Outlaw Junction Government cuts public housing group funds Edition

120628 Truelaw Outlaw Junction Government cuts public housing group funds Edition

Spotted this above titled article in the Brisbane Times online yesserday, and whilst still stuck in something of an illusory mental state, where everything seems as a dream, so nothing around me, nor in any news services, is real, I fired-up my thinkstankery and spun the following off the spools of mindation.
In the past, I would scribe such stuff and then email them to upto 40 political and social justice groups at once, sometimes many more, and felt like emailing this'n to the several which operate around Queensland. I've connected by phone with some of them here since coming here, when searching for somewhere to live. But finding both able people and suitable, mainly affordable housing is nigh-on impossible in this bullshit state, run by extremely selfish and stupid Catholics, et al. To the few people working in this area whom I found prepared to put-out to try and help, I apologize for these words, and exclude yourselves from my insults.

Government cuts public housing group funds
 June 26, 2012 www.brisbanetimes.com.au
This is expected & follows typical right wing policy in support of the profitable real estate industry, the most immoral business sector.
Kennett in Victoria did the same, as his successor Liberal Bailleau is doing.
Of course, the right wing extremist corporate political "conservatives" in Britain & the USA, being "owned" as much, by the planet's most ruthless "Freemasons", do that "lost" & for centuries psychopathological cult's bidding & manipulating of all real estate markets, so we in Australia, on both sides, are forced to follow suit.
But, on the other side of the global coin of politrix, the very Catholic, allegedly "left wing", ie., Socialist, Labor "left" in Australia, but worldwide, has ignored the immorality of private land speculation since at least the 1970s, & arguably since the "DLP split" in the late 1950s, so both "left & right"  or, perhaps more defined as "the Catholic left, and the Freemason right", are culpable of crimes against the People.

The crises striking Britain, Ireland, Europe & the USA of over-consumption & the eventual, inevitable economic results from unsustainable living - in fact from the unsustainable "culture" of excess, all have their genesis in, put bluntly, plain wrong policies surrounding land ownership, distribution, & the immoral freedom to speculate on what amounts to our fellow humans' fundamental, root-need for housing.

Secure, non-market-vulnerable, thus stable & "affordable" long-term housing.

The land.

That the right-wing corporate "selfish parties" cut funding to public housing groups only shows their readiness to ignore the most basic moral duty all levels of government should have as a 1st Principle.
But lets be clear, the vast majority of so-called "public housing groups" are managed & staffed by the "faithful" & obedient products of the upper-tier church schools, who, you can be sure, are safely & relatively luxuriously housed & most often have the exclusive backing of the wealthiest land speculators - their Catholic & Christian churches - to own their own homes. Homes which they profit from in buying & reselling through the very evil of the land speculation real estate marketplace.

Indeed, the same immoral ex-students of the churches run and control real estate & banking industries, &, of course government & every aspect & sector of the law courts & professions.

But closest to the under-privileged, the private, religious schools manage, & control housing policy etc., in the Centrelink offices.

So all genuine corrections to corrupt laws around every person's legal, that-is moral right to affordable accommodation, is put to the bottom of these so-called "public housing groups'" priorities.

It serves their own staff's desires well to ignore & whenever necessary, to stymie any moves to make the overall housing & land distribution policies and laws correct - that-is "not corrupt", therefore these so-called "public housing groups" are fundamentally, for their own selfish gain, supporting the Liberal-National party anti-social, anti-Community, anti-affordable housing agenda.

One way over this is for the "customers" of these organizations to get off the under-the-table, off-the-back-of-a-truck evasive economic circuit endemic across most societies, get organized away from any subversive church-control agents & agencies, &, by whatever means, fund their own "Collectives", to supplant these diluted and essentially ineffective so-called "public housing groups", & Centrelink etc., & become legally-savvy enough to form "think-tank" lobby groups, to both organise lawful challenges to the corrupt laws, to the point of mounting high court challenges, toward the fundamentals of land distribution & taxation reforms, against the likes, not just of the current Queensland LNP government, but against the general 2-party political cabal.

But especially these days, to connect & coordinate globally.

These public housing groups deliberately form links, more to uphold the corruption, & to thwart True Social & Economic Progress, than to provide better services & accommodation, & so refuse to "group-up" in order to make Straight, the road, thus, the Rights we all should enjoy without having to partake of the fundamentally & wholly corrupt mainstream economy.

Media is, or should be fundamental to enabling the less-educated social groups & classes to bring such reforms - such law & policy "Corrections" - about. 

This was for most of media's existence, what it existed for - to keep the People aware of the usual, eventual tyranny of centralized, upper-class corrupt authority.

But clearly the advertizing dollar thrown at most all larger media services by real estate (& in the most recent case, the mining lobby), buys their silence, ignorance & acceptance of this heinous corruption.
So media who pander to real estate & take the "30-pieces-of-silver" are completely betraying both the readership/listenership/watchers, & worst of all, they betray their own underrated, but often Courageous Trade, journalists, reporters & editorships.

Since early days of white occupation in Australia, the accompanying, & also invading Catholic & Protestant churches have bargained from the colonial & state governments, huge tracts of land.
It's estimated the foreign churches "own" around one-seventh, 1/7th, of Australia's, in reality Aborigines', land, thus can as well, tax-free, buy & sell it. 

Since those churches have seen huge drops in "the faithful" attendances at Sunday services, & so in most other sidelines the religions used to offer & so gather income from, "ethics & morality", or the centuries' lack of these in western religion, has become completely extinct, though they present as the western world's "moral voice", behind closed doors, they engage in the least moral wars of playing the land speculation market, purely to not vanish from society completely.

So rather than being the humble servants, of "god", & man, they have absolutely inordinate & improper power, control & influence over this, these crucial laws, customs, economic & demographic distribution, thus a seriously ignorant, until pathological power over the overall "Common-weal".

Indeed, it's not an exaggeration to say that these western cults have been the most divisive influences in western societies & across the world, & have basically been behind the creation of the different "classes" & the ever-widening gap between rich & poor.

If anyone should challenge these assertions, & my suggestion that they are pathological, I force the issue further, by insisting that Christianity generally, is psycho-pathological, that-is, mentally ill.

This is easily supported simply by the whole basis of their cult beliefs - that they need a messiah to save them!

In the very least, this shows that Christians must be less than "the full quid", or, are mentally retarded.
If they were fully enlightened, in Spiritual, thus in Intellectual, thus in mental terms, they would not either need another bloke to save them, to lead them out of "the ditch", their very own blind, insatiable & evil culture has dropped them in, & 2, would not not know what they do, therefore would relish Reason over faith, know fully "god", which is "Law", & live satisfied in body, mind & Soul, within It's safety & Peace.

We are in delicate times, & the species can no longer be forced to hang on the blind corruptions of religious faith.

Science, for too long kept as the exclusive, thus censored province of the upper, church classes, especially the denied and most important of all, "Economic" Science, must be thrown open and freely available to all levels and classes of all nations.

"Knowledge is Power!"

But most importantly, "Knowledge is Our Right & Duty!"

1st & foremost however, has to be everyone's full Knowledge of "the Law of The Land"!
Without this, we will never cure nor resolve the increasing housing affordability & homelessness crises.

Om O'Hades
Hell's Gate,
for Global Land & Tax Reform

Postscripted thoughts are that these suggestions by my thinktankery, about the “customers” of these services getting off the under-the-table economies so many cannot afford to live without, seem to me to be little more than “pipe-dreaming” these days, as one, it's all a pernicious dream, cungered by the darkest catholic cults, and two, the actors in this dream, apparently of mine, are so welded-on to crime and it's fruits, having been lowered to their sub-human levels by the mentioned churches and their forced false doctrines and polito-economic agendas, that there's no point pushing for any Justice anywhere on earth now, especially as we really are in the last days of this epoch of human endeavor and excess.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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