Tell facebook to immediately remove the racist "Aboriginal Memes" page.

120814 Truelaw Outlaw Junction Anti-racism Edition

Received an email from an organisation I must have subscribed to recently, as per what follows.

FROM: Nathan Elvery, Change.org mail@change.org

Started by: Jacinta O'Keefe, Brisbane, QLD
"How do you kill 1000 flies at once? Slap me in the face," says one of the many pictures of posted of Aboriginal people.
Facebook last night refused to remove a page called "Aboriginal Memes" that is dedicated to stereotyping Aboriginal people as drunks, addicts and welfare abusers.
In the face of building criticism, one commenter defended the page saying, "these c--ts live off the tax decent white Australians pay every week, I think we have every right to make fun, actually."
But Facebook has so far refused to remove the page even after myself and many of my friends reported it. Facebook is saying it doesn't breach their "statement of Rights and Responsibilities" -- instead labelling it "controversial humour".
Yet the page is clearly in breach of Facebook's own community standards regarding hate speech and the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which says "...it is a serious violation to attack a person based on their race, ethnicity,"
The page "Aboriginal Memes" is an attack on the Aboriginal people of Australia and violates this term. Racist terms such as "coon" are used in photos and there are many memes that completely belittle the rich heritage of the Aboriginal people. 
It is an openly racist page that is encouraging hate towards Aboriginal people. 

Having stepped back from inserting my invective against anti-Aborigine attitudes, after seeing that the True Fella Bleck Fellas are together and are doing great things for their Mob, this inspired a short reply to the sender, which had some choice lines in it, so I flick it now to the blog....

Inneresting to watch Facebook slide on the stock market since going public, and slide I'm thinking, in popularity.

Perhaps a sign of the genre's short attention span most “modern” technophiles maintain, but it could be that people are growing up and realising that such social media is more invasive than quality?

No doubt a new version from another internet geek will appear soon enough and the soulless and lonely, shallow superficials will flock to it as their way to not be forgotten, incidental and irrelevant as the vast majority of the species are.

Nevertheless..., not knocking Facebook and Zuckerberg's talent for perceiving or inventing something people want, or need everrrrn, with all that comes with Facebook, and the genre generally, aka CIA using it to monitor and track the users, not to mention the unnamed security and information and product survey corporations and media prying and spying into user's lives to enhance profits, one is left to wonder what life has lost in the relationships department that drives people to link in such, I reckon, shallow ways?

If nought else, Facebook and similar online portals to society surely indicate that society is more frantic, less sincere, more shallow, and people have shorter-than-ever tolerance-spans, and it might be reckoned, are more paranoid, that so many rush to compete for the most listed “friends” etc?

Maaaybe! Maaaaybe not?

Ne'ertheless, since the internet reached the broader public, all manner of shonks have jumped online, and, once learning to type, and read and write better, yet failing totally to increase their Intellects, abuse the facility to post utterly pathetic things, like the really stupid, narrow-minded things this email from CHANGE.org have taken on.

They, the shonks, even try to fool the few who stumble onto their pages that they are worldy-wise, having broadened their view from local TV sit-coms, and footy shows, to global media and issues, and note and use high-ranking peoples' names to have us think they have a good handle on the larger than mainstreet issues.

I've watched myself do exactly that over time, and whenever I see it, I take the time to delve deeper into whichever item I've sucked names or themes from, to get a genuinely deeper unnerstanding.

A vital part of my mythical position and prospective purpose, no doubt, guided by the masters of mind manipulation in building the John Connor of tomorrow, but, even while I DEFY these attempts to puppetize me, I treat the issues I find I have something to write about with, usually, some sincerity. For all my training, also, I have developed a real interest in the big issues, so do enjoy keeping informed, and making points about them.

But let's not be foolish, fooled or proud, because I know that most issues I make harsh comments about, are more complex than someone like me, or like anyone not right in the centre of the “affairs” can possibly fully unnerstand.

This might lend support to my belief that I am but a puppet, and that the things which I say which are seen later to have been frighteningly accurate, or insightful, or brilliant in their foresight, I have merely received through the occult teleport, from higher, perhaps more Intelligent, Wiser minds.

Some people believe these Wise thoughts come from higher than the Human level, from “the gods” as it were.

Maaaybe! Maaaaybe not?

And for that, as written above, “...I treat the issues I find I have something to write about with, usually, some sincerity..” one is duty-bound to unnerstand one's own biases, bigotry, inclinations and their causes.

And when they are seen, in the mind and in how I react in writing or opinion, the most crucial part of being a commentator, is to be certain, not by mere blind magical confidence, which is pretty-much always a really stupid way to use the mind, but by research and scientific processes of observation, deduction, elimination of dross, and sound conclusions, supportable by evidence and facts, well above western cult and mass hysterical faith, etc., they have to be weeded out of the mind, and from the embedded, subconscious content in mind to which one can too easily refer when making points for or against one or other ideology, belief, politic, faith or economic system, ETCETERA.

Sadly, as said above, in comments about how degraded and shallow society has become, and the new media so abused by shonks, it is nevertheless, I think, necessary to be somewhat anti-social, to ensure warped and bigoted opinion-infections do not take over the mind and the thinking processes and warp or drown sound, wise facts-based commentary, etc. No doubt why I haven't had a social life for more than 20 years, nor, in fact for my whole life.

Being guided through the various schools and processes I've had, since about my late 'teens, has ensured I am comfortable alone, with only my own mind full of entertaining, inspiring and laughable thoughts and perceptions.

But it also leaves me extremely hollow, knowing that others do mostly, have at least a few deep and meaningful relationships, or friends.

I guess I've accepted this, and rest a little happier knowing that the Intellect generally shines. But that too has it's depressing opposite, in knowing that the majority are resigned to never really knowing what the Intellect is, or is capable of.

Just as well, now, they've got magic to keep them occupied, aye?

Albeit accelerating Armageddon.....

Whatever...., here's what I emailed back CHANGE.org on the racist bullshit on Facebook.

Yeah, don't know any "friends", so stay away from "Farcebook".

Lifting white Astrayliarns out of the gutter of land-grab racism against our "Bleck Fella True Fellas" demands teachin' them what Intellect is, & other "unAustralian" things like "Honor", Integrity, Respect, etc.

Brit-Euro "white" church & state deliberately breed class division to farm willing bigots into their large land-holder, upyernose upperclasshole clans, clubs & cults, & to retain the slavish, stupid mobs to do the bashing, be-it on the street or this new social media, to maintain racist, cultural thus economic myths, which underlies their false legitimization of their still-active land colonization.

Keeping people unintelligent thus bigoted by untruths is fundamental to whitey's psychoses of superiority, especially over Wiser, True Fella races & cultures.

Like Bleck Fella knew from day 1, 1788,

"Y' look in their eyes, an' y' GAWN! Mate!"

These racist morons didn't ever know they'se been captured, like the Jews & later, Christians. (Hence the "Forgive 'em lord, for they don't know they'se bin hypnotized!")

How do y' get through to them, that they'se been hypnotised since the baptismal?

Y' can't in most cases. Especially when the cults pay 'em, with things called "wages" to stay stupid.

Can only work with the solid, good wood, & keep it away from the damp, & wait for the rotten bits to die off.

They'll be gone soon enough.

But, never surrender to the sludge!

Just don't lose Y're Dignity in the Fight.

'Cause thats the best they can do, & in the long run, if you keep y' Dignity, they collapse & go insane. O' course, we know they'se already insane, but its when THEY realise it!

Then, we who laugh last......


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