“Death” - The Judeo-Christian Religions' Biggest Deceit

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If we look at all western culture, the most promoted thing we see is that “life” restricted to this, our corporeal form, “skin, flesh, fat, bones and excrement” as the Vedic Upanishads describes the body, is the most important part of being.

Argh! This is the life!” say those who find themselves experiencing physical pleasures anything above their “normal”.

Spending time on a tropical beach, or riding a dreamed-of vehicle, “living-it-up” at an exotic location, consuming higher-quality-than-usual foods or drinks, different to the daily grind.

In the fields of cultural-control, which effect and determine how we live, get our jollies, gain acceptance and climb the social ladders of what the dominant culturists deem good, we see that farcical extremes are gone-to to ensure we stay within the bag of skin and it's limits and apparent levels of satisfaction for as long as possible.

Pretty-much all of western medicine and surgical knowledge, in tandem with the disgustingly deceitfully advertised capitalist mememe elitist movement, has grown around keeping those wealthy-enough, alive for as long as possible.

Even if some find it excruciating, the western world's utterly warped perspective on this narrow band of existence, of spirit being encapsulated in the human body, has deemed it illegal to try, as oft' far more honorably than to not, suicide.

In 5-plus decades of being a silent and distanced observer of the human condition, I've seen innumerable travesties and outright insane crimes committed against the spirit, be-it the spirit of an individual or in it's only reality, as the one Infinite, Absolute spirit, where softheaded “well-meaning” fools with those disastrous “good intentions”, have gone to the most extreme efforts to keep poor deformed, inhumanly disabled souls bound to their unfortunate physical form.

And we all see the tragedies every day, where this incredibly stupid and totally dreamy notion that “all life is sacred” is taken to farcical and criminal, inhumane, and totally ignorant, completely socially and culturally, unwise extremes, in terms of sustaining healthy human populations, so-as to ensure the longest possible survival of the species,.

Yet those who go to horrendous extents to have it seen that they believe firmly that “all life is sacred”, without hesitation or consideration, are at-once on-the-other-hand, or phone-line, doing everything humanly possible to destroy our, and all earthly beings' habitats, making a complete mockery of their assertion that “all life is sacred”.

In western medicine, babies are born without significant parts of their body, from things like chemical and pharmaceutical corporate insanity, or from prolonged, multi-generational bad diets, who clearly can have no destiny other than to be, sorry to the sentient of you, this is not any personal attack, a burden, a weight and a debilitation to parents, carers, larger community and the nation.

Yet fanatical, callous, inquisitive medical experts who also see the chance of adding the results to their curricula vitae, thus of growing more wealthy from a patients prolonged suffering, go to extreme lengths to keep the new-born alive.

Things are so out of order, that anyone who speaks against these medical psychotic's attempts to prolong deformed and seriously debilitated lives, is howled-down and defamed by being called a Nazi, or an evil personality.

Then there are the selfish-in-the-extreme, narrow-minded mothers of those sad new born, who are often heard to cry foul, and that they, they, the mothers, “have carried that child in their (oh-so-precious) womb for 9 whole months....” etc, so assert that as it is “my child...!” they have the final say as to whether the child should live or die.


Every time this type of scenario is played out, we see that the woman is being selfish-in-the-extreme, and for that has absolutely no awareness, no Intelligent nor Wise understanding of both the pain she is inflicting upon the deformed child, lifelong, nor the pain the society around the child has to endure.

This alone in the need to ensure they are enabled to live some sort of life in some sort of comfort, is burden enough.

Clearly though, most women of the older generations, and of times passed, who have kept their deformed children, and have protected them for decades, in humble and sincere sacrifice, are in most cases not selfish, but quite otherwise. But the burden placed upon them, has the most effect in making them humble.

However, there has still been a lack of Wisdom in not having, as the softcocks of today label as evil, the sense, the wisdom, nor strength of mind to say “No! The child is going to be a burden on all it, he/she, lives amongst. It is better for all, the child, the family and the society, that the child be allowed to pass from this life peaceably, and it's spirit be reborn into a less debilitating life.”

This failure, is not so much on the part of the mothers, who surely agonise over this very question in such circumstances, but is forced upon them, either consciously, or unconsciously, by the dominant culture-keepers around them.

Usually, especially in times passed, it has been the dull-minded, or quite agenda-driven Christian priests, who have had neither the independence of mind, the intelligence, nor the courage to go against this clearly pernicious directive from the higher echelons of the churches. Churches which have indoctrinated those same “professional” doctors and surgeons who so-often advise that a seriously deformed and debilitated baby can be “saved”, or kept alive, “...if we do this!”.

It is not hard to realise that letting the newborn die, is not evil, but is the most compassionate. And the most wise.

Any mother who cannot see these sound reasons to let or leave the child to die, has psychological problems of over-possessive complexes of her own, which in the 1st place, make her unfit to be a balanced and intelligent parent.

All Indigenous Cultures knew well the Wisdom of such ways, and the women too, knew well, for Wisdom is not gender-exclusive, only the culture it is or is not allowed to flourish within is.

Aborigine Women were as Intelligent and for that, were as tough as any, and with that were not soft-hearted when it comes to knowing what is best for the prolonged sustenance of the Tribe, the world they inhabit, and the species. Evidence of this is the Aborigines' ageless culture and existence.

This disgustingly soft and deeply astray ideology only exists in the western, Judeo-Christian mindset, and is further evidence proving they are not fit to have any authority, especially in governance of the Tribe, Nation, Species.

Today not one western, Christian nation so-called, is not suffering under the insupportable strains of over-burdened medical, health-care and hospital systems.

Certainly, these examples I use make up a minor percentage of the cause of the west's inability to provide sustainable medical systems and care for it's peoples. But it is not merely these errant forms of prolonging life that I address. There are endless variations of the same theme, that “all life is sacred”, played out by-the-hour across the globe now, and contribute disastrously to the sum total of our global human troubles, and which are the essence of what is coming at us all - Armageddon.

But the burden is multiplied several times, when the disadvantaged child-to-be-adult are impacted psychologically on coming to understand they will always be looked “down on”, or with that particularly annoying - to them - sympathy, or patronisation, by the “normal” people.

For disfigured people, in this false, superficial, “skin-deep” culture, which once had merit, in a culture striving to keep the genetic pool “pure”, for the underlying knowledge that this is vital for the perennial existence of the tribe or species, but is passed being extreme in seeking physical perfection, in it's fashion industries and model shape trends, amongst the throng, usually made-up of a majority of psycho-pathological “normal” looking humans who harbour seriously dysfunctional beliefs and thoughts, life can be so bitter that few of the disfigured - ugly - can avoid harbouring negative and evil thoughts and desires for, of some form of vengeance, etc.

And fair enough, especially when they know full well that the prettier people are often as capable of being more warped in their arrogance and shallow, bigoted, bitchy and narrow-mindedness.

However, this is but one small aspect of this great western religious deceit, that all life is sacred rahrahrah.

Limited as I am, I do concede that the human form has elements of being sublime, and might be something near to perfect, as far as physical forms go.

But this surely has to be more a case of “....in the eye of the beholder” and somewhat anthropocentric, ie., self-centred, egoistic in perspective, or assessment, than any impartial assessment?

So, if that is the case, and I haven't seen any Sci-Fi artists or special effects experts come up with a more attractive beings' shapes, while we do have many very cuddly critters, most with fur coats, around us in the natural world, then perhaps we humans are at the top of the ladder of physical beings.

But again, as said, as many of those at the top of the looker lists, are either empty-headed twits, if not twots, and as well can as well hold secreted some pretty fucking evil beliefs and thoughts against others.

And the physically less-than-perfect usually know well that the whole search for physical perfection makes the world a worse place, for many reasons, not least the anger that industry incites in those who know they cannot ever enjoy sexing, or even just having a fun night out with a good looker of the preferred gender, but also the futile and wasteful craving and searching and attempts made to attain that “special beauty” etc, cost everyone more than is justifiable, adding also to mental disorders, based, I assert, upon building up false beliefs about themselves.

This whole “superior person” thing has offshoots like the white supremacist, Aryan race and it's myopic hatred of peoples with clearly more beautiful skin colors, and these both have their foundations in seriously intellectually retarded people of the elite class with far more influence than can be justified, perhaps most from the dark ages of the last 100 to 2,000 years in white, WHITE, Eurape and Britain.

Nevertheless.., the west has built up this myth that the human physical life is paramount, and that it is a sin to seek beyond it, either by suicide, or by so-called “Eastern” means and practices of Meditation, namely of Raja Meditation(i), and to the deeper understanding bringing on the knowledge that we are more Human, or, if you like, are closer to god, the more we can rid ourselves of our essentially egoistic attachment to the body, and all of it's necessary and unnecessary basic and trivial accoutrements.

Food, shelter, clothing, and flash clothes, be-they garments or mansions. Not to mention our evermore common lust for power.

If, we were to see the deceit in this, and how it has been built upon over time, and that it is basically what has brought on the end of the world, by misguiding us to crave, enough to kill for it, the never satisfying accoutrements of - fancy clothes like jewellery, sexy cars, huge houses, global businesses, and centrist power-hungry religions.


Then..., I dive back to the Wise words of Yeshua ben Joseph, and no doubt those he learned from in his days in “the east”, in his saying that “....we should not concern ourselves in struggling for the comforts of this life...., but ensure our comfort in the next, higher life!” (paraphrased)

If the west is to take his words seriously at all, then surely these and others of course, should stand out.

But alas! We are now passed any holiness in the modern world.

The power coming from material wealth, amassed, enjoyed and so abused by the western world's super-duper-hyper elite, to the point that it has sent them, them, the top 25%, all quite quite incurably insane, has been gathered from us, the slaves to their forced ideals and beliefs that we should strive for material satiation, and is based almost wholly around having us fall so far from our own Intellectual ability to discern what is best in how we live on earth, to the utterly shallow and false belief that we should cling, with everything we've got, to this life.

We now know there's a whole lot more going on in the more subtle world-worlds, fascinating, horrifying and liberating, to the mind and to the spirit.

We know more than ever that life does go-on forever, and we can enjoy the fabled “Eternal Life” consciously, and I have to make an assumption, in this and other physical, human forms.

Clearly, we can fly free of the body, and all of it's material needs, and commune, I'd say, in much “richer” ways with others than we are able in this human earth-bound 3D level and form.

The non-western and indigenous peoples have always known this, yet the west persists in forcing all to subject themselves to slavery and thus to subdue their free spirits to enchainment to western materialist, false-economic and HA! religious values.

This, again, is seen most in the quite insane western fields of medicine, and, in their disgustingly narrow-minded “professions” of mental health - psychology, psychiatry, psycho-analysis, and on and on.

So, people who cling to fears of the end of the world, might well be the most stupid?

Throwing an incendiary into the fire of my dreamtime blog here, I put it that this earthly level of existence is in fact the lowest, as the Jews believe (I think?).

In two ways it is the most gross.

The physical, and the moral.

Immoral in the Human world, not, I say, in the world's of the rest of our earth's beings, at least, of the physical beings.

And where is immorality most found, but in those cults and cultures which proudly trumpet that their ideals are the most moral!

Clinging to the material world is what prevents the spirit from uniting with the highest level of being, yet the west has conned us all to cling cling cling like there is no tomorrow.

From this, it can be figured, that this lowest level of existence is actually the most evil, and therefore, like the excessively materialistic, over-consuming, wasteful and destructive of us, the Jews leading by a large margin, closely followed by their branch-offices of Freemasons and Christians, we actually should be doing everything we can to destroy the planet?

Kinda throws a spanner in the Green's works, aye?

But, we probably shouldn't go that road.

I have no doubt that such a path brings other types of “clingingsss” that we really do not want, nor need, if we are to realise the errors of the western ways, and search instead to release our spirits from the “grossities” of life on earth.

But to the point, death is not all it has been painted down to be.

It can't be avoided, in the bodily cycle.

I guess, as the East tells us, while we do nothing to release our soul from the materialism of both our times and of our natural human propensities, we do not go up a rung on the Cosmic ladder, but, it's said, we have to go through the experiences again, and again, until we learn the right ways, to freedom.

And if we only do things of a negative nature, which is the case in the vast majority of western ways, cultural habits and customs, we are thrown down a peg or forty, which augers nasty for the majority of the greedy, selfish, bitchy mobs so many of us have been forced to or have gleefully, in ignorant subservience, become.

But, it adds up to going against the western trend, and losing our fears of death.

That has to be prepared for and with, by making sure we make our minds strong enough so-as to easily refuse to be lured into doing even slightly evil things. And that includes spending bucks on bullshit, be-it fancy cloths, women, cars, and-or houses.

Eating an excess of meat included.

Or accepting bribes to subvert the work and lives of people more Intelligent, more Honorable, more Noble, more Courageous that yourselves.

(That, is a guaranteed “FAIL!” in the Karmic stakes.)


So jumping off a cliff, or overdosing on heroin, or some other peace-of-mind-giving drug, should not be seen as a sad and or terrible thing to do, if we are genuinely tired of the world and the life we are thrown into.

It seems sensible to ensure we have done all we can to free ourselves from any Karmic dross, so that our soul, which is but the mind, conscious, unconscious, known labyrinths and unknown, is clean, and can be weighed, judged, assessed, by St Peter, by whomever we believe or know awaits us in judgement, or by the simple and Pure Laws of Cause and Effect, otherwise known as Karma.

You get what you give!” “What goes round, comes round!” in the vernacular.

Haha! See ya' in Hell, whitefaces!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth

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(i) One way of labelling Raja Meditation might be “Mindless Meditation”, where we lift our consciousness right out of the physical and mental realm, and into the universal, infinite heights. Although this is really still in the mind, but not of the individual, which is where we are trying to ascend above, and escape from, for it is our prison, and away to the unlimited, universal mind, of the Absolute.