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From the last few posts here on Nobody-But-Googlebots-Reads-It maxearth.blogspotty.communistus it's clear I've gleaned more about the unreality of my own life, and thus, to some extent at least, about the unreality around me, called “the world”.

“The dream” remains the most applicable term describing what I experience, and, as in the poem posted here a few weeks ago, many reasons apply to why I both will not, and can't be woken out of this illusory state.

One, is my determined “PROTEST of DEFIANCE” against the cults who have held me in this state, in their construct since not just birth, but since conception.

The other main reason I am stuck here, is that now that the world is afire with witchcraft, and as the western world, due to the ignorance and covert evil of the Jewish and Catholic cults, who have deployed the dark arts upon the flockers for at least 1600 years, since the Roman “Councils of Nicea”, to make as many of us as stupid as possible, for multiple reasons, not all at all “kosher”, and thus have separated us from the higher realms, the 4th dimension, but more importantly, the more Sacred Higher 5th, 6th and I postulate, the 7th dimensions, which is that Supreme Spiritual level, of the Universal Oneness, if-you'll-forgive that term, the world is now disarmed, disabled from first, knowing how we really must live, so-as to not irk the more powerful Spirits of the Cosmos, and thus attract their ire, the horror which does not tolerate stupid cultures and stupid attitudes, and as well, the vast majority of the most wealthy, white, western, Jewish and Christian nations, are about as weak as a dark occultist could want, so as to overpower them/us.

Therefore, planned and most suitable for the centrist Judeo-Roman plan, the majority are useless at defending themselves or their realms, against the endless power of often more Intelligent forces, spirits, even aliens who venture here from any point in the many universes via the 4th occult, magic dimension, easy seeing as the Catholics' plan also included making us as unintelligent as they could, whence we have little choice but to fall for their “faith” trip, and thus have to follow their warped beliefs and orders, which happens to centre, to focus around the puppet they create, who they tell us to believe is the superman messiah, who knows everything and who is the one powerful enough to destroy all evil.


Having barred the majority of the western peoples, and thus as we expanded our empires and became the brutal colonialists, having barred the majority of the human species from having the inherent powers we all once had Intelligent knowledge and Wise control of, as opposed to the newly awakened westerners, who have never had any intellect, nor therefore any Wise control of their own mental processes, so when it comes to having occult powers, they always loose the plot and act out in the extreme.

But fitting this awry and ignorance-based, self-interested plan to retain power in Eurape, et al, the average white western idiots' minds are “built on sand” of false, weak, pathetic religious, occult beliefs, and so when confronted with even just a few Truths, one being that their ways are shit, and their beliefs are pathetic and mostly outright evil, so when confronted with the awesome power of the Truth, as expressed by those the idiots perceive as evil, yet are merely ones who see the flaws and challenge the corrupt religion, the softcock westerners shit themselves, and fold to the terrors of ghosts and perceived aliens etc, and Et Al.

Then, the Roman plan went, the Great Leader, the returned false Jesus has only to step in and shoo the naughty spirits away, and all will be happ-happ-happy again!

Straight back to the Garden of Eden!


So..., this is how it seems to be in this dream I'm stuck and stay defiantly within.

Maaaay-be? Maaaay-be NOT!

Since the few weeks ago, I lost interest in commenting on the news, etc., 'cause it was all bullshit, fabricated to suit some fucker's agenda, of making me think I can decipher the crap and save the idiots.

So I let it run on and find it's own way out.

But, funnily enough, the news seems to generate bad stories, with added expectations that the end is not going to be any 1930's depression, but one where the ruthless right wing scum on top of the pool take over even more, and stomp everyone not in the 500,000-dollar-and-above, income bracket.

One unexpected, but hope-giving item was the mining billionaire Clive Palmer leaving the Liberal/National Party convention calling it a “Stalinist meeting” or such.

And talking about mining billionaires, my 1st comment, after the depressing rabbit above, goes to the mental health of the world's wealthiest Australian woman, Gina Rhinehart.

She's tended to win more than her due share of the media spotlight recently, having made dramatic moves into Australian media - channel 10, and Fairfax.

Watching parts of ABC's Four Corners doco about her last week, one gleaned an arrogance, perhaps contrived (is not all arrogance contrived?), about her, from her younger days to now. That awful air of superiority, where she can afford to speak calmly and slowly, knowing she is rich enough to stomp anyone who interrupts or walks away, and can say anything she likes, cause she can afford to.


Clearly her wealth has, as it always does - look at the insane plans enacted by the super-wealthy 19th century diamond magnate, Cecil Rhodes - made her believe she can do with the world, and it's people, what she damned-well-likes, and can buy off anyone who opposes her.

Admittedly, we do not live in a Democracy, and not on anything near a Democratic planet. Oligarchs have controlled the roost for millennia, and are doing everything they can to ensure they continue to, Rhinehart include, as if it's their inherent right.

But, as has been proven repeatedly, wealth brings psycho-pathologies-innumerable, and Rhinehart definitely has her own, yet to face and dispel.

This doesn't make her evil. But the power wealth gives individuals always has them more prepared to lean to doing evil to keep their wealth and ways. Look at all western, 1st world nations, their leaderships, and the majority of these comparatively upper-class peoples, they are the most off-track in any Honorable, Noble, Dignified, Humble, Spiritual ways of living.

Precisely why so many from other Philosophies and faiths rail against the west. Not because they/we are fundamentally evil, but because they/we are blinded, hypnotically by the stupidity and shallowness of the western capitalist, materialist venture.

Nevertheless...... Gina Rhinehart (like Murdoch and other media and wealthy magnates) is relying upon the average Australian's psychic weakness to walk all over the media she wants to buy into.

The story I saw in the SMH the other day, which went to the hard cold, yet very warming FACTS about immigration, and about the falsity of the never-silenced “Boaties” refugee arguments postulated by the idiot opposition parties, was seen as Fairfax's editorship firing back at the dumb-them-down takeover bids of Rhinehart, and was quite inspiring, after years of the mainstream media here being ever weaker in their readiness to talk true about such issues.

But as for her, and the ongoing Murdoch elitist, Bilderberger, Brettonwoods Illuminati agenda-ridden want to dominate all the world's media, thus information, opinion, exposure of corruption in authority, and thus any firthering of the world toward a Democratic, that-is, a planet with Intelligence and Wisdom guiding and governing our cultures and behaviours, therefore the eradication of the pernicious need for those utterly despicable oligarchic political-class liars, surely those who still have occasional thoughts with integrity and still work, with a passion, in media, especially those two - Fairfax's and Murdoch's - which are under fire of being reduced even more to centralised censors and total controllers of all the information which is fundamental to this hazy notion called “Democracy”, is it not obvious, painfully, blatantly obvious that as there must be some significant sector of Journalists even just within those two media powerhouses who earn fairly high salaries, wages, incomes, but as well, those lower on the “pecking order” wherever the laborious work is performed, who could very easily accumulate enough of their cheese-crackers into one or a number of bids for shareholder control of said media empires, and thus, save their own black coffee, beer, vodka and skittles backsides?

As those I've watched and read and listened to for decades within especially the Fairfax stables, have Intellectual and Ethical Credibility oozing out every office (that - wuz close!?!?!) and home-media studio, it cannot be that they miss this need and opportunity to take their own livelihoods, and thus, the well-being of their large readership/listenership/watchership into their own hands, or portfolios?

A brainstorming session of more than a few of them would in-an-instant produce the best, most lucrative, PLUS most honorable designs for media in this fast-changing world.

My, mymymymy lil' dreaming would be that they could, as a United Outfit, be able to decentralise from 250 Spencer Street, and other hotboxes of control and subversion, perhaps back into the undoubtedly numerous suburban home-offices, to run the best quality, most Democratic media organisation going - local - where whatever format is established as best, personally I see strong reasons why we should fight to keep the print media alive - in case of a massive outage or economic Armageddon downing all electronics and such - with the media consortia working across the demographic, but from within it, not, as centralisation always does, from above it.

Without the durge of getting to the city office daily, only to have to kowtow to management, always with a biased and crude, rude and utterly corrupt agenda - real estate advertising, for one - yet, while the electrics are still working, communicating local-to-global, without the whorey pressures extant in high-pressure zones of city offices and demands.

Surely it is clear that as media and it's formats are changing so much, those who work within media have also to “modify” at the very least, the way they go about their work?

With such needs, unavoidable I put it, comes both pressure and opportunity to rise to the need of the times, to get back - if it ever was - to honorable reporting and comment on the evermore crucial politico-economic and - and - the inherent and disgustingly corrupt cults and their maggoty cultures.

While I'm the 1st to argue that we DO NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY, we have, over centuries, made significant strides, as-it-goes, toward that Ideal, that Dreamy and Beautiful Notion.

And how much does one have to bomb the fucking palaces before the masses, and those working in Journalism put to the fore, that FACT that Democracy would have never reached it's potential without the media, without those whisky-sodden journos who would defy the bosses and pump-out factual exposes of the age-old centrist, monarchist tendencies and drifts of corruption in authority?

Well said, one Clive Palmer, on the “...Stalinist Liberal/National party convention..”, which hailed the dickhead Tiny Habit as the messiah!

While media hacks, and printers and journos and editors AND BOSSES refuse to go the route of combining their incomes and resources - inestimably valuable intellectual and knowledge and information and experiential resources - to take control of their own profession(s), down to the Union Workers on the “shop floor”, the likes of upclub, uptop, upemselves mining magnates will walk all over you, and thus all over the crucial information highways which are our media, and Astrayliar will be the feared totalitarianist regime that Tiny Habit dreams and wanks over being boss of.

You - YOU! And you know who I'm talking to - have the chance, and the duty, to form a collective to buy into the media share market.

I put it that such a Combined move, by all employed in each firm, would save the falling companies' share prices, and the industry and the Democracy we strive for.

The public are distracted by fear and by the endless array of electronic and entertainment media on the market now, but might, might return to the good, better, best sites, papers, stations, channels, once they see that the media themselves, that is YOU, are genuine and now capable of doing what they once dreamed of doing, in providing the masses with the knowledge they know they need for a Genuine Democratic planet.

Democracy cannot be dreamed of, hoped for or enabled, if media fails the People.

If YOU, in media, do not go the most Democratic route, I say close at least to what I suggest above, you can all kiss your latte-arses “goodbye!”

And those of the people.

And now to the other news......

Max No Difference, aka Omaxa bin Eartha, aka OmOHades, aka King Max Meredith “The Dissenting Vigilante Outlaw DEFYING Royal Abdicator”, is still, after 18 fucking years, living in complete exile and homelessness, and is working - between chastising media - AND REAL ESTATE - on building his mobile home.

What a guy....!”

The modern day media version of Guy Folkes!

And - KATOOSHKA! -there goes another fiery arrow down on the heads of media, politics, the CIA, MI6 and little little ASIO!

Will it hit the spotsssss???

Oh, that reminds him!

Julian Assange!

I reckon he's on a winner in the Ecuador embassy. 'Cause even if he leaves and is arrested by the British jacks, they'll be able to enforce restraints on his leaving for Svaydun, yaya?

Wvot? I'm brought to ask, of any Honorable Svaaaaydish media Journos and REALPoliticians?

Vhy doss zay not make muzik over this set-up, and expose the two women who claim Assange was out-sexing them?

On the side, this exact scenario of being set-up by scumsucking untrustworthy femme fatales, is precisely why I have not taken any offers of sex with the disingenuous gender for some 15-to-20 years!

I was seduced by one siren, once, and when I left her she hexed and nearly killed me, as well as trying to extract alimony and added expenses from me, even after she promised (HA! NEVER TRUST ANY WOMAN WHO PROMISES TO NOT DO YOU OVER, BLOKES!) that she would not, and lied her fanny off about wanting a child, because she was a loner, and wanted a close friend, etc etc rah rah rah.

Facts were that she - and her outright evil sisters - were plying her/their dark witchcraft upon me from before we “met” in Alice Springs, and does so to this day, some 26 years later. And even yesserday, I “deduced” “divined” the vaginal turd that came from our short entwining, rode his motorbike with 3 other real tough mates to where I was stopped in the bush, and proceeded to throw occult curses at me all night.

NAH! Julian Assange has learned the hard, very hard way, that the female of our species, the white, Catholic or Christian western females of the species, are never to be trusted, especially if you are in politics and Human Justice.

But hey, I've got a flat tyre to repair.....

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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