My Guardian Depression Comment

140325 My Guardian Depression Comment

Despite the fact that two million Australians suffer from anxiety, 25% believe that depressed people 'need to toughen up'. If only it were that simple
theguardian.com, Monday 24 March 2014 21.30 EDT

Just to set the cat among the pigeons, I'd go the very alternative to mainstream western medical chemical therapy [aka 'pharmaceuticals], and to western psychological sessions.

I'd say, "Stand up, Sheila! Your depression is your intelligence kicking up hard questions for the lower mental faculties, which are made lame and wrongheaded, by western culture, medicine no less."

That a person is hit with depression, is more to do with the contradictions of every day western bullshit false, materialistic [excuse the colloquialism] "fuck everything" crapitalistic culture, that forcefully, repeatedly asks us to surrender our own, natural, innate "ethos", morality, Values and Integrity, merely so we can stay feeding the mainstream beast of western crapitalism, for the superficial crap of our lives.

Depression is a very healthy 'mood' to fall into now and then.

As the title suggests, it's looked away from by mainstreamers, simply because the most of them have sold their 'souls' to materialism, and are shit-scared when someone lets it be known they're suffering from depression, because the listeners know those same questions linger in back, or front of the sufferer's mind, and it threatens infecting them with the same issues of 'Morality", etc.

Depression is your Intellect perhaps forcing you to ask yourself of the worth of the life your pretending to lead.

So, going to a mainstream pharmaceutical medicine dispenser [aka, your local GP], for a cure to the maladies they are themselves at the seat of, and thus make their millions from, is more dangerous than curative.

It's mainly them hypnotizing the depressed soul, mind, person, layering another load of rubbish over your Intellect's Righteous processing of the fallacies of modern western day to day blah, added to by recommended sedatives and drugs which work mostly to kill off one's own natural, immensely more Intelligent faculties which will deal with the misery of false living hitting the real world wall.

Staying in the same-same world of blah, and taking the pills, dear, does nothing to extricate the honesty of depression.

If the sadness persists, make some honest to significant changes to your life. Like, dump the dill, leave the mill, break the thrill, and get REAL.

Curing, or, breaking through 'depression' should NEVER cost you a penny.

ON the contrary, depression is your finer mind, the higher Intelligence signaling you are better than the life you have been persuaded to assume, to waste your pennies on, and it's saying, usually in 'slow-me-down, and sit on the fucking sofa for a few weeks' drinking chocolate, and ummm...?, 'gardening' is very good ["you're closer to your True Heart, in the garden"]. So being hit with the 'dumps', rightly respected and reacted to, should save you thousands by getting away from the bullshit of western mainstream culture. And save you thousands by NOT going to the 'therapist'.

'Depression' is Your Signal to "Change" .

You are not 'wrong' to get it. It means your Intellect is ALIVE! Don't ignore it, and don't let the quacks drug it back into the dungeon.

"Go Nomad! No Go Mad!" Or similar.

2nd comment [I think removed by the guard?]

KingCommo elfe
26 March 2014 11:23am

Thank you for your ill-informed opinion. Admittedly, these aspects of depression are only one field.
Keep taking your medicine dear.

[So I replied to the moderator, with

Is the moderator suffering a mental malady?

Why would they otherwise remove this, a previous reply of mine?

KingCommo elfe
26 March 2014 11:23am

"Thank you for your ill-informed opinion. Admittedly, these aspects of depression are only one field.
Keep taking your medicine dear."

My 3rd comment

When the mainstream society and it's underpinning culture is absolutely insane, depression is a very healthy sign.

Expecting mainstream society's medical quacks and their pills to resolve the psychological issues of being brought to face your place and role in it, is destructively stupid.

All that results in the positive, is the medicos get richer.

If someone 'thinks' mainstream 'treatment' and medication has cured them, we must

"...forgive them Buddha, for they know not that they have been hypnotized."

In mainstream christian culture, the hypnosis began in the baptismal.

Thus, if by one's 20s, or later, one is hit by depression, or a 'mid-life crisis', then one has a lot of mental baggage to unload, to be the normal, natural, strong and clear mind a rightminded person is in possession of.

Mainstream Australian society especially, is the farthest from 'right-mindedness', of all human cultures and societies.

So pills and shrinks treatments, are acceptable methods of continuing the mainstream dumbing-down processes, for people who cannot be cured of mainstream madness.

4th comment

26 March 2014 11:56am

Do 'The Guardian' moderators also work for Rupert Murdoch?


KingCommo KingCommo
26 March 2014 12:03pm

They do on Google Plus!

The last 2 comments were removed from the online pages, so I reposted them........, THIS:

26 March 2014 1:20pm

26 March 2014 11:56am
Do 'The Guardian' moderators also work for Rupert Murdoch?
This was removed before, showing perhaps that this question has substance?
Moderator - You're fired.

IN reply to a sicko who asserted thier wand over my words, I wrut....;

Sad to hear it, dude.

As for your presumption about 'suffering'..., take your Meditation dude.

You're obviously so into your misery, you missed totally what I get to.

I have been there, and still go there, but know how to stay sane, non-violent, constructive, positive and intelligent, or as best as one can perceive one being 'Intelligent' oneself?

"but I know a lot more about suffering and how to empathise than you apparently do."

I get NO empathy, mister, which would please you and other superiorist Harry Potters, being the mainstream stereotypical sadist, people get their jollies from today. Read my other reply to 'snowjob', or whomever hereabouts.

Pills and western medicine, psychology and analysis, are bullshit, dude.

So, I'm sad to inform you from my 59 years of health expert parents' advice, and the unavoidable 40 ongoing years of personal learning I've had for and after my youth with them and working in mum's Yoga Studio [she still teaches, at 92 y/o!], politely I say, "Teach your mother to suck eggs... breath IN, hold-2-3, aaand OUT-2-3!"

"Just remember to breathe....." Mum still says.

We all have differing mental maladies. Get to the root of the mind, and the cure, the expunging, happens.

Believe the doctor, they get rich, you stay ".....Borderline Personality Disorder, with comorbid severe refractory depression" and anxious.

Not being callous. Just advanced in those depths.

I DO empathize. Life's a piece of shit, often.


[Shit people are DEPRESSINGLY STUPID!!!]

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