The "World Teacher"? I Don't Think So!

The "World Teacher"

 I Don't Think So!

Here are extracts from a few “Wikipedia” websites about the most outrageous fraud the world has seen of the last 2,000 years.

My “interest” as-such, in this actual attempt by severely deluded and wildly astray wealthy westerners to fool the world that Jesus of ancient Israel has returned to save us in the late 20th century, is only held because at a late stage in my own life, did I come to realise that I was the idiot-puppet this same elitist, demented Catholic “Theosophical Society” (the “TS”) cult had planned, from some 60-or-more years before my conception and birth in 1954/'55, brought into existence through my mother's extramarital affair, and to now, have been exiled and maltreated by authorities and the public for not playing the role a massive number of extremely stupid “Christians” were hypnotised to believe I exist to play.

So I have no choice but to fight for my very life, and today, against the vast majority of western white, Christians, all wanting madly to play with their magic powers and my psyche, day and night.

There's little doubt also, that those who attack me, however they do, are convinced that in doing so, as long as it doesn't leave physical scars or kill me, it makes me stronger. And, while they believe that I'm the superdude here to destroy all evil ones, rahrahrah, I'll need to be ah-dah, superstrong against the enormous power of those who have dedicated their lives, lost to “the dark side”, to being and developing as much evil power as they can. More to say on this, for later.

In my totally unawares youth, and in my twenties and thirties, mum, to the covert objections from my most Honourable and by-orders-of-magnitude-Wiser Step-Dad, took me on a ride of seeking, in exploring and being introduced to apparently wise people, whose missions were to guide me into thinking I was a prophet.

However, that these people, young and old, were working behind my back on turning me out to be a false prophet, indeed, this same cult's dreamed-up “world teacher”, and as this TS was doing most of it's secret work by messing with the subtle energies known as magic, the occult, witchcraft, either they were so self-entranced, spoiled by the excess of wealth they and their associates, such as the then wealthiest man on earth, Cecil Rhodes, had to play with, or for it all, had become so totally blinded by their own delusions of grandeur, and so stupid to believe they could control everything and everyone in my life, such that I would never fall or be shaken off this shonky path they thought they could set-out for me, or that they were the most powerful witches on Earth, so had control over all-comers, somewhere they failed totally to see that in the occult, there are few secrets protected from those with the same powers.

So, from my early years, through my whole completely manipulated life, others, at least as aware, but as many, happening to have avoided, or become freed from the hypnotic and mind-numbing hexes laid over the majority of Christians from being dunked in the church baptismal, and essentially cursed by the as-often unwitting priest, thus more aware of the fraudulence of any messiah from the Jewish or Christian cults, entered my world and worked to subvert and undermine this plan.

Thus far, some, whom I now regard as allies, while some are simply totally possessed, malicious scumsuckers, devolved into evil beings no longer even human, have succeeded in both destroying this mainly Jewish/Catholic driven plan, this major and most heinous conspiracy about a world teacher and a savior/god/prophet, but also, mainly I say due to their own serious mental illness issues of envy, jealously and sadism, with the various hexes making them quite against any genuine self-improvement of their Intelligence toward being Ethical and Honorable persons, they have also almost totally destroyed in me my self-believe, self-worth, and all desires and wants to live on.

Shit happens, aye.

Nevertheless...., as said, in my younger days, when still too close to the family to know how much mum and her catholic convent were controlling me, one or other parent gave me some books of lectures by another puppet of the TS, “Jiddu Krishnamurti”.

(I think it was Dad, who was doing everything he could to wise-me-up to this evil plan mum and her cults were pouring over me, and had me blindly steered to enact.

If anyone has any doubts about the credibility of this (false) messiah phenomenon, and still are so stupid and/or hypnotised to believe I am “the one”, you must see that the fact that the whole lot of them - family, friends and all I've come into contact with - have refused to tell me at any stage of this unquestionable conspiracy, so-as to have me kept totally ignorant of it and of the witchcraft deployed on me, from behind my back, to keep me as the puppet of this cult, and thus to be a blind player in their philosophically quite evil attempt to maintain occult and economic control of the whole planet by having me think and appear to the fools that I am a returned Jesus, surely this fact that I was never informed is enough to prove it to be quite evil and fraudulent? Also, there has have to have been a serious failure of Wise action in their plan to keep me sheltered from all knowledge of and means of defense from the occult attacks which are slowly killing me. I do not believe there is any way they or I can “catch-up” to the breadth of knowledge those against me have.

If you cannot see this as so, then there is no hope for you, and in fact, you are a danger to all around you.)

He (Dad too, but I mean J. Krishnamurti), had many wise things to say, no doubt, and Dad had his auto-biography, which I think I recall Dad encouraged me to read.

This “plan” was kept completely secret from me, and no-one was allowed to tell me of it. But, every day during my years at home as a kid, and young adult, mum and Dad were arguing with each other. Only once I uncovered this conspiracy, did I realise the arguments were Dad's dedication to war against mum and her Catholic plans.

Praise Him, Allan Nichols Meredith!

But I read Krishnamurti's biography, and saw that he came to realise the falsity of what the Theosophical Society were trying to do to him, and thereafter denounced the whole idea.

But the power of myth, especially to hypnotised, unwise, unintelligent, stupid people, and of the mythmakers in the completely messianic Zionist Hollywood, is enormous.

So all attempts by humble, Intelligent and Wise types such as Krishnamurti to wake the world up to the falsity and dangers of messiahs, has been drowned under the megalithic dollar-driven juggernaut of propaganda movie and media industries, owned in the main by fucking Jews and Christians.

So....., here's a few excerpts from Wikipedia.

“In addition to the stated objectives, as early as 1889 Blavatsky publicly declared that the purpose of establishing the Society was to prepare humanity for the reception of a World Teacher: according to the Theosophical doctrine described above, a manifested aspect of an advanced spiritual entity (the Maitreya) that periodically appears on Earth in order to direct the evolution of humankind. The mission of these reputedly regularly appearing emissaries is to practically translate, in a way and language understood by contemporary humanity, the knowledge required to propel it to a higher evolutionary stage.

If the present attempt, in the form of our Society, succeeds better than its predecessors have done, then it will be in existence as an organized, living and healthy body when the time comes for the effort of the XXth century. The general condition of men's minds and hearts will have been improved and purified by the spread of its teachings, and, as I have said, their prejudices and dogmatic illusions will have been, to some extent at least, removed. Not only so, but besides a large and accessible literature ready to men's hands, the next impulse will find a numerous and united body of people ready to welcome the new torch-bearer of Truth. He will find the minds of men prepared for his message, a language ready for him in which to clothe the new truths he brings, an organization awaiting his arrival, which will remove the merely mechanical, material obstacles and difficulties from his path. Think how much one, to whom such an opportunity is given, could accomplish. Measure it by comparison with what the Theosophical Society actually has achieved in the last fourteen years, without any of these advantages and surrounded by hosts of hindrances which would not hamper the new leader.[8]

This was repeated by then prominent Theosophist Annie Besant in 1896, five years after Blavatsky's death.[9] Besant, who became President of the Society in 1907, thought the appearance of the World Teacher would happen sooner than the time-frame in Blavatsky's writings, who had indicated that it would not take place until the last quarter of the 20th century.[10]

One of the people who expected the imminent reappearance of the Maitreya as World Teacher was Charles Webster Leadbeater, then an influential Theosophist and occultist. In 1909 he "discovered" Jiddu Krishnamurti, an adolescent Indian boy, who he proclaimed as the most suitable candidate for the "vehicle" of the World Teacher.[11][12] Krishnamurti's family had relocated next to the Theosophical Society headquarters in Adyar, India, a few months earlier.[13] Following his "discovery", Krishnamurti was taken under the wing of the Society, and was extensively groomed in preparation for his expected mission.

However, by 1925 Krishnamurti had begun to move away from the course expected of him by the leaders of the Theosophical Society in Adyar and by many Theosophists. In 1929 he publicly dissolved the Order of the Star, a worldwide organization created by the leadership of the Theosophical Society to prepare the world for the Coming of the Maitreya, and abandoned his assumed role as the "vehicle" for the World Teacher.[14] He eventually left the Theosophical Society altogether, yet remained on friendly terms with individual members of the Society.[15] He spent the rest of his life traveling the world as an independent speaker, becoming widely known as an original thinker on spiritual, philosophical, and psychological subjects.

From the same Wikipedia article....:

The moment you follow someone you cease to follow Truth.” Jiddu Krishnamurti, on 3 August 1929, at his announcement of the dissolution of the Order of the Star, the Theosophist's sect formed around him being the messiah.

All authority of any kind, especially in the field of thought and understanding, is the most destructive, evil thing. Leaders destroy the followers and followers destroy the leaders. You have to be your own teacher and your own disciple. You have to question everything that man has accepted as valuable, as necessary.

This, need it be explained, also exposes the TS as an evil institution. For their “motto” is “There is no higher religion than Truth”.

Yet they have lied more than any non-western religion or philosophy, by trying to deceive the world about a returned “Maitreya” a word they borrowed from holy Sanskrit language.

Also, it's well worth noting, that they, like so many false cults, resort to using “exotic” words and phrases from other languages. This is all part of this kind of charlatan cult's attempts to lure the lost flocks in.

Do not be fooled.

In the same sense, of using and perverting the original meaning of a once-sacred word, we need look no further than the Roman Catholic popularisation of the word “love”.

Because “love” derives from once again, the ancient and singularly Sacred language of Sanskrit, “lubh”, and means “desire”.

My take on it's original Sanskrit interpretation or meaning, is/was to have only the Purest and Highest Desire for AUM, for the Supreme.

No doubt endless argument could be had on the reality, or the thought, that AUM is present in everything that exists, so to desire anything is still desire for The Supreme AUM.

But that is in most every case, especially from the vast majority of western minds, a theft of, a corruption and an excuse, a false justification for someone's uncontrolled, irreverent, impure, selfish materialist desire, craving and insatiability.

In a word, “insanity”, or lack of control of one's own mind.

And as should be more obvious than it is, the fundamental driver underneath western society, capitalism and our so-called 'free markets', is an uncontrollable and oversized desire for material products, most of which are totally unnecessary, do not give us the advertized satisfaction, and add to the destruction of our own sanity and the environment.

Indeed, years ago, I used my time out of a drivers license, at an adult education college learning about six different courses. One was “economics”. In it, we were taught, that “the driving tenet underpinning western free market capitalism is that we humans have insatiable desires, which must be supplied. So a market is created and must be filled by production of the goods we are deceived into believing we cannot be without, because we are insatiable”.


This, actually says, and is what I thought when this was told to the class, that “....we are insane because we cannot control our desires!”

Explained, do we need any more evidence that we, and our culture, is/are totally off the rails?

However..., to repeat what I wrote nine paragraphs above ..., ….No doubt endless argument could be had on the reality, or the thought, that AUM is present in everything that exists, so to desire anything is still desire for The Supreme AUM.”

So, as with all things Sacred, the western cults reduce them to commodities, and usually for their own selfish, thus evil profit.

“Love”, perhaps more than anything?

For some years I've thought to myself, that of every ten people, nine are evil, and will do down an honest person. This, since, has grown to believing that of every thousand people, 999 are evil, maybe if pushed.


But today, it seems that to be “pushed” takes little more than threats of being hexed, or of losing some aspect of your usually false or unearned wealth.

On the other hand, being “tempted” to do evil to good people, can be as easy as accepting a bribe from the 1st rich dude or cult that comes along.

So, if nothing else, western culture has reduced us all to being extremely pathetically weak beings. This to my way of interpreting this illusion, makes those of us who accept the falsities and the bribes and the temptations, less than anything we should regard as possessed of actually being Human Beings.

The vast vast majority of us have become a new sub-class of humans, and are now nothing more than “subhumans”.

There's no doubt that the vast, vast majority of western people today, 999 out of every thousand, are quite ethics-free and weak-willed, lacking completely in any Honorable Principle to say no to any such offers.

In support of this, to white, mainstream over-consuming westerners, I assert that if you, we, were not evil and did actually care about our and everyone's children, we, you would be living like the Aborigines, in Absolute Balance with the land, with the ecology and the environment.

So, when Hollywood or some other Fox type studio pumps-out another TV series or movie about “Clark the Dark” coming from whichever fabricated mythical planet to save the world, it's more than a little bit convenient that the story-writers, producers and actors overlook this simple fact, that the western world and the 999 out of every 1,000 people who accept living in it, are completely ready to drop all Honor, Integrity and Principles of “...doing to others as you would have them do unto you” etc., for a quick buck, or new car, or whatever some devil offers them. Or, for the completely unholy lifestyles they cannot stop trying – always unsuccessfully – to satiate their egomania and it's insane desires in?

If this Clark Cunt really was a good dude, he would be fearless of derision, and would also have the most highly developed intellect, and thus constant access to the Wisdom it opens our mind to, and with all of these, would in an instant deduce, that the world is really fucking evil, at least some very very large proportion of it's occupants are, and here I mean the western, materialistic, CRAPitalist world, and therefore he, or “it” this superman phenomenon, would have no desire (?) to save the scum-sucking anti-intellectual dwarfs.

In fact, on the contrary, he/it would deduce that for the greater good, his/it's/their role is to wipe the bastards out.

Tonight I saw both “Smallville” and “Supernatural” on my mobile Foxtel channel, and these previous thoughts rang in my head.

Whether the cosmos does in fact have a perennial need for such beings, whether human or alien, I refuse to debate.

In the studying I undertook on Plato, and the concepts and theses he wrote about, of his own and of his Mentor, Socrates, the concept of such a naturally-rising leader is mentioned.

Ancient Greeks knew the (super) person as the “Timius” I think, who held superior talents of mind and who came into being when a culture and society falls far enough from the Straight and Narrow, as-it-were.

In the same school, much inquiry and discussion also centred around the Beautiful Hindu Treatise of the Bhagavad Gita, and of (the Supreme Lord) Krishna's conversations with one of the Ancient Indian elite Tribal Princes, Arjuna.

Krishna told Arjuna that these beings come to life when, as above, conditions call for them, when the culture is so lost and decaying as to be in dire need of a refreshing and correcting “god”.

Krishna was talking about his own incarnation as-it-happens, which now, in my more cynical years, has me ask whether he, or his story-writers, mythmakers weren't once more, like the clearly false Christian mythmakers, serving the time's elites, in order to preserve their uptop, upclub Brahman caste? (Sorry Hindus!)

Dunno..., and I'll leave that line of thinking open.

However, the superior depth and Wisdoms extolled in such as the Bhagavad Gita, and in Plato's books, both of which go immeasurably further, higher, deeper than any of the Christian stories in instructing the “disciple” the dedicated student, how to attain to their own Inner Supreme Spirit, to their own Spiritual Enlightenment, reduce all that has come from Hollywood, and from the Theosophical Society's secret plans and agendas, and from Christian teachers and writers and commentators since Jesus, who, in other books hidden by the mainstream Christian cults, did teach the path to Enlightenment - the Gnostic Teachings - which were banned and the Christian Gnostics banished by the corrupting Roman, Constantinian 4th century Councils of Nicea, in the trash-media baskets, so much that nothing of their stories or background or myths and fantasies can be upheld or believed in the least, as credible.

Again, I emphasize that the same applies to the whole body of myths and stories from and on Christianity. Nothing in them, gives any of the followers or flockers, any credible instruction as to how to awaken and maintain the vital, crucial Intellect in ourselves with which we are then able to ascend within and beyond the levels of mind (and to know the perennial Wisdom and Laws necessary to live satiated and sustainable lives), which are where we are in this material, earthly realm, to the fully enlightened realm of the Supreme.

The fully Enlightened Realm, I maintain, that the Aborigines from all pre-western, pre-Catholic worlds, had always known and kept alive in their Purity of Culture and it's inherent Beauty, Appreciation of the Magnificent world around them, in their irrefutable knowledge and maintenance of The Law, and thus their Knowledge of being Truly Happy, at Peace inside themselves, and thus knowing the constant joy of their Pure, Divine and Simple Ways, Lives, Cultures.

Therefore, the perverse, uninformative, ever-increasingly oppressive and draconian western religions, and the twisted and outright evil laws which have come over the centuries from the priesthood to the polity, cannot be seen as any other than a pernicious deceit plied upon our nubile, zero-intellect minds, purely for the cults' accrual and concentration of power, and, of material wealth.

Wake up Christians! You've been dumbed-down and done over by the world's most deluded, wealthiest, most self-interested, thus most dangerous and biggest cult of liars.

Zionist” Jews. Catholics. Christians. Theosophists.

If you cannot reject their bribes and threats, to keep you giving me a hard time, you lose.

Finally, it is important to note, that the TS was the precursor to today's “spy agencies” of the west, MI6, the CIA, Mossat, and Astrayliar's own ASIO. So learn that you can never trust any of them.

And couldn't I say a lot more on that subject!? Which I do in an accompanying e-ssay posted near this one.

So? how does all that ride with you over there on “the other side” of the Great Pacific, who make millions riding on the motto “Don't be evil”?

Go Ogle, dudes!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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