ASIS Chief Covering His ASIS

120719 Truelaw Outlaw Junction ASIS Chief Covering His ASIS Edition

According to Sky news on Foxtel mobile this mournin', the chief of Australia's overseas secret wankers organisation, ASIS, is for the 1st time speaking publicly about their secret activities in Pakistan, where they're trying to pry-open the illegal immigrants, refugees-in-boats crises, spruked-up by alter-agenda-ridden federal opposition politrixters, Tiny Habit, in-the-lead.

No coincidence that this comes but a day after I post to this blog site, assertions that they, or at least the domestic branch of our spies, ASIO, is as deep as any from the British MI6, and the US's CIA, in the same types of illegal covert operations. Drugs smuggling, people smuggling, child porn and pedophilia rings, etc etc etc. All, now managed by sections and agents of all the larger military forces and spy agencies.

So, it strikes me that the chief of ASIS is doing the rote-learned thing of jumping into the media spotlight when such allegations are thrown onto the internet – AND INTO YOUR MIND – by not-so-covert yours Truly, Truelaw Outlaw Numma One.

But when something hits the media portals, his type run to Murdoch and covens, to pump out arse-covering, or, in this case, ASIS-covering media releases.

My bitch is, that they, the honchos, do this whenever I try to retire from the battle, and put my time into making something near to a secure and weatherproof house for myself.

This sudden and unprecedented riding of the media stallion by holding a press conference or whatever he's doing as I scribe, tells me that one, I was on-the-money about their type of spy agencies being right in there at the hearts of these types of sad, and, more sadly, not always heinous trades, be-they people, children, drugs or pornography smuggling and trading, and so he has been advised that he must prattle-on to the microphones until enough of us, or media, are bored and move-on to the next fabricated scandal, and that the teams assigned to covering and mediating these releases, can water-down the exposures and on-the-mark allegations, even via a government inquiry or such, and everyone has moved on.

It also is a sign that the honchos want to deploy that rather hackneyed, oh-so-typically British elite secret society and services spy agency tactic of publicly going hard on a subject (think: “Tammany Hall”, or “Brettonwoods”, or “Bilderberger”), merely to take control of all aspects of media and other portals of exposure, so-as to put themselves the position of being able to censor any who keep doing the right thing, like the WikiLeaks Super Heroes, or, in a different vein, the !!!OCCUPY!!! Correctionalists, who keep throwing the KATOOSHKA Missives into the public arena and minds.

No doubt, this boss of the Australia overseas spies, wants also to lift his chummy-private school kiddies higher up in the minds and spotlights of the world, and as likely emailed the transcript to Fox's Sky news editors, which had the news talking head read that “ASIS is our version of the USA's CIA”.


Of course, I shouldn't laugh, because if ASIS are near comparison with the CIA, then we and all our ex-patriots (aka our traitors) should be very concerned for our/their safety, mainly, when overseas.

Because the CIA is clearly no friend of the People of the USA, and run and control huge elements of the laws on drugs, the wars on drug dealers and smugglers, the drugs, as well as the illegal immigrant trades, down to pedophilia networks – global.

Perhaps the prime example – the war in Afghanistan!

So not only is the chief of ASIS talking up his too secret organisation, he's doing more or less exactly as I alleged yesserday, by playing the double, triple or quadruple agent, in both appearing to cover his ASIS arses, and arseholes you can be sure, and at once trying to tell us that “yes!, we are involved in people and drugs and pedophilia smuggling and smooching, and one half of our collective split-personality is trying to stop it all, while the other half of our schizophrenic vital organ, is going full-tilt at keeping these heinous trades alive!?@#$%^!?”

Just like the good-old-boys in MI6, the CIA, and most every other overpaid-liars spy network and organ on earth.

So HEY! Yep! You're up there with the worst of them now, ASIS! Well done!

But what is expected to come from this unprecedented public chat?

Probably, like happens in all western police and military organisations and forces when a cop or soldier does something despicable, they get a promotion! (Think: NCO's in the ADF promoted for bastardising newly- recruited youths!)

But pressure will pour onto them to share the rewards to some degree, so ASIS gets what? A new office, new cars, new gunsgunsguns, or more new false passports so they can truck around the globe in sync with the CIA and MI6 dicksuckers?

Whatever. The juveniles in all spy agencies who think think think they're superheroes will buy new disguises and tell themselves how great they are for a while more, evil will still be sponsored and connived by them, the world will keep on track to Armageddon, and the illusionists will keep frightening the shit out of the softcocks who thinkthinkthink they're human beings, and one day, it won't exist anymore.

I guess the point, if there is any point to any of it, is that Mr ASIS and his drug-smuggling pedophile sneaks, are as lost in the mire as any of them, and nothing they can do, short of grouping-up with the more Righteous in policing, spying, military and the civil services, and within all parties of our politrixter classholes and Indies, and staging (hmmmm....? Innersesting word Omaxie?) a nationwide takeover, a militar-civil coup-de-ta of all government offices and departments – federal down to local - and enforcing the institution of the Rule of Law, right throughout the land.


Accompanying such a Bold Move, would be the apprehension of all western religious leaders, all real estate managers, and most all private school students, ex-students, and graduates.


Argh well....! I guess it's Armageddon! A much easier way to clean up the planet of criminals and perverts and insatiable mentally ill egomaniacs.

And in other breaking news..., the Vigilante, Resisting, Dissenting, DEFYING, Abdicating and now extremely anti-social FERAL head of the Global Truelaw Outlaw Revolution (“GTOR”) hasn't had a shower for over 2 years!

Wanna wash his back..., girlie?”

Oh, and what can we do about the Catholics who grow the marijuana to fund their undercover war against the world?

How about stomping Nimbin's H.E.M.P. Embassy and it's femme fatale Catholics running it to do as said above like Tammany Hall and coy, to control the drug laws and reform movement?


They, like all upper classholes of the world, have easy and ready access to all manner of “illegal” drugs.

The British elites, I say, more or less run on what they probably still call “Laudanum”, more commonly now known as heroin.

Heroin, like Cocaine, is a beautiful drug, and is only made out to be dangerous because that suits the elite (also deep inside the management of the global pharmaceutical corporations), who control the prohibition, exactly as the Nimbin Marijuana-smokers-growers-traders do with that other Holy and Beautiful intoxicant AND completely Natural Medication,  Cannabis.  Marijuana. Ganga. Bhang. Weed.  Pot.  The Herb.  AND, "Magic Mushrooms"!

About time ASIS, ASIO, CIA, MI6 and the religious and cult rest, got off their insane high-horses, and walked a few miles of Integrity Highway, and told the TRUTH for once in their perverted churchie lives!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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