Life. Death. Moving on. The last e-ssay I posted to this blog says I am shutting down this blogpage.

But alas! Events cause me to post at least this one more item.

My sister texted me on Thursday with the notice that Dad had passed away. I paused, and let emotions rise at their own pace. I drove from my bush retreat to the sheds in Gympie, and carried-on work on my ute hut.

But by 3pm, it was hitting me, and so I realised, no doubt with some prompting from the ether, that I should employ the writing talents Dad had such a primary and inspiring role in developing in me, so packed-down, drove back to the bush, buying beer and vodka on the way, and scribed the following Obituary to My Father.

I sent a copy to the Melbourne newspaper, The Age, but, expect it won't be published, for a few reasons. One it's typically too long, 2, it's full of superlatives, none however, that I regard as going too far, and 3, having texted my sister that I'd written it, and sent a copy to The Age, then sending her a copy, I have every expectation that the couple of truths in the Obituary, forever denied by the family, about my being Dad's step-son, will have her call The Age and slime them into not publishing it, probably by saying I'm deluded or such.

So be it. So, for the record, here it is on the web, not that any number read my blog, cursed by witches gutless as it is.

120816 Obituary To A Great Warrior - ALLAN NICHOLS COOK-MEREDITH
20th March 1921 - 16th August 2012

It's always been for others to write obituaries.

Today, it's my turn.

Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith, my Most Honorable Step-Father, passed over this morning at 4.00am, “very peacefully” it's said, in the Doncaster hospice He recently chose to see out His last days in.

After 91 years, He is on His way, up and forever to His Blissful Heaven.

And, while it is right and natural to grieve, and to weep tears, it is so, that this kind of Man, is now Free, of the torments, deprivations and suffering of the physical, human, earthly life.

So it is more important that we, who mourn, remember Him, Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith, for the Joy He selflessly gave us, and that He has become freed at last from woe, and is allowed, unfettered, to Enjoy The Bliss we all want, and go to extraordinary lengths to usually fruitlessly find. He, has Bliss now. as He so Deserves.

Born Allan Nichols Meredith, to Clarence Meredith and Adelaide Nichols on 20th March 1921, and after a rail accident in around 1924, which left his Father Clarence Meredith less a leg, Allan was adopted by His Virtuous Mother's loving husband to be, the Wise and Caring, Walter Cook, when she remarried to Walter.

He spent time in England with his Mother prior to their settling back in Western Australia with his Step-Father, where as a youth, Allan attended Perth Modern school. Even then, His teachers noted His above average Intellect and Talents.

Before He was 20 years old He enlisted with the Australian Infantry Forces, and served in the Middle East, during the 2nd world war, and Greece, then also served reputably back in Australia as a weapons instructor and other military skills, joining the newly created 1st Australian Parachute Troop, Australia's first paramilitary unit, in which He rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant 2nd Class, (Sergeant Major) Royal Australian Engineers.

He met His wife to be, Adrienne Helen Willis, while still in service, back in Australia, and courted her by, among His many other talents, taking her riding on His Ariel Red Hunter 500cc motorcycle.

They shared productive lives together and brought three children into the world, Wendy Dianne, Donald Walter, and myself, Max Nichols.

A stern Man, He was also the most Honest Person I have ever known, and with that exuded a Nobility suited perfectly to His names, “Allan” which means “Noble”, “Nichols”, his mother's maiden name, which means “Victorious Peoples” and Meredith, which means “Great Lord”. “Meredith”, the same, as the Tudor Kings of ancient Wales and mid-2nd millennium England.

Allan Meredith was also more Intelligent than most would be able to discern, simply because He was as well, entirely Humble.

However, He was never one to retreat from a fight, when He saw injustice or untruths playing out.

As a consequence, nary a day passed through His whole 91 years, when He was not at odds with the tyranny of the day, of the times, and of the dominant cults of our nation and world.

This often left Him with few friends, but those who knew and truly understood Him, remained His Comrades til the last.

The medals and awards given Him by the military, run far short of the Honours He Truly Deserves, for His unending opposition to ignorance and tyranny.

Indeed, to myself at least, He, Allan Nichols Meredith, was our, Australia's Greatest, Most Noble, Most Virtuous Outlaw.

He taught me Dignity, Honesty, Honor, Courage and a plethora of other Qualities hard to find today, in any nation or people.

He also taught me all the primary ingredients I know, prize and cherish in critical thinking, REALpolitik discernment, and seeking after one's own Intelligence, 1st and foremost.

When I'd bother Him with pesky questions, His response was most often, “THINK MAN, THINK!”

I followed that advice and am never alone for it's benefits.

He also taught me the essentials of writing, both with the hand, and with the mind.

And, He also taught me how to really ride motorcycles.

But as well, He guided me with Wisdom and Kindness for the portending torrents of unknowns and frightening scenarios I was yet to face and do battle with, and prepared me for a violent and debauched world, instilling the Vital Virtues in me like no other could.

After a long, Noble and Most Honorable Life, fighting the wars few are able, nor Brave enough to engage in, nor Meritorious enough to Stand True amongst 'til their last breath, as He did, Allan Nichols Meredith Rests In Eternal Peace, and will be Remembered, and will be Remembered, and will be Remembered, for more generations to come, than any other.

I, could never be, indeed, no-one could ever be, The Great Man He was, 'though those who knew Him, know, but for His Righteous Humility, He could Himself have been so much more.

Thank You Dad, for everything You gave!

All Praise Him, Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith.

My, indeed our, Most Noble Father.

See ya' on the other side Dad!

Your Son, lesser, Your Step-Son,

Max Nichols Cook-Meredith-O'Brien

All Praise The Great Warrior
Allan Nichols Meredith!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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