Colorado Movie Massacre – What affected the Shooter?

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Colorado Movie Massacre – What affected the Shooter?

Being skeptical of most news now, I nevertheless am driven to post thoughts on this latest shooting in the US of Anything Goes.

Waiting a few days for more info to come out, the video of Holmes talking at San Diego on his pet science subject, shows an unfettered personality, not one affected by any perversion, as-in by the common cult fashions, be-they religious, pseudo-religious or social.

Certainly, he shows some lack of “force” in his delivery and demeanor.

This is seen as a certain naivety in character, perhaps a gullibility, as if never having been exposed to the dark side of life, especially in the USA.

No doubt, like in all, especially 1st world, nations and their cultures, a minority of the citizenry are protected from the more brutal street violence, and only get a heavily modified view of it, from Hollywood, et al, movies.

They are always middle to upper class, and usually have parents and urban locales steeped in the blinding and dangerously protective Christian, or perhaps Freemason fundamentals.

Indeed, these are the “production farms” for most all tertiary colleges' students. Perhaps worse, is that these same narrow micro-societies supply the darkest corporations with their staff and status quo management, who make their piles by keeping the darkest sides of the culture alive.

These “production farms” for most all tertiary colleges' students can, but not always, restrict the individuals' perceptions of the quote “Real World”, and can stymie their ability to develop and grow their own Intellect, such that they are or are not able to see things as they really are, and act, or react in the most fitting ways.

As the world knows, however, there are few things and customs alive and dominant in the USA, which are in reality, Fair and Balanced.

Indeed, the best science recognises and tries repeatedly to alarm the world, that the very same United States culture of materialist excess and “free-market-CRAPitalism” are the very enemies of Fair and Balanced ways of Sustainable Living.

So, we should not be surprised, nor necessarily at all eager to hammer-down on the most recent shooter, because there is an irrefutable argument that he acted as he did, yes, perhaps out of a loss of tolerance, but as much out of a realisation that “IT'S WAR OUT THERE!” on the streets of the USA. And, perhaps especially, in the movie cinemas?

Thus, each of us has a duty to be soldiers, or Warriors, in the perpetual battle for Sanity, for Rightminded Culture and Societies.

And out of a most painful awareness of the heavily negative aspects of USA culture, and here it must be said that toooo much of that is brought into being, promoted and exaggerated by the loose, loose, extremely loose and uncontrolled imagination of Hollywood, whence the Batman movie on show at the scene of the mass shooting was made, so the shooter does seem to have in one way, lost his own Intelligent Balance, but in another way not at all, and was, by some force, and not necessarily at all an evil force, inspired to go sick.

Returning to my diagnosis of his character, it cannot be ignored that witchcraft is on the rampage today, right across the world, but perhaps in the extreme in the United States.

So any who are appointed to judge him, are obliged to take such phenomena into consideration, and ask themselves if he hasn't been “infected” by an occult virus if-I-may, and thus driven to abandon his previous high level of Intelligence.

(It happened at Tasmania's “Port Arthur” in the 1990s, where a young adult – name gone – shot many more tourists with high powered automatic weapons. I have no doubt he was entranced by some violent force, and worse, for a political outcome, which was to bring the federal government to take the peoples' weapons off them.)

Considering the “fresh”, perhaps “innocent” personality on show in the San Diego video, and, perhaps, indeed, I am inclined to place emphasis on this, his high level of Intellect, thus, his high ability to see the reality of the social and cult-ural situation extant in the USA, taken to the most extreme heights by that extremely dubious phenomenon we know as “Hollywood”, we are forced, if we are able to assess and judge these repeated incidents impartially - the duty of courts and judges - to ask if his perceptions at least, if not his chilling actions, were quite correct and accurate?

If so, then it cannot be decided by popular demonisation, whether he, or the culture out of the exaggerator Hollywood, are the most guilty.

For there has, at some stage, to be an impartial and completely honest assessment of the mass-effects of the overblown imagination of Hollywood's “blockbusters”, and their inevitable effects on the minds of the masses who watch them, minds already dumbed-down to the lowest levels by the religious cults behind Hollywood, and so often become totally absorbed by the delusions and illusions an over-funded movie crew, set and writer can produce.

Sentencing Holmes to death for his stance against what I, and many others clearly see as a pernicious Zionist “messiah cult” conspiracy – Hollywood – and it's ceaseless output of these false hero movies, will solve absolutely nothing.

Even I can extend my sympathies to the families of the victims.

But I add that the death penalty for the shooter will not in fact make their deepest regions of Soul appeased. It will be but a zero-quality band-aid on the wound which has been created by the freedoms to exaggerate and lie, to deceive the masses into believing that they can find solace and inner peace in fictional characters like batman, superman, spiderman, et al et al.

Like the laws of that nation, corrupt, all of them.

I assert that the shooter Holmes was Intelligent enough to properly perceive this, and perhaps of a much Higher Selflessness enough to take the course of action he did.

Those who delude themselves and others that we are in peaceful times, are dangerous fools.

Clearly, in the suburbs of the most wealthy nations, wars are being fought minute-by-minute, and between and against people's of the same streets, of the same states and nations, and “color”, be-that-a-false-division.

Perhaps most-so in the United States of America.

So, in realising the leap necessary in thinking of such incidences, but in thinking of the direction and future of nations and localities like Aurora Colorado, it is the Human Beings' Duty to look higher than accusing one individual, who it seems to me, was possessed by a fearlessness to make a mark on the undoubtedly corrupted and warped “Hollywood USA” culture, as it is everyone's Duty to look not to one superhero to save us and solve the world of worries, and dig for the facts which have taken a fine people so far off the Intelligent and Wise Straight and Narrow, and has left them without better inspiration and motive enough than to have them hunger for and watch senseless and Intellectually-damaging bullshit fictions like the batman, superhero-type movies.

Better to incarcerate him where he can pursue the sciences he preferred.

Time I'm sure, will prove that he has more benefit to give to American Society than take.

Again, while US governments, at all levels, fail and stubbornly, selfishly refuse to address the underlying causes of citizens' revolts and crimes, these shootings will keep-on-comin', and all of us will be degraded.

Not for the reactions we call “crimes” and “mass murders”, but for the ignorance and arrogance in the delusional over-confidence of the authorities.

Norway saw one Warrior take action.

England saw hundreds in the “Hoodies”.

The likes of “Al Qieda” are the natural reaction to the manipulative and delusional corruptions of True Law by the dominant Zionists.

They, the “Freedom Fighters” who take violent action against the selfish and ignorant elites and sycophantic mainstream masses, are everywhere, and are Legion, as-they-say.

Corrupt and oppressive laws, wars and high walls cannot prevent or eliminate them.

Only True Laws, can have them Volunteer to put down their weapons.

Pity the military forces and police who cannot see this, and cannot bring themselves and their personnel to PROTEST for the introduction of Just Law.

Today, it's a GLOBAL Thing.

That this does not happen, is a clear sign that the dominant military and government and corporate spy agency powers are in complete disarray.

But it is also undeniably clear, that their elite masters have also long ago lost the plot, and now, in the 21st century, we are on an unstoppable slide into the pit, into Hell.

Those who war against, the machine, or against the dominant ignorance of western materialism, of Hollywood-promoted CRAPitalism, are Right, and are Righteous, no matter what small town America or smaller mind fundamentalists might champ-at-the-bit about and shout.

Shooter Holmes is in the thick of it, in the centre of the USA.

No doubt, he, in his naivety and clarity of mind, will inspire more to take it to the streets, be-it at the sacrifice of their own freedoms and lives.

Enjoy the sedatives, Holmesy!

In terms of “heroes”, methinks Hollywood just does not get it.

It's people are blinded by the false celebrity they receive, and the money they make, which only make them more determined to make more fictional, less realistic garbage.

There is a total disconnect between them, the junk they pump out, and the minds and lives they and their films effect.

That they reach such a mass audience, but are never put under serious and just scrutiny, as to any social, ethical, cultural or Intellectual propriety, or not, shows the blinding and dangerous power of their industry and of the disgusting agenda-ridden corporate forces behind them.

The hero is not any individual.

Like that saying from Africa:

It takes a Village to Grow a Child”, into being a Wise, Responsible and Peaceful Adult.

The Hero is the Group, which, who, knows, understands and voluntarily lives according to True Laws.

Ask any Aussie Bleck Fella.

Wise-Up, Israel! Britain! Eurape! USA! Astrayliar!

You're culture is wrong!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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