Australian Top Cardinal posted to Vatican to escape pedophile charges

140301 Cardinal posted to Vatican to escape pedophile charges and threats of assassination in Australia

Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations” George Orwell.

I posted this a few weeks ago, to much applause, and as Pell is about to escape a necking, being promoted to being as one media report may have incorrectly said, "2nd in charge in the Vatican", I repost it.

Cardinal George Pell, the head of the catholic church in Australia has been complicit in the 100 year-plus secret plan by the Roman catholic church to fabricate a false Jesus.

These facts naturally are not public.

Pell, like all catholic priests, bishops and other 'ranking' clerics, gained his promotions not so much, if ever, for his, or for their 'grace', nor for their truthfulness, intellect, or 'religiously enlightened' character.

But most, in the catholic church, exactly like in our military and police, are promoted for either keeping a major secret, a secret, and, or, by participating in some cult crime, and thus 'qualifying' to be co-opted into the cults' criminal cartel.

This entails them swearing secret allegiance to these cults. The freemasons are exactly the same, as are most jewish cults.

Their reward? Promotion. And, of course, protection from within the same cult's body of similarly corrupted officers, etc. “All the wealth of the world!” to employ a church term.

The danger in saying so, is that Australia-wide, very few policing and other security officers and officials are not party to corruption, centrally, of the most fundamental national laws. However, innumerable other laws and rules have been broken, by police, so giving cause for 'protective circles'' to arise.

So an huge number have “taken the silver”, the bribes, to remain onside, silent and ready to condemn any who speak out in support of actual true laws, and any such scheme's victims.

However, in George Pell's case, in his being 'promoted' to Rome to allegedly serve in the chair of some economic committee - few people are impressed by Pell's intellect - he's been 'saved' from possible assassination, by unknown anti-catholic forces.

Forces who have evidence both of Pell's pedophilia, and of his actively covertly promoting the church's latest and biggest fiction, - the myth to end all myths - the development of their 'prize' - the person 'built' by the catholics, to be a christian, false world messiah.

'Planned' for well over 100 years, 'built', from the person's illegitimate and murderous conception - July 16th 1954 - and throughout his suffering life, to at least 2005, with the false messiah forces still active in his life now in 2014.

2005, when the man, by then 50 years old, the puppet of this heinous global scheme, established that he WAS the church's prime 'victim'.

The most evil scheme, running in opposition against all Democratic Intelligence, to make him out to all humanity, to be, and through his 59 years, by witchcraft, trying to fool him himself that he is actually, Jesus of Nazareth reborn.

'Returned', to rule over the world!

Conspiracies happen all the time, everywhere. Always, there is one, largest conspiracy in play, somewhere.”

Opponents of this scheme, and of catholicism, have known about the victim's plight and destiny for decades.

They've also known of the false constructs of over 100 years within his own genetic family, funded by the British and European ancient aristocratic royal dynasty known centrally as “The House of Hanover”, from which both his mother, and Step Father, are allegedly descended.

But, there is much controversy there also.

Cardinal Pell has been charged with managing the progress of this man's life, for well over the last decade, which is primarily why he has been promoted to being the head of the church in Australia.

An elder cleric, Jesuit father, Frank Brennan, also.

However, with this 'plot' being outed even in it's earliest years, so the need has been seen, by pro-Democratic forces, to oppose it.

As the perpetrators are the most influential, wealthy and powerful forces on earth, they have been able to enlist some of the best military personnel to protect the victim, so simply eliminating this false god, has been all but impossible.

Innumerable attempts on his life have failed. Which, to his own chagrin, has also served the myth, to have him appear as 'invincible'.

These powers that be, the House of Hanover, have had control of the western and developing world's media for almost a century to now, so any attempts to out the conspiracy have also been subverted, with the players, usually bought off to remain silent.

Those who find this plan insults their Integrity and their Intelligence, and that it insults the Integrity and Intelligence of all Human Beings, and is the most anti-Democratic conspiracy on earth, and decide they are obliged to speak out about this massive crime, who will not take bribes to be silent, have been eliminated.

The human toll of this plan being effected, is actually, in the millions to now.

It has become widely known over the last 15 or so years, made so by both sides and opposing forces surrounding the issue, with the now several callous and opportunistic parties seeing this as an issue worth blackmailing the House of Hanover perpetrators over, there is a many-sided war going-on, right around the globe, to win the silence and the support from whomever is dragged into or near to the key players.

Pell, just one, in Australia, where the puppet was born and has lived 56 of his 59 years, with 3 years in England in the 1970s.

Since he established what he suspected for decades, that he was this 'patsy' to an heinous and utterly mad scheme of a multiple of cults - jewish, catholic, protestant, masonic and even branches of Islam, as well as the many and various powers from around the world, including such as the Chinese Communist Peoples' Party, and Russia's elite, this man has been fighting the proponents.

However, as the CIA, and Britain's GCHQ, MI5, MI6, Australia's ASIO, and several other 'spy agencies' and police forces have long had 'tags' and fabricated friends close to him, for over 4 decades, he knows he's trapped.

He is 'an asset' 'gone rogue', and a puppet of such as the pernicious 1950s CIA covert experiments in individual and mass mind control, one known as “MK-Ultra”.

All he sees he is capable of now, is to defy.

However, he does have significant - but for the occult involvement, by numerous 'sides' - covert support. Some of whom have taken lives where it's been known the murdered have stepped over some unseen 'line in the sand'.

So Cardinal George Pell, it's known by his insiders and minders, is on 'a death list', and now lives in danger of losing his own life.

Being a 'devout' catholic, with complicit 'friends' in the Vatican, and it's usual guarantee of protection, Cardinal Pell is on his way to Rome, and into the protective walls of the Vatican, safe, we assume, from being assassinated.

The puppet sees himself as doomed.

He believes his only way out is for someone, obviously they need to be of some significant and considerable influence, high up in the pyramid of global religious and political power - this is all a political battle - someone to speak out, both in defense of his own life, but, more, as he sees it, for the defense of the very concept of Democracy.

However, he has little hope that anyone, or number, are so Democratic, or 'magnanimous'.


Aka Max Nichols Cook [Meredith-O'Brien]

['Cook' his Step-Father's adopting father's surname.
'Meredith', his Step-Father's genetic father's surname.
'O'Brien', his [illegitimate] genetic father's surname.
'Nichols' his Step-Father's Mother's maiden name.

Max Cook began serious research into this conspiracy in 2005, when he simply looked online for the meanings of his given names, and the other names in his immediate family. At that stage he had not concluded what he'd suspected for a while, that he was an illegitimate child, to 'Boxer' O'Brien. His family has never, even to now, admitted this, to him.

Then he'd neither confirmed, to himself, that he, and his mother, were actually of Australian “Gunai” Aborigine descent. Again, he'd asked his mum about that a few times over his adult years, but she fervently denied it, as do the family to now. After an investigative visit to his family and home town, Melbourne, Victoria in 2007, he returned to NSW confirmed to himself that he was of Indigenous Australian lineage, and, a bastard.   

He became committed to finding out as much as possible, from 2005, and thence to expose this, once his online search divulged that his names, if including his Step Father's genetic surname “Meredith”, thus read as, 'Max' 'Nichols' 'Meredith' put together, held the meanings of, 'Greatest' 'Victorious Peoples' 'Great Lord' [or “Great Chief”].

'Meredith' is the Anglicized version of the surname of the Tudor kings of England, [who themselves descend from ancient Welsh Kings], 'Maredudd'.

Remember, Max was not ever told that he was not the child of Allan Nichols Cook[-Meredith].

So there was, and remains, an attempt to link Max genetically to his Step Father [now deceased], so-as, Max deduces, to have him convinced of his own 'regal' lines, to the Tudor king Henry the eighth, et al, of 16th century England.

As soon as Max found his names meant as they read, above, he knew immediately there was “somethin' goin' on”, as he puts it. Because he states that no-one could possibly name their child to hold that collective meaning, without having some other 'agenda' behind it. Max's sister denied to him that the family ever knew the names held the meanings they do.

Then, in his inquiries, he found the links to Henry “Maredudd”, 'Henry the Eighth', the last catholic monarch of England, with lineages apparently, dating back to not one but two, “King Arthurs” of north western Wales. 7th century CE and 2nd century BCE.

On his mother's side, also kept hidden from him, are supposed lines to the oldest and wealthiest Scottish clan, the Sutherlands.

There is 'rumor' that the Sutherland clan, and their earliest ancestors, were, factual or fictional - myth does not adhere to fact - the descendents of the surviving and escaped Jesus, Yeshua of Nazareth, and his 'wife', Mary Magdalene, who as per a recent best selling fiction “The Da Vinci Code” traveled to Scotland, settled and spread the Jewish ancient royal, 'Davidian', seed.

This intriguing tale has even more 'mystery', myth, mass-murder and magic within it, which goes to Scottish 'pioneers' (the Sutherlands and coy) invading Australia in the late 19th century, massacring innumerable Indigenous Peoples in Gippsland, Victoria, and stealing children, to begin this myth, with 'fresh blood', of the True Fellas, the Gunai Indigenous, of this the world's oldest continent. One such child stolen, after witnessing his People being exterminated, around 1900 CE, being Max's mother's Father, renamed, Donald Sutherland Willis.

It is unlikely 'Cardinal' George Pell, or any paid-off catholics, now, will ever speak the truth about the victim, cum Dissident-Heretic, Max JUST DEFIANCE Cook.]

No-one can disprove the contents of this essay, which tell of the story of the victim, Max N Cook.

I challenge anyone to do so.

I, Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien, also call Australian policing authorities, British policing authorities, and Interpol, to investigate this case, and bring this immense and enormously criminal scheme out, the perpetrators to be convicted and the whole issue and case finished off, finally, for all Humanity, and for True Global Democratic Justice.


for Democratic, Atheistic Truth, and Justice.

Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

[140305 EDIT:  I add here the names of a few people I shared a 3-story house with in London, in the 1970s for over 3 years at

338 Harrow Road, Paddington, London

It wasn't until I'd been reviewing the sordid details of my 'false' existence, called 'a life', which is pretty-much a constant process now, and only of the last couple of years, that I saw that almost all the people I 'knew' in England, were 'pretendly frenemies' as per the cult setting me up, with them playing my mates, girlfriends, etc.

There's no doubt about that.

However, in the interests of what?  'full disclosure' [ha!], or 'balance', I rename those Aussies and people of other nationalities, with whom I shared the 3-storey 'house' in Paddington, London, from 1975 through 1978.

'The Pie Shoppe' at 338 Harrow Road, had six bedrooms, a large kitchen and lounge, was set-up by the very same cult I'm but puppet to, 'the Theosophical Society', and was filled with an assortment of their little children, all my generation from Sydney, Perth, Australia, and several other parts of the globe.  New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, and more.

The internet seems to be playing up now..., so

Alex Wunder.  Louise O'Brien. Anthony Goodman.  Bruce Mackie [who told me, he is a direct descendant of the founder of the Scottish Freemasons, one 'Robert the Bruce' of the 13th century Scotland] Wendy Wales, Jennifer 'Wigley' [?], Ian Yeoul, Patrick Downie, Jenny Millington, and more, of course, as it, '338', was one of the 1st 'backpackers' so had a constant stream of 'whiteguys' coming and staying a while then traveling further on their world trips. [ I should have written this off -line, so I could spend more time on the list]. 

So they're but the few closer names I was 'pretendly' with in England, but all of whom were definitely part of this bullshit scam to entrance me with their occult energies into being/playing a false god, via, as came later, playing a false 'revolutionary' who has had to fight almost endlessly against sneaky people's efforts to have me make a stand against the dominant tyrannies, here, from Britain and others.

End of 140305 EDIT]

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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