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Russia and it's media are 1st to admit the present chaos in Ukraine is fabricated by western forces.

I red recently that the US [CIA] mainly, are behind all the 'Arab Spring' crises, from Tunisia to Syria, and on to Ukraine, with wants to destroy the false nations/borders/colonies as set up by the 19th and 20th century colonists of Brit-Eurape.

I took from that that the various elite 'royal' families put in place by the colonists are being removed, because they are all as corrupt as the Hanoverians of Britain and Eurape, and so are the main blockage against Democracy.

Russia has stated it wants Crimea to become it's own independent state, which is good.

But the article about the US military's destruction of the false states, also said the US wants also to break up Russia itself, into some 60-plus smaller states.

The Russian leadership, Putin atop, are very smart people, and would, I'd say, understand the rectitude, and the demographic and economic democratic wisdom of 'smaller' nation-states. A 'sign' might be their positive expression of Crimea becoming it's own state?

But..., while there's this huge and resources-hungry USA bear loose on the planet, which remains stoically a 'united 50 states', and, to most, is totally controlled by ruthless profit-1st psychotic MULTI-NATIONAL corporations [or, 'jewish bankers' inc?], and who're out of control, any suggestion that 'socialist' Russia, and by it's ideological and geographical 'closeness', China also, decentralizing and breaking down to - Russia, 60-plus autonomous states, and - China, who knows how it's smaller regional bodies would possibly devolve to, but let's say another 20-to-60 or so states, any suggestion of that working, is foolish, ideological dreaming, and begs WW3. If only because of the expected opposition by the central authorities [China's 'princling' multi-billionaires, etc] there.

However, these options of a planet of 1000s of demographically-suited smaller states, remain high as the best way for the planet to re-structure itself geopolitically.

And probably, most people realize that as correct. At least as much better for them, as we're ALL 'Locals' when we get off the bus each night.

So, back to Crimea, if Putin and China's leading party figures do accept that the future - if we want to aim for the long term best - lies with smaller nations, can they do the right thing and allow other, previously USSR states, and Russia and China themselves, to devolve?

If they were at least able to put this on the table of international politics and diplomacy discussions, and opened all portals up for free and fair, open public discussions, the 'Socialists' would win massive support around the world, and, from within the most crapitalist cult-corporate [a-hem? "corpora-cult"?] states too.

That would tend, once it got some momentum, to take the wind out of the aggressor US/Euro sails, but if the idea was nurtured from 'the east' would flummox the west, because the two would have to agree they're all on the same side.

Where the jewish bankers would sit in that scenario is beyond me?

However, as zionism does actually have similar of not the same long term ideological goals, based on evidence from irrefutable Economic Science, who knows what possibilities await the planet?

So, if the US/Euro/jewish bankers keep pressure up in Crimea, perhaps Putin can pull the rug out from under their tanks and missile launchers by throwing that larger, longterm [and pro-Crimea] idea onto the negotiations' table?

"Take it away VLAD!"

The move away from centrist and larger states is already happening, what with Catalonia's want to secede from Spain, Scotland's want to secede, or at least cut-out from Westminster's control, and Veneto, around Venice, etc., in northern Italy now going for secession from Italia, already calling itself it's own Republic.

Of course there's many examples around the globe. But those 3, being all in Brit-Eurape, are, purely for the geo-location, going to inspire this argument in those leading nations of Britain and the EU, for others to jump on the same train.

It's pretty clear to most of us now, that the worst corruption and it's returns percolate up to the highest echelons of centralized power. The elites, of the leading 1st world nations, and their sycophantic and demanding, blackmailing corporate boards, heads, and share holders, et al. And the religious cults.

These dominate the globe, because the structures of large centralized authority - not really 'governments' - are as they are - centrist.

So 'decentralization' surely is the best route out?

"Take it away VLAD!"

[Nice dream, aye?]

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