“There Was A Dreamer”

120617 Dreamlaw Outlaw Junction Poem-Chop “There Was A Dreamer” Edition

Watching payTV on a 1 inch mobile screen, knowing something deep has not been right for about 58 fucking years, the Sci-Fi channel currently has “Charmed” on, about 3 luscious American goils, who protect the world with white witchcrafty type stuff. The present episode tells of one of them captured by a nasty piece of dirt, and is kept in a dream, suffering all the woes of some evil and sadistic germ, in a warped unreality.

Struck a deeeeep chord, it does!

Explained my whory lot, which inspired a poem from my depths...... inescapable depths I am slowly drowning in, thanks to a bevy of imbeciles who can't keep their psychic-dicks out of my aura.

Not one of the best this headwreck has produced, but it says something, if only that


Thanks goils!

There was a dreamer, who stayed asleep, and kept his dream awake.

For once he knew the Catholic's plan, of keeping him in their control, he saw the trap and stayed in bed, to avoid being made their religious fake.

So every witch and every fool, as often one and the same, raced to play with his dream, and used his curse to drown the earth, and then upon him lay the blame.

So, he, trying for the Wise, conceded life is shit, and endured the pain and isolation, knowing their witchcraft always throws the thrower into the bottom of Hell's pit.

Yet still the spells, kept coming in his portals, and cursers all thought “Oh this is FUN!”

And so it is, fascinating stuff, until things turn and they're the hunted and scared are on the run.

58 years he's locked, in a mad cult's dream, but used his chaintime to seek some facts, to find things ain't nothin'-like what they seem!

One big detail he came to see, was that most humans were unreal, scattered, mad, half human and romping free.

He found that ghosts and spooks and invisible eyes, were self-fascinated, without their brains, completely stupid and unwise.

But oh-so confident they were, so sure they were smart and strong, that their faith and hubris and new found powers, only made them zombies, extremely idiotic thus very very wrong.

But like the heads of corporations, the maddest of us all, the psychopath can't see their mad, because psychopathology is the most blinding pall.

And all-said-and-done, the world was almost all now waste, and to leave it die slow the most painful death, was to ensure more pain than a sudden end would taste.

So the dreamer stayed asleep, and brought down the final beat, and on 21, 12, 12, he killed his dream, the game of others play was done, it's match finished, over, complete.

And all the fools who were tricked to play, with magic over the world, fell screaming low to Hell's back door, and entered eternal pain of knowing all their mistakes for ever more.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


Outlaw Junction


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