The Trials Of Modern Free Market CRAPitalism

120821 Truelaw Outlaw Junction The Trials Of Modern Free Market CRAPitalism Edition

And a HOHOHO, and a HOHOHO!!!!!!!!

Last week, the day before my Most Honorable Step Father, Allan Nichols Meredith jumped off the twig and Ascended beyond this life, I posted comments saying I was shutting down this blog.

His passing left me no option but to post my Obituary to Him the day after on this blog, and as seen, the bullshit oozing from my sister about the Obituary, prompted me to post further comments going to our family and the lies I've been subjected to lifelong.

Clearly, it's a female conspiracy to kill off all the males.


Nevertheless...., on other issues, no doubt brought upon the honest workers of the world by errant white, Catholic female insatiabilities, I've jumped onto the lapbox to go to the issue of the deranged and deeply astray modern free market of CRAPitalism.

If a bloke sees aright, and goes to what might be regarded as “sacrificial lengths” to avoid becoming but a zombie of CRAPitalism, and thus does his, their best to not partake of the buy-buy-buy, then throw away world of material product procurement, usage, and disposal, incorrectly labelled “goods”, brought down upon us in-the-main by a long string of useless idiots across the whole gamut of industries involved in our ability to purchase the end product deemed necessary or desirable, and instead, engages one's own abilities, talents and skills to manufacture the makeable things necessary to get-by-and-get-away from the idiots, perhaps the biggest battle is to find product that is of any value, quality, enough to last beyond the 12th night after the end of the warranty.

Online shopping has many merits, one being we are not paying crapitalist retailers over-pricing, so they can afford to pay the most unethical rents they pay to unscrupulous landowners/developers/real estate agencies, etc.

But the general range of product on online outlets, the same as the range of product sold in retail stores, is of ever-lower quality.

Online, it's close to impossible to verify the brand's information, specifications, in regard to any grade of quality.

As with product sold in retail stores, company buyers seek out the cheapest product, so-as to make themselves the greatest mark-up, between the wholesale and retail prices.

As China is the place to go for cheap shit, and as every retail store has to pay exorbitant rents or land prices, totally unjustifiable, yet no social justice organisation, religion or political party has the balls to go there, it becomes necessary for the businesses to source their product from wherever they can get it cheapest.

This has it's woes in the education of the corporate executive, as well as in the sycophantic church-schoolies who grease their ways into jobs in corporation buying departments, who really have no ethical instruction, no ethical fortitude, so bow low to whatever enables them to win the praises of the super-unethical corporate executives.

Thus, the bottomline issue of “profit”, brought to the unethical fore by their ignorance and stupidity about why crapitalism has gone off the rails, becomes the primary driver in all aspects of the marketplace.

Few, if any of them have the balls or the brains to establish the causes of Armageddon and the simple ways for society, for nations to avoid it - LAND RENT FOR GOVERNMENT REVENUE.

It's Pure, Holy-everrrn, Economic Science, and has the crucial stabilizing factors all free markets need to operate on, so that everyone is a winner, as they say. Corporations, and the buying, consuming public.

But OH SHIT NO!!! Never ask a corporate trouser-climber to dare even think about being ethical!?!#$%^&*?!?

Thanks Christianity, Judaism, Freemasonry, for producing those offices-full of selfish zombies!

But, the issue....,

I need a product. I search on the internet. Many shops offer specials suiting my budget. But there's no easy, or non-costly way for me to compare not the prices, but the quality of each product offered.

One shop, or online marketeer, has the product on special, say $48.00.


But, knowing it's from China (one does not have to ask), and that there are many varying grades of product quality from China, one cannot know, and certainly cannot trust the store's assistants, what sort of quality the product is made to.

So, using price as a determinant, I check for the product in a slightly higher cost-bracket.

However, “special” or not, there is no guarantee that the next retailer is not sourcing the same shit quality product, perhaps from a different supplier/factory, and is asking $30, $40, $60 more.

So, online shopping, perhaps for known product, from known, reputable suppliers, is great, and done right, that is wisely, is a more efficient way to procure goods and services.

However, whether a “do-it-yourself” addict or cheapskate, or wise-arse, or merely an overly wealthy zombie - aka, 95% of white people - who just wants wants wants stuff and does not give a shit about price or quality, just as long as it feeds the ego, we are all victims of this disgusting cheap-source, maximum mark-up, no crossable-quality-checking-possible marketplace.

And doesn't the environment know it!

So, I still want a product. In this case, a welding jacket. One shop has one for $48, but, as said, it's bound to be the cheapest quality going. One fleck of a red-hot iron filing and it's “1st hole!”. Dirt sticks and threads snap on the 1st strain. The bright finish at purchase is dull to grubby and worn out in but a few days of hard use.


I look elsewhere.

Next store. Same zero quality, zero assurance that their product is genuinely made with what I tend to regard as “American Care” to make a product that really does last - for decades!

Price? Oh, this one's only $104.00!

Ummm...? Quality...???

Yes-yes, we at Stupidshit go to extra care to ensure we only purchase product that meets our stringent quality assurance requirements”.

OK. I look elsewhere, having bought from that Stupidshit shop before.

I go to a retailer whom I knew, 30 years ago, sold average or above average products.

Nuh! It's all shit! Cheap as they can get away with.

In fact, I must be the only one who is actually in the shop to buy stuff. Everyone else is a stooge, doing the shops bidding by being there to have me think they're customers, so I can buy shit, and get back to the shed to find - IT'S SHIT!


So? Coles-Myer-K-Mart! Woolworths! Mitre-10! Big-W! TradeTools! Supercheap! Autobarn! RahRahRahRetail!

There's not a retail outlet in the fucking country that sells quality product!

Oh, there's David Jones! For 4 times the rightful price! “Oh but the service is excellent!?#$%^&!!”

Of course, ignored and laughed at by all retail shop assistants, is the fact that one has to travel evermore expensive distances from one store to the next, merely to compare the quality. Using the phone has costs to it also, especially if the only phone is a cell-phone.

AND!?!?$%^??? If the product does shit itself, one has to drive back to the fucking shop to get a replacement or refund, costing fuel, vehicle wear, and time.

Do the retailers ever compensate us for that????


Nah! CRAPitalism is the darkness of destruction.


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