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140411 My G+ Versus Ethics & Morality POST

Been getting insult and online harassment from western right-wingers, of the Google-Plus mainstream, pretty-much since I began commenting to political posts.

A couple have been over the top in that regard for a while, so I wrote and posted this to the same 'Conversations' page most of the mocking has come through.

It's very sad, but understandable, both as to why these mockers do so, and why their beliefs are so egocentrically perverse, and that they are driven to criticize left-wing wisdom so vehemently and ceaselessly......

Preferring Intelligent debate, I post this small number merely to ask the less-than-Intelligent commentors to desist from their pleasurable and ongoing insults of me, for my obviously 'far-left-wing' political perspectives?

I am targeted by many, particularly from the USA, it seems, because I posit Economic Scientific facts as to the world's false politic of the day, and that to make Democracy work, dramatic corrections have to be made, to most all 'modern' systems of governance, globally.

I also, am 1st to agree this is a farcical expectation, what with the psychoses across the planet, and within the upper echelons of power, perhaps most of all. "As above, so below".

But it's a worse 'farce' and indeed, pernicious, that any number of us, human beings, do not address the facts underlying, the corrupted systems of governance, most, in the 'western hemisphere', we laud as 'the 1st world', with properly informed and honest thoughts.

'Opinions', the same as 'bigotry', 'racism' and others, really have to be given their marching orders.

In that, I mean, "We are duty bound to ensure our unsubstantiated beliefs, ie., 'opinions' are based entirely on facts, science, and not unconfirmed suggestions we might be fed by corrupt media, or by friends in casual conversation/s. [I see the contradiction there, for our beliefs cannot be unsubstantiated if we know they are backed by facts and science, etc. That, requires honesty to work.]

Or, perhaps most influential in a 'free market' for employment, thus for an income enough to obtain and secure food and a roof, we really do have to ensure we are not descending to the 'political' demands of employers, merely, though understandably, to secure employment, thus, 'a life'. In the uneven playing field of capitalism and free markets, a VERY hard call, I know.

This very medium, is the greatest technological advance the world's seen and known, so all of us must remember that, every time we go online, to 'chat' about political affairs, etc.

Google has clearly done wonders in accelerating the yes, again, 1st world masses, and the widening population, out of an uninformed 'dark age', riddled and perverted by utterly filthy false, and often 'evil' religious and political/economic beliefs, with it's, the internet's access to an endless [and often dubious] trove of info and knowledge.

And, as these Conversation pages offer, we are able to debate all manner of topics, fictional and factual, trivial and serious.

So, I ask, that everyone does their HONEST Best to keep bullshit off the more serious posts and pages, so the facts and a clearer path ahead for the species, generally, or, if only for the concerned and sincere Google Conversation 'friends' can have accurate chats and discussions.

A propensity manifested here, of unwarranted, unproven denigration of 'alternative' and often highly credible political perspectives, does none of us any genuine 'Good'.

"Good', is a word terribly misused.

For it to be correctly applied, especially to the larger political and economic realities and issues of the day, it can only honestly be used when we refer to 'policies' etc, which DO the best for everyone.

'Politics', is about everyone, and about how we, as individuals, are best and most peacefully able to fit into the larger collective.

Politics fails us, when the individual's personal, and so often flawed beliefs and desires for themselves, becomes the person's 1st concern.

It's totally understandable in this egomanic epoch, clearly well passed any 'religious' or 'spiritual' fall from grace, that a majority, it appears, surrender all selflessness to their own wants, and thus, with a mind on the loose, 'free' to think whatever, and believe whatever, causes little more than negative friction to the running and balance of societies, governance, and in-the-end, the person's sanity.

Perhaps the greatest irony, on the path forward, in this belief about 'freedom', is that for us to genuinely, truly be 'free', each of us needs a very strong understanding and practice, of self-discipline.

Otherwise, madness is the only result.

Heres the section relating to my humble request of the political and personal mockers and detractors, who so enjoy calling me a 'troll', who actually go as far as to 'delete' my comment/s' and who align themselves with possibly biased moderators to denounce me, to think a bit more about their own attitudes here, on a truly fine medium. Google Plus, Conversations.

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Have a nice day!

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