Britain Denies Responsibility AGAIN!

Deluded, I must be?

Once more, driven out from the quietude in a nearby forest I lingered in, to an inhospitable location in urban Whatdafuck's land, I drove myself to attempt sending an email to the British PM.

No surprise, the link to his 10 Downing Street failed.

So I reverted to earlier thoughts and tried sending the same to the British High Commission in Canberra, only to be rebuffed electronically, again.

So here is what I tried to email the Poms.

I ask that someone high-up in the British Government refer to articles addressing disputes I have with the British "secret society" known as the "Theosophical Society", as posted on my web-log pages .
A worrisome & 58 year long situation I am quite tired of, and ask the highest authority, to act to resolve.
Please overlook the articles therein which speak disparagingly of your peoples. My disdain is made manifest due to the aforesaid TS's untoward manipulation of myself.
I thought of approaching your High Commission in Canberra, but halted for my induced and bruised, now absolute loss of trust.
Perhaps, from "on-high" in Westminster, a more Just resolution may come?
Apologies, for the "strange" nature of this and my other (blogged) texts on this personal matter.
All, are bona fide, of a certainty.
I am too "damaged" for any leadership, or assumption of power, as assessed expected of me, in the articles posted.
Neither do I want such.

This morning I wrote on the ute's windscreen


Impossible for the white races now.

Armageddon's comin' at ya.

No stoppin' what YOU created, Jew.