Yeah, I'm in a coma

141214 - Yeah, I'm in a coma

Yeah, I'm in a coma.

For either the last 28 years, since a bad motorbike accident, or longer since I was 16, in 1971.

But who knows? I don't. It's all guesswork.

I DO know, though, that I've been a puppet of the world's most “questionable” cult, the Theosophical Society, which stands somewhere within and above the Freemasons and the catholic church, since I was illegitimately conceived – July 16th 1954!

So that, has the most influence on my state of mind, and what may reasonably be classified as “being in a coma”.

So, Yeah, I'm in a coma, since 1954! VERY depressing!

“People” at least what or who I “see”, hear and feel are Humans, have tried since before I was in England [1975-to-1978], to “wake me up” from this delusion, all obv.., without success.
- - - - - - - - - - -
Had a dream last night, with usual lots of stuff going on, but with a pseudo-mum, a woman who looked and talked like her, younger, but had differences, telling me that she, mum, wasn't my genetic mother, and, as I, in this comatosed state had figured out back in 2007, confirming my decades-long suspicions, Dad, isn't my genetic Father either.

Our chat was brief in the dream, and she held back from actually saying the lie I've been central to, yet kept untold of, from birth, from conception, about me being a king. Rather, she led the chat to have me say it.


But only of the last few years has the thought that I AM in some altered, unreal, comatosed or “dream” state come to mind with any regularity.
- - - - - - - - - - -
The whole scenario gets way too out of hand, way too big to be able to lucidly describe, what-with the several factors involved, and playing some weird part/s in this thing that I am, apparently.

A few months ago, on Google PLUS Conversations, where I've established a dubious name for myself, some have tried show their willingness to support my supposed DEFIANCE against any and all tyranny, or corruption, or perversion etc.

After much learning on those G+ pages, about where the worst and largest global tyranny has it's roots – jews and zionism in a few words – one Champion posted the relevant chapter out of the infamous tome “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, written in the 19th century [which was immediately ridiculed – by the cult which scribed it, for cunningly pernicious reasons]. The chapter which describes how they planned to fabricate their own theocratic world leader, ruler, king, “god” even.

That chapter basically described what has been going on in my life, for at least the last 30 years. Where everything I try has been subverted, undermined, stolen or, messed with to fail. Everyone I've had anything social or commercial to do with, has lied to me, constantly. Yes, I know, it sounds like paranoia.

But it ain't.

For no mysterious reason, I didn't take a copy of that G+ post, and my only comment to it, was “FAAAAARKK!??” or similar.

I wish I had copied it, to refer to and reprint in this essay.

It all adds up, whether I'm in a coma or not.

But, in line with those outright evil plans of the protocols, and my being so deep in a state of mental manipulation, I've long ago given up appealing to anyone, for reasonable useful help.
- - - - - - - - - - -
I was told about 14 years ago, I should read that tome, but as usual, being a terribly debilitated and slow reader, I didn't or couldn't take notice and find it. “Debilitated” for being a puppet of the same cult, and worse, a combination of the world's most powerful cults – catholicism, freemasonry, and their jewish reformation of “zionism”.

So “mind control” is behind so much, if not all of what they do.

The USA's Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, began and worked fanatically-on the same thing, since the 1950s, one of which is known as “MK-Ultra”.

The same Dude who suggested I read the protocols, a mormon minister, turned Rogue, informed me that the CIA is mainly staffed by mormons and freemasons.

My mum's Father, one Donald Sutherland Willis, I've also found of the last 8 or so years, is from Australian Indigenous stock, and witnessed along with some 20 or so “siblings” the “pioneering” Scottish Brigade invader forces exterminate his Nation' People in his Country, Gunai/Gurnai/Kurnai Territory in south-eastern Victoria, Australia.

The Sutherlands were part of that genocidal brigade it seems, and he along with all the very youngest, were taken and forced to forget their Tribes, and ways, and be subsumed into the white, invader's culture.

Mum, was stolen when she was 11 years old from his care, and locked in a catholic convent for 5 or 6 years, then, completely “conditioned”, or “programmed” and released back into the world and to go about her part in a “world's most sinister plan” - to build a false christian messiah.

But, the Sutherlands, are one of the oldest and still most wealthy Scottish clans. And the 1st Earl of Sutherland fought beside Robert the Bruce in the 12th or 13th century, defending Scotland from the invading land-grabbing Roman catholics.

Robert the Bruce led in forming the Freemasons, and that Earl was in there too.

So the name Sutherland, in my Grand-Father's, allegedly gives mum's side, and thus me and my siblings, a link to one of the most powerful clans of the freemasons.

Am I appearing to be “ranting”? As I wrote above...;

“The whole scenario gets way too out of hand, way too big to be able to lucidly describe, what-with the several factors involved...”

This, the last few paragraphs, shows where this is liable to lead, and the enormity of what is alleged here.

So, that family link to the most influential of the freemasons, makes sound cause to introduce again, the CIA's mind control programs, “MK-Ultra” and another I saw something about recently, again, on Google Plus Conversations, project “Monarch”.

I suspect, the link to myself, is as much, if not totally, with the second program, “Monarch”. But I haven't seen nor researched any more on that one, yet. Besides, even just saying so, attracts masses of derision from paid trolls of masonry, catholicism, judaism and anyone who wants to be paid to put me down.

Shit aye! Thanks, mum!

However, all this breaches all reasonable realms of thinking, of deduction, of existence, thus of course, of reality. Especially if addressed, written of, inquired into, deduced and conclusions drawn, from this, my “comatosed” status, situation, condition.

Although I'd say it's a fair thing to classify my mental status as “a coma”, when I'm most likely to have been in the cults “trance” since “life” first sparked in my fetal body.

Can one possibly think with accuracy, correctly using the mental faculties and processes, to research for evidence, deduce facts, in or outside of this coma, and arrive at correct conclusions, on anything at all, let alone getting to the bottom of this “fantasy” I appear to be caught in, in a coma , or, WTF, when or if, I wake UP?

This really is the stuff madness is made of.

The try at finding any concrete answers, in my situation, with everyone eager to deceive me, [other than the anonymous members of G+ pages, my “Wannabe-Sympathizers” online], is really fucking mind-bending, and for it all, what with the family and all passed and present associates in complete secrecy and denial about these now blatant facts, I'm stretched to the “outer limits” of my sanity.

Having no-one able or willing to have an honest discussion with me about it, makes it terribly “all in my own mind” stuff, and thus, to make even a peep about it, attracts what I regard as a pernicious and cowardly mocking from whomever hears my pleas for help or enlightenment.

So, being in a coma, may be one way of describing it?

Of course, the hollywood sensation movie “The Matrix”, broke new ground when it went to some similar arena about mind control, and that a sordid, covert sinister cult, or set of them, had cracked into the underlying occult fabric of “life” on earth, in the world and in the mind, as we perceive it all, and were advanced in playing with peoples' minds, setting-up false environments in their mental fabrics, such that now, with, as referred to above, the CIA's advanced work on mind control, and on mass mind control, whole sections of the species were blindly conditioned to be occult slaves to one or another occult cabal, believing they were living in one type of environment or another, all fabricated by the asshole cults, in the minds of millions and millions of mental dupes, slaves, puppets.

And, I take it, innumerable “ghosts” or apparitions to whomever is conditioned to perceive them, which do not - outside of a victim's mind - even actually exist!

And, I'm I this “coma”, and deduce these elements?

Yet, being in a coma, for at least 28 years, NONE of these elements that I've perceived, including that Matrix film, nor any of the other shit I've taken in, and added to this sssstraaaannge scenario of little me the zionist global king, is from a place not manipulated, maintained or imagined by whomever controls my own thinking processes?

Tell me THAT is not enough to send a bloke nuts?

These, all added together, are why I find no option but to DEFY.
- - - - - - - - - - -
For years, since deducing something as to my alleged fortune, of being a super king, it's been as much a part to figure the credibility or not, of any such personage.

And, I deduce, the concept of monarchy is little more than a product of millennia of really off The Golden Path thinking. Aka – judaism, and all that has sprung from their ancient and errant ways.

That the players have chosen to take the methods they have, regards forcing me to think how they want, and in that as well, to believe I am god, or worse - Jesus back from the tomb - etc, adds to my inability to give any of this, and their games, ideals, intentions, any respect, credibility as worthy of believing, following or in any way adhering to and abiding by.

Hence..; “JUST DEFIANCE!” Now, my much preferred name!
- - - - - - - - - - -
So, were I to “wake up” from this coma, what would await me?

Masses of pretendlies rushing to my side to bolster this fabricated myth about me being superdude numma 1.

Every “spy” would be rushing to “help” program me to come up to speed about the world they're believing exists, and why and how I can save and or, then, lead, the world.

With the deceitfulness of all parties behind this, and that they believe what I deduce as an evil fallacy, the central monarchic figurehead of the whole planet, I do not believe I can EVER trust any of them again, especially when I KNOW they approach me with their own occult powers pumping, trying to further still, manipulate my thinking to seeing it their ways, as if their ways are the actual uncorrupted truth, so
“drinking from the poisoned chalice”, and, or, “jumping out of the frying-pan and straight into the fire”, seem apt descriptions of my plight, from now into the hereafter?

On top of those deductions as to any “adviser's” correctness of thought, is the whole crazy delusion, the idea that one person is supreme and who knows the truth, whom these necessarily therefore, lesser minds, lesser intellects hope will have the knowledge they lack, to work miracles and make it all betta!

So, if they are not as intelligent, how the fuck can they know they're correct??? They clearly are under instructions from the cabals above them. So, the cabals can only be regarded as sinister in their intentions, for me, and thus for the world I would be posited atop of, to “rule”.

Added to that, is the likelihood that any role, as the planet's first global king, being itself totally false, would be horribly “ceremonial” for me, and but a front so the dirty filthy slimy jews and zionist upclubsters could continue to go about their dirty filthy corrupt unethical ways, on their path to fucking the planet and all life on Her.
- - - - - - - - - - -
Probably most people, today, most people being now brutal greedy avaricious, insatiable idiot narcissists, more than we know bordering on insanity, would jump at any such fantastic “offer” [of, “all the wealth of the world!”] and would readily discard all morals, ethics, principles and related personal traits of Integrity, Honor, Intelligence, for that supremely egocentric and elevated lifestyle.

Not that any large number of people today, in the west at least, have those traits at the fore of how the live.

And so, another reason why most I come across are ready to shit on me for my having a want to maintain my own Integrity, and not be so turned into a false, an evil cowardly, anti-intelligent puppet of mammon, of the most evil materialistic lifestyle. Even while also being the richest dude on earth! EVER!

And so, another reason for me to DEFY! all these tries at helping me to wake up.

Finally [phew!] I do agree I would be better to “wake up” out of this dream state or coma or whatever THEY have induced me into.

But, if that IS possible, as I regard my mental condition as so badly damaged that it may be impossible, as well as the process being constantly corrupted by fuckwits aplenty, who for any number of reasons do not want me to wake up, I suspect I might be a bit short on tolerance, and would want to have NOTHING to do with any of the idiots.

In fact, strongly-suspecting the cults would still have their greasy fingers in my thinking/perceiving processes, with one side wanting “Jesus”, another wanting “Merlin”, another wanting “Lucifer”, and any number of other cults, small and large, wanting me to be their demon leader, or such, finding my own core, my own root belief, independent of all of them, is more likely to invoke such a demon NONE of them would want to be in the same universe with?

In fact, for the gross stupidity I've perceived from all of them, but a very few, I do in fact want to be that Demon.

Remembering of course, that one person's “god” is another person's “demon”. And vice-a-versa!

As the song goes,

“Be careful what you wish for!”

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


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