"]

1, what then? Is the Militia, and allied Supporters there, ORGANIZED, AND intelligent enough, in terms of knowledge on fiscal economics, to take any Revolt all the way through, until Reason, not mere numbers and firepower overcome the feds?

Take the hypothesis; Militia win, People Revolt, government admits defeat, surrenders authority, suspends government in Washington DC, calls for a Referendum or such of, by and for the People to reorganize national administration.

People go sick dancing in the streets. People, who hold influence across the polity, local and larger, get down to the business of reorganizing government, locally and nationally.

The National Guard come onside, avoid utter chaos and nationwide disruption and descent into "it's over Duckie!"

What comes 1st? Financing the new admin. "Funds?" People just wanna dance!

"Elders" get down to it. The corporation, aka "Rome, London, Washington" gets panicky.

Global finance goes wild, mostly down. Industry shuts everywhere [except China and ancillaries]. Essentials' distribution stops.

Resource wars erupt - fuel oils, weapons materials, vehicles. FOOD.

"Going Green" is forgotten completely as the war for energy/fuels/food escalates.

NOT, a healthy scenario.

BIG issues, which an excited 'Militia' and happy-dance-and-party Mob, may NOT be up to addressing, for anything more than a few months long-term?

These bigger, funding, revenue and logistical, infrastructure issues are EVERYONE'S concern, from here on. No-one can be part of any Reform, unless they too, accept their DUTY, as part of DEMOCRACY, is to also be fully cognizant of the BIG aspects of reforming, institutionalizing and ensuring Proper Management, from the Local Council, where they should be Marching to, to call for them too, to accept and address Reform, up to the Capital of the Federation of the States.

These big issues, if known by everyone from the start, will or will not make or break the future for you. So, have a drink, and a smoke, and shout 3 CHEERS! etc. But don't miss this Opportunity, to take it all the way.

And your ONLY Route, is by ORGANIZATION, Nationally, from every Local Center, with fundamental knowledge on what this, and all wars are about.


AND..., y'all might be pleasantly surprised by how many fed operatives and admin are ONSIDE.

Get it, the laws, the economics and the TAXATION right, and they'll rush to support you.

Good Fortune, America!


To another 12160 post “The truth about the USA's Bureau of Land Management”

"BLM is actually a sub-corporation of UNITED STATES INCORPORATED, a private foreign owned off-shore corporation since its last incorporation in 1925, copyrighted, trademarked and registered in Puerto Rico.

Under the Reorganization Act of Washington District of Columbia, by it’s own private business charter, neither the BLM, nor any other federal/corporate agency has lawful/legal authority, jurisdiction or interstate nexus within the 50 state geographical landmass."

Accepting this as fact, it seems then, to be no more than the ancient Roman/Jewish empire's expansionist world domination mob, going about their delusional business.

Somehow, I think America is awake now, and a majority are ready to make a Stand?

The next is a reply to Deep Space's questions..

Exactly. So, will they wait for the Masses to get properly ORGANIZED, or take them out before it's gained a momentum much larger and of it's own?

Another thought is..., maybe this is all a set-up, and, a Militia Revolt, nationwide, is actually what the fed are trying to incite?

Anything is possible from the cabal.

They too hate the mass-apathy, and are totally disgusted with the world's people being so disorganized and not united, even though the cabal scum made them so themselves, over centuries/millennia.

The 800 year war between the masons and the catholics has been over the domination of the planet's land and resources.

As much as I am at war against the catholics and all judaic cults, inc., masons catholics, proddies, and zion et al, the micks recognize land laws [and 'usury'] are bad-wrong, and the masons control them [via banking blackmail] and the most land, in the west, at least.

So, while I despise the false god, false messianic cults inc., the Vatican, we have to recognize that Machiavellianism lives, strong, in all of them.

Each, of course, holds like blind fools to them being the correct ones [a la, 'the chosen tribe'], and maybe none of them are correct?

But, refusing to 'side' with any of the powers of now, I am ready to accept and even concede that some, perhaps the f---ing micks, a la the Vatican, do want true Democracy, aka via something like a Militia in the most armed nation - USA - to take it up to them, so something can be begun.

Maybe the cabal will NOT bomb the Militia back to the stone age?


And, "always assume the worst, that way, anything else is good news!"

The Populace ARE awake now...., so..., I'd estimate, there's no going back.

Our, the Peoples' biggest danger now, is themselves. thinking too short term "YAY! WE WON!" bullshit. "Let's get pissed, fall over and be sitting ducks! YAY!"


Get figures on how big across the nation the Militia and party-goers both heading to Nevada and just getting stoned for joy are, then organize where and how to sustain them, peacefully.

Days? Weeks? How long will, could any Movement last, or need to last?

Will the feds talk true, about where-to from here?

Are they, or, after a sustained Defiance [COPYRIGHT! lol], prepared to acknowledge the Rectitude - if any - in the Movement, without taking up arms to STOMP them?

Will the Militia grow so big as to be able to demand Reforms?

BIG Issues! If this grows, someone, but, EVERYONE, has to make sure they KNOW what they're Standing Up for!

True Law!

As in "the peoples' worst enemy is themselves", so it is that they are their own worst, if they align themselves with bullshit, MORE bullshit ideals and laws.

They'll be painted down as terrorists, and then out come the micro-nukes.

Fun with a gun, YabbadabbaDOO! 'Til the enemy come back with bigger guns.

My next Post to 12160

Just read about Harry Reids involvement with Chinese energy corp so wrote this to the news article at WND news somewhere in the USA, but couldn't sign-on to post it...

Hey! Been watching the Bundy situation from Australia, and agree with your points, and warnings. Good info for the Patriots.

Stopping this, and an American reaction against Washington, does not now just involve America, and any heavy weapons the feds use against Americans. China will happily help Washington.

Be very careful America! Don't.., whatever you do, let your pride and Patriotism invite a fabricated multinational, with the US govt, assault on your People. Might be just what they're looking for, and plan to do? Better to accept things, politrix and times are VERY different now, to 1776, 1865, and beyond. IF...? China is so intent on working with the US admin, then you have to consider the chances that the govts will deploy heavy weapons across US populations. Bad scenes, as of The Terminator, of major destruction of the US cities, etc. Worse-case scenario, sure. But don't discount the possibilities, going by the Senator Reid and thus feds involvement and plans with China?

Things, economics, energy resourcing and people HAVE TO change. Don't let them shoot you into changing. Adapt. Rethink. Restructure your hopes, expectations and lives.

It's a new world. For good or for ill. Adaptation is our species best asset.

That's it of my comments onto the 12160 page, to now.

The post here, on my blog, above, [?] is my rant/diatribe/monologue about the same, and larger issue of America Standing UP against Washington, BIGTIME!!!

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