Truelaw Outlaw Junction Four Irish Republican Dissident Groups Form New IRA Edition

120727 Truelaw Outlaw Junction Four Irish Republican Dissident Groups Form New IRA Edition

H-OK! Being a “keyboard Freedom Fighter” or whatever the Norwegian Anders Breivik calls my kind, it ain't for me to use “warrior” too often for myself, today's Guardian UK email tells that four related republican groups in Northern Ireland have united to form what they claim is the latest version of the IRA, the Irish Republican Army.


How I say what I think about this is testy, because on one hand I want to see Justice wherever it is not, and as I know that people have to take-up arms when tyranny dominates.

But on the other hand, I'm tired of dickheads in power shitting on me after I do speak, or write, I don't have a life outside of this web log, my considerations on how Righteous Humans are duty-bound to act.

As I compose this, I feel idiots incorporated warming up their psychic genitalia ready for another assault on their favourite defenceless taller poppy - moi.

But, reading this article off the Guardian email/website, with the tales it told, and that one Dissident Outlaw Irish Republican group, I don't have the article here now, but they are distinct for calling themselves something like “Republicans Against Drugs” or such, who fight and do damage to drug dealers and coy, most all of whom make huge profits from, and, with their “influence”, ensure their drugs of market choice remain illegal, I'm brought to pen sommit 'bout this p'ticul'r point.

Down here down the shithole in Astrayliar, de feckin' Catolics are deep in growing and selling marijuana, including shipping it in large and small quantities overseas - ask one Chappelle Corby - and as they are also deep inside the mechanisms of this awry contry's political machinationery, control any and all reforms around the most sensible, ethical, medical, practical, revenue-al corrections to the deeply fucked laws making marijuana illegal.

As such, and as Astrayliar is steeped in Catolic conacreta boots, Irish and Italian, and as we are longtime Catolic educated, such that to get a job above sweeper, ya gotta be schooled by them, or have a Catolic school name in ya CV.

So with the utterly corrupt and utterly braindead, gutless coppers protecting the most stupid, corrupting, self-serving, bribe-taking church-goers on earth - Catolics - the rurals, so-called “farmers” (HA!!!,) who sit pretty on government subsidies flowing in every orifice, to sit on their Toyotas while their cattle fuck the land prior to being trucked to slaughter, making more than enough to send the kiddies to private schools, they also thereby qualify and are given covert, criminal licence by the church-run bureaucracy/police and private schools, to grow the shit in their bush retreats, rural farms, with the usual few acres of reforest (post-deforested) not cleared for the fucking moooooz, to plant and grow out of sight in.

This is organised and run from the upper most levels of CATHOLIC organisations, in rural Astrayliar, the CWA, the Catholic Witches (Women's) Association.

So, the Traditional IRA, over there in Irishland, having grown out of the Irish Catolics Dissent against the other side of the western pseudo-religious Christian catastrophe, the English Angles, and their colonialist BULLSHIT, were, as all outlaw mobs have seen legitimate right to do, in-deep with de illegal drugs trades, to the point of running massive businesses, sponsoring their war against the Righteous Freemasons, and keeping the fucking stupid drugs laws stupid.

So, Roight-on New IRA! If you are ready to go to war agin the whole of every branch of shitful Christian sinners, drug-runners, bible-bashers and/or land-grabbers, you get my support.

'Cause against my usual tirades, you mayhap have the brains to figure that there'd be no drugs cartels and wars like the CIA and covens orchestrate, and no abominable Mexican drug wars, and no heroin wars like in Afghanistan, and no wasted police raids and departments on otherwise peaceful citizens, IF THE FUCKING DRUGS WERE LEGAL!!!

But, erring on the side of my usual skepticism about the subterranean levels of un-intelligence dominant in all western, white-skinned AND CHRISTIAN nations, especially the really really classed and rich ones, I have to expect that either 1, the anti drugs front of the named Irish Republicans is - a front, and factually they are as deep in the illegal trade as all major cults, churches, parties, militia and social networks, and exist to play false-front to protect the drug-running Catolics, and/or 2, they're too fucking dumb to realise the gaps in their bitchings?

I reckon the 2nd ain't so, though.

So it begs the question, even though the Guardian article did make two points about these Republicans knocking off Catolics for dealing drugs, are they gonna get stuck into Catholics having anything to do with any illegal drugs, which the bastard Jesuit Brothers Catholics have been doing since 1601 (yeah, not illegal then), when they started the opium trade out of India, and thus, is there anything in their agenda toward lobbying, as legitimate Human's-with-a-bitch, on the political warfront, against the stupid drugs laws, and thus, for GLOBAL (my push) DRUG LAW REFORM????

And couldn't I go ORRRN!!!?

And 'ere 'tiz!

If the New IRA, has it's teeth, and has it's gears engaged, it has matured out of the archaic and draconian religious mire the world's been drowning in for.... oooh? 6,000 years?

Therefore, they'se gonna be outgrowin' the Righteous generations-passed of the venerable Gerry Adams, who seems, from my distant portal-potty (a shithole with a window!), remains a fairly committed Catolic??

Anyone else, an' I'd be shovelling shit on their heads.

But, havin' watched, for whatever reason, the Irish wars and “troubles” for most of my news-watchin' loife, Gerry Adams Stands Tall, and Righteous for his stance against the fuckin' poms.

With the facts uncovered over the last few hundred years about Rome, and Israel, old and new, and about the corruptions of all things Spiritual (oxymoron seen) spanning all Christian beliefs, I will drop any Republican or Democratic Republican Movement like a pox-ridden woman if it has not found itself Wise enough to move beyond the darkness of western religious ideologies, beliefs, and BUDDHA SAVE ME - “faith”.


People have “faith” because they haven't got awake, engaged, their INTELLECT!

However, don't be thinkin' I'se more for any other WESTERN pseudo-religious cult.

This point-cum-century in toime, is for moving out of those dead beliefs relying on someone else doing the thinking.

Clearly, they have been genesis's of most wars and most of the dumbing-down class-ifications of human societies since Adam trusted Eve.

While any of the partial, self-important heinously-divisive religious cults of distraction and insatiability of the Brit-Eurapean type have any influence in the Economic debates we call politics, the fight for any People's Democratic Republic is a waste.

This, simply because “Democracy is dangerous if the people are stupid!”

And the means Christianity has deployed for 1600 years to dominate, is to make the masses as stupid as possible, which has been why the flockers have needed a saviour.

That person, Jesus and all other Wise People, were simply Intelligent! Unfettered by the dark hexes laid over their minds by the church.

So any New IRA has to move well beyond all western levels of unthinking, which as is obvious, requires their strong hand, where evil religious ignorance stubbornly dwells, but also, a fearless, and impartial force with a voice, not one leader, for that is but more of the same failed western Christian messiah cult BULLSHIT, but which is nurtured in all Members, through study of True Laws, such as legal drugs, but primarily, of the land.

I recall Gerry Adams reminiscing on the early IRA's dreams, of an Agrarian Socialist Republic.

There it is, Lads!

War, for the Right Reasons, is the only war to Fight!

And for legal Natural drugs.

Clearly, the honchos in power, the church-indoctrinated honchos in power, who keep the drug AND LAND laws as they are, “illegal” in a word, fail totally to “get it” about “drugs” et al, and that while natural intoxicants like marijuana, cocaine and opium are by their own corrupted perspectives and ignorance deemed illegal, manufactured drugs, which always do much much more harm, will be invented.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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