My Guardian Comment to ex-Australian right wing PM Malcolm Fraser Article

140304 My Guardian Comment to M Fraser Article

Good points Mr Fraser!

Glad someone can still think clearly!

Larger objectives, crazy ones included, by superpowers, thus by absolutely-corrupted superpowers, rarely make it to mass media.

Time someone, some True Statesmen, and Women, had a serious chat, about those, your points.

Clearly, today's 'foreign ministers' of the western alliance, are frighteningly under-educated in these larger realities, and even in how to think, from the highest, Impartial level, and their ego is leading them, thus, us, into a deep pit/ditch/abyss.

It's almost as if, some 'other' forces are at play, driving them on, to making really very very foolish decisions.

Plans laid decades ago, cannot possibly be of any currency in this massively quickly changing and moving period.

MORE..., me...;

I reckon the 'extremists now, are the west. Eurape, Britain and the US.

Eurape and Britain ride their arrogance everywhere, merely as if they are the 'born to be superior and rule forever' correct ones on earth. ['Whiteguys? SHEEESH!]

And, in all of this, everyone should keep at front of mind, that when we refer to 'Britain, Europe, Russia, China, all majors, and most lessers', we generally refer to, quite wrongly, though true, the elite, so far up them..... it's the '1%', and damn the 99%.

But, the US, military and/or admin, ideological and psychopathic, as 'absolute power' makes us, might well have an agenda, far more far sighted than you me or the most of the western 'foreign' egomaniacs- ER - 'ministers'..., can see, let alone contemplate wisely, and deduce sound paths forward from.

The forces active in the US, Pentagon, and admin, etc., [corporations not to be ignored, whether they should be or not], egged forward by 'the lords of sick' Brit-Euros [the ultimate beneficiaries of the corporate world - aka monarchism in money], are running at the speed of today's economics - too fast - and have [built and] jumped on a carousel spinning out of control.

So, they push push push their ways and agendas through all diplomacy, all [not necessarily 'better' in this epoch of change] more tempered, 'gentler' [more - Br-itish, ol' chum!] trying to fastrack their successes of an ideal democratic planet.

They want, by any means to shatter the bullshit Brit-Euro colonialist monarchic empires forever, and, as we're all wasted, culturally and in terms of the planet's overall health, they go hard hoping for the final goal before the final bell.

'Winning' is not so much their hope/dream/delusion at this late stage. Most serious, and well informed high-ups in places like the US admin and the Pentagon hate fucking HATE the monarchic ponses of the 'old world', and as the world's on the brink, they reckon fuck 'em, lets go for it, and either way, it'll be tough, broken and totalitarian, or heavily militarist from now on, but it'll still be better than those pri-ggs, riding us all into hell.

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