Finding The Kernel Of The True Human Condition

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I haven't re-read this yet, in any differing day or state of mind, so I ask to be excused if it's really off the wall, if not off the universe's canvas, as-it-were.  But hyuk!  it felt good as it wuz pouring out my brwaiyn, wayne!

What is the True condition of the being we call “Human”?

Coming to realise that this life I'm in is in fact a dream, an illusion, subject to manipulation from beyond my own “soul”, I'm brought to ask as I'm want to, in my sojourn through the existence, “what is my true condition?”

This inspires radical thoughts, such as, “is this body, or any body of what is perceived as a living being, human or otherwise, the underlying entity's core?”

Occultists see further than I can, and with practice can make the physical elements void, invisible, yet retain the mind, the thoughts and will, as well as turn their appearance and the appearances of other beings and of other material objects, into other shapes. They can also leave their body and enter into the bodies and minds of other “beings” birds, insects, and of course, other humans, while those others are not protected from such intrusions.

The consciousness is transferable, and, by innumerable accounts of adepts, lives-on, through endless lives and lifetimes.

Also, it can be duplicated, to become more than the one person, one being, one human life. In my limited knowledge, I seem to recall hearing that this has more specific dangers, such as that the Intellect can fail to carry-over to a 2nd or 3rd body, leaving them vulnerable and as often, stupid, zombie-like.

Whatever.., the search here is to see if we are primarily physical beings, in this apparently, anthropocentricly superior, physical form, or whether we are indeed something more subtle, less solid.

That we, but most often others in the human form have created magnificent things, might convince some that we are at the pinnacle of life's developed beings, today's hi-technology and it's sub-products, but surely the Intellectual and Philosophical Heights some have attained-to, the prime examples perhaps, our alleged ability to create unified social systems and communities another, although we should not regard ourselves as higher than other physical entities in that regard, for the “Animal Kingdom” is replete with highly organised, and longer lasting species.

Then there have to be included, the inevitable intelligent life forms we do not know about, or are not told about by those who know.

Alien life, may well have evolved superior physical forms, in abilities and in appearances.

Indeed, it is hubris and anthropocentric arrogance in the extreme to presume we humans are at the pinnacle.

Whatever.... But is the physical form, human shaped, or any other, terrestrial or extraterrestrial, the peak of life's productions and so, potentials?

Seen from the highest point of view, it has to be assumed, if not known, that we are but a lower end player in the developed intellect, or will, or conception of all possible wills, intellects and conceptions.

Although other than such a position being the more honorable, for it's humility, that may be leaving one open to failure, or to complexes that debilitate both the search, and the process and/or destiny of our climbing to the greatest possible, though always the greatest, most realistic heights?

If..., there is such a reality in the world of forms?

Is reality beyond the world of forms, beyond the imagination of forms?

The Wise, from a School I was privileged to attend, tutor the students to accept that the only reality is the Absolute, which inhabits all things and beings, but of itself is not of any “form” as we can best conceive/perceive “form” to be.

Therefore, the inference is that there is no reality in “form”.


However..., in this “dream” I am seduced to believe I am living within, or through, there do appear to be “forms” innumerable.

From my 2-eyed limits, forms are all gross, tangible, touchable, eatable, burnable, drinkable, manipulable, or not.

And in most, there is this thing called “life”, an intangible essence, spirit, which propels active beings from A-to-B, and beyond.

So, what is between this gross physical form, and the subtle, Spirit?

Spirit, it may be, manifests as “energy”, and can remain invisible, yet power things along, up, down, across, and as heat, and as magnetic, and we have managed to control it and change it to suit our physical needs and wants, as well as our mental desires. Thus, electricity, ballistics, nucleonics, gravity.

Planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies arise from combinations of these various forms of energy, being for one reason or innumerable, attracted to each other, or to a nucleus, a nucleus which has some element, all attracted to it find compatible, or “attractive” of course, and to find some balance, in which they can maintain some harmonious existence, for billions of earth's years, and for longer, no doubt.

Underneath everything our telescopes, visual, infrared, ultraviolet and whatever other, can detect, and quantify, is a sympathetic commonality bringing the trillions of stars and planets and myriad other gross forms into being and together.

So, I postulate, it is with the “Human” form. With the Human Being.

I firstly make clear that this cannot possibly be the first explanation of such an hypothesis. Indeed, nothing I have ever thought and written, designed and drawn, or dreamed, has ever been “mine” to claim as “an Omaxa Original”.

Of a certainty, all I put, is but a similar collection of accumulated concepts, thoughts, imaginings, things I've heard from the higher, invisible, more subtle realms of the 4th, 5th and higher dimensions, exactly like amassed physical forms, be they planets, and all their combinations of minerals, chemicals, nuclei, etc. All, it may be, different kinds of energy. And, I guess, if any of it has any reality, outside of my mentations, from the things and sensations and deductions I have from the senses and the processes of thought, question, observation, and conclusion from this apparent physical world.

So, this perhaps leads me into the concept that we, or at least I, am not really this physical form, but am, in behind the limits of my 3 dimensional perceptions, a collection of attracted energies, of sympathetic forces, which, having been drawn together possibly over thousands, millions, of earth years, manifest as this one strange being?

Perhaps billions, since the theoretical “big bang”?

Or, perhaps I'm just some occultist's recent creation, pulled together by their will from the resources making up the usual skin, flesh, fat, bone and excrement, and the components making up “mind”?

That I have been led to believe that this physical mongrel is “Max”, may be perceived as an horrible crime, if there is more, more subtle forces making me up?

Obviously, occultists can see, can hear, can feel, can in their ways, sense the, or some of the other energies making me up, but I'd say not all of them, can be conscious of all of my foundations.

Same-same with all of us, surely?

Clearly, the basis of this being, which I am supposed to make-up, is myth.

Heinous fabrications designed by those who claim to be my dynastic families, to fool more people into believing some superior thing about myself, more than ever before, have enormous influence upon how I think and act.

This very construct, this e-ssay, all I've ever written and thought, are but constructs of other minds with a serious agenda, of making a myth into a reality.

But HA!? What is this “reality” thing?

About my little little self, if only the Intangible Absolute, what most can only think of as “god”, is Real, then I, as myth has made me, cannot possibly be as well.

And sorry to say, neither can any of you!

Unless, of course, we go full tilt at penetrating this outer shield known as the person, the body, the mind, the soul even, and discard all “things” we are taught or induced to claim as “self”, and as “ours” and as “us”, and tangible aspects and parts of the being, and, if fortune is ours, to enter that Intangible, Invisible, Imperceptible No Thing, we call Spirit???

But, what then of our human names? Of our Human form? Of this Earth we sit, stand, lie on?

Do they actually exist??? And..., Do they actually exist as distinct entities??? Are we, as humans, and as individual people, actually distinct from the gross soils and waters and gases of this thing we know as the planet earth???

Or, are they, is it all, imagined, or dreamed, or thought of, as “solid”, as “real”, as “tangible”, but is in reality not solid, real, tangible???

What then, of all these words? Of all the terms we use to label us, this, that, the other?

Do they, actually exist?

If they are not the Eternal Reality, then they cannot!

Unless..? The Absolute is in some macabre way, merely playing with itself, and producing these multifarious little concepts, of galaxies, stars, planets, beings and energies?

Soooooo.....? If that Eternal Spirit, of the Absolute, is extant and fundamental to each and all of us, and if, with the right Disciplines and Practices, we can dig underneath the exterior we regard as “us”, me, myself, I, to arrive in beyond all of the physical and mental forms at the core of our being, is it not possible for us to also “play with ourselves” and produce things, thoughts, forms other than those we know of?

Can we not then, or perhaps short of going all the way within, to the Highest Absolute formlessness, either or both, make ourselves or other things and beings, or new forms and ideations altogether?

At a guess, I'd say “yes, we can.”

But before leaping to try, is it of use to consider any dangers?

In our limited human condition, can we know all we need to, before venturing so?

Do we know all we should about the larger and I assert, extremely delicately balanced Cosmos? Enough to play God and create new concepts, forms, living beings, without any negative effects?

To create anything, does it, can it come from nothing?

Not”, I would speculate.

So, this infers that to create anything, we must procure the material from elsewhere, from something else.

What effect, most importantly, does our taking have on the delicate, greater and smaller balance of that/those other thing/things? And/or, of the other forms around it, which, cannot not be reliant upon it's inclusion in their sphere of existence?

Or, and perhaps this is the vital ingredient employed by the Masters, when creating new things, beings, life?

Is there a method, a system, an avenue through which we can properly procure the materials necessary, assuming first and foremost that what it is we are trying to produce, is Meritorious?

Do entities of some, of any body, be-it of one kind, of one element, or of combinations, act like selfish misers and not give things away? Is this a totally self-serving universe, in which all forces and intelligent entities are greedy and possessive, refusing to “give”, when a Meritorious, Honorable call is made for procurement of some thing or energy or element?

Perhaps so? No doubt there exists possessive life forms, who, which do not surrender what they possess without a fight. And if such a fight happens, what dangers are brought to be, by it? Does all fighting cause degradation?

No..., it cannot be.

Nevertheless..., that I sit here writing this, asking these qvvestions.., presupposes my existence, and the possibilities of what I write about, ask qvvestions about, and thus, that answers exist.

Of course. But that positive, affirming answers exist, confirming that my postulations are correct, and are possible.

That there is more, much much more underneath this gross physical exterior, and that I am but, getting closer to the Reality, a collection of sympathetic, attracted energies, forces, which in themselves are of one or other form, and which combine from microscopic and cellular levels, to the “macro” of this body/mind combo to be “me”!

But.... “Why?”

Is it all chance, or purpose??

It may be said that to ask that question, is to be taking from wherever the answer lies?

Therefore, have I the right, to ask?

To take?

Surely, with my severe limits of knowledge, it is presumptuous to even ask, let alone to presume to have a right to ask, to take?

Therefore, it may be that I am right to wait for the answer to be offered up, to be given, by whatever, by whomever knows and knows it is free to give, and who knows that it is given without detrimental impact upon the source of the answer, or upon the fields surrounding that answer's source?

Seek and you will find! Ask, and you will be given.”

Can't argue with that!

Oh yes I can!!!

And what self control should be enabled, before I try to argue?

Seeking, does not imply receiving the answer most affirming of the development of the question.

The answer is more than likely to be the right answer, according to the breadth of understanding I have, or not, of the situation which gives rise to the question.

Whatever limits there are in my knowledge, the answer will come suited to how much I can understand it.

No more, no less.

But it cannot be whichever answer my yearning wants. Unless I am ready for it.

And, it may be that if I am ready, there would be no question in the 1st place???

For being ready, might imply already knowing the answer???

The answer to “Why?” cannot be found unless it is ready to be freely given.

And that, demands also, and at once, that I be ready to receive the answer.

However, would, or should, any fitness to receive, or readiness of the supplier to give, be based upon any known or unknown reality?

Reality, from the advanced, intelligent human level, being sound, evidence-based fact, or facts. Can we call it Truth? Lets.

Or is myth enough to justify the exchange?

If the myth has untruths within it, constructed lies, one, there is inherent in it, an insult to whatever, whomever is being asked to give, and two, there is an insult inherent in it against the receiver. Especially if either are not aware of the lies!

But given that both might be aware of the untruths, of the fictions, of the lies, the insults, can they, and can the delicate balance of the influenced cosmic energies, forces and entities be neutralised, be unaffected, be kept balanced, to fulfil a larger purpose?

What, though, is larger than the Absolute, in purpose?

And who are we, to presume that what we are induced, or seduced, to believe, and ask, has any merit, or has merit enough to ask something from the Absolute?

For, what I regard as Perennial Wisdom of the Eastern schools of thought, our chief concern is to re-unite ourselves with the Absolute.

That, I believe, is our primary purpose.

Does therefore, my asking, with lies, for an answer to a comparatively minuscule qvvestion, “Why, do I exist?” aid or insult?

Add or diminish myself, my quest, my existence, my “purpose”, or those of whatever, whomever, is Greater than myself? And or, those of any or all others?

Clearly, I've climbed the mountain of questions and strayed from the point!

Is my Essence Human in the corporeal form, or am I but a construct, or a uniting, a unifying of merely local, coincidental force fields, energies, thoughts, imaginings, beliefs or myths?

Being quite confirmed that what I perceive in the, this physical world, body, thoughts, sights and sounds, material things and other beings, etc., are all dreamlike substances, and subject to change by mere thought, or by the powers of the mind, mine or others, and yet something within this bag of shit observes it all, possibly implying some sort of existence, added to the facts, as best discerned, that I have been deceived lifelong as to the mass of untrue myths behind the horrible experiences I've endured, and that a cult of fools has tried to push me unknowing into playing a false role, merely to satisfy their idiotic desires, I'm left with an ambiguous conclusion.

One side of the answer is that yes, I have been constructed for a purpose.

But that purpose has arisen out of ignorance, and out of conceit, and out of an arrogance and criminal disregard for the freedom of mind and body of the masses, by the cult members, and the purpose is not just false, or one which seeks to deceive masses of others that I am someone I am not, but it is evil.

Because as best as I can discern, it has been contrived to defraud the masses of their own, inherent Sovereign abilities and right to think, so the conspirators can retain the power over the masses they have amassed over the passed couple of thousand years.

So, whether or not I exist for a purpose, that purpose is false and evil, therefore must be rejected, or fought against by myself.

The other side of the answer is “NO!” Because if the purpose is evil then it cannot be called a purpose. Redefining it's meaning a bit, I know.

So, I do not exist for a purpose, but am the construct of a group of lost, selfish, deluded desperate, coincidental associates, trying to make or take something out of nothing, if untruths are more nothing than truths.

And, their taking from the Absolute, for their own untrue profit, upsets the balance more than anything. Because Balance depends upon Law, and Law depends upon Truth, which is the absolute.

So if they try to assert an untruth over the Law, they insult the Absolute.

And that cannot possibly have nor bring any Good outcome.

Unless....? The outcome is that they, the cultists, are brought to account and are tried and convicted of committing a major, major, major crime, and therefore are required to pay for what they have tried to procure for nothing, from nothing?

Thieves never prosper. Well....., they do actually, but one day.....! What goes around, comes around. You get what you give. Thus what you take, without it being freely given, will be taken from you, and I'd guess a hazard and say … WITH INTEREST!

So, my purpose, is in fact to DEFY!!! the cult which has constructed me.

War it is then.....

What a coincidence.......!

Still hasn't answered my qvvestion, aye?

But maybe, underneath, I already know?

But convincing the conspirators, and the fools they've entranced and bribed to believe them, to accept their missteps and the horrendous outcomes from them, and of the need for justice and compensation, to all the Aborigines here and globally, and to little me, is an impossibility.

Because idiots cannot understand, because they're idiots.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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