There was a Queen. Her name, Suzanne.

Here's a story 'bout a goil named Sue, Knobbly nose an' eyes of blue. Had Qualities didn' know she possessed, But jus' quietly knew, were better than best. Humble goil, knew her limits, But could dance yer ass off to the meanest beats. Drank like a whale, come Satdee nights Down Warrandyte pub - always gettin' in fights. An' didn' think much, 'bout much at all, Other than lookin' nice when pissed, an' makin' sure she don' take a fall. Then one day, a new bloke appeared on the scene Threw her a bit, some urban hero of her dreams. Margie in secret, organised that they meet. A quiet night in the bar. Knocked him right off his feet! Before y' knew, they was off on his bike, Down the Panton Hills road, "Windy road! Better hold me tight!" But after jus' one or two flings, The highway called him away. Wild rough-rider on work days, drink-an'-drug ev'ry night, An' Ancestral ghosts callin' him, To war, to make things just again, like the days before whites. So, heart breakin' for her love Off to the deserts he rode. But ev'ry night he dreamed of them together, In a Heavenly abode. And called he did from the Alice an' the Rock, For her to join him in the desert, so together their hearts could be locked. But she was baffled by his fast runaway. So far "Whaddafuck?" But he was sworn to not say. So Sue said "nuh!" an' they went their sep'rate ways. An' the urban hero still mourns to this day. An' since that time, Lonely decades have passed, He's a Commander now, An' his armies are vast. He's feared by the worst an' best Warriors on Earth. Kings & Presidents take heed, An' tremble, when he issues a curse. An' he fears not his fate, Beyond this Hellish realm. E'en though his toll runs to hundreds of thousands, When he fired deadly bullets from his mystic, magestic healm. And for the danger of each minute, He lived in total jungle solitude. And knew that to have close loves, their chance of happiness, Or even survival were so low as to be miserably rude. And into his late fifties, Alone against the most evil he fought, And worldwide, on bastions and castles Of his darkest foe, carnage he wrought. But all the while, 'xcept when in the heat of afray, His heart pined for her, and that she might find him again, one day. But til then, though a king, Alone he must remain. And the wind cried not "Mary!" But for "Queen Suzanne!" did it bay. In Heaven! My Love!