When Women Take Over The World

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For a few years now, I've had reason to think that women are behind the drive by the Catholic church, even up as far as in the Vatican, to rest control of the planet from the male-gender-power-centre of the more-or-less Anglican, Freemason cult, who currently appear to have majority control of the planet's resources, and worse, of it's real estate.

For several reasons.

But something that came to mind last week, after being “rejected” from finding a house or similar to rent for some 18 years.

“Rejected” even while having some of the best character traits, and of course, references, which show that I am something of an excellent prospective tenant, who has never trashed a rental, who has always willingly kept the places in neat condition, in mowing the lawns, painting where necessary and even doing building structural repairs, where necessary.

Well.., “always” with some exceptions, like a house I rented in Eltham Victoria in the early 1980s. Located in a “rustic zone”, leaving the grass to grow upto a metre tall in the front yard suited the locale. And Bob-The-Dog (Best Damned Dog In The World!), and Cheetah, my small and neuro-dysfunctional puddy-cat enjoyed it too.

But, outside my less than mainstream manner, having owned, repaired and built motorcycles in the property's sheds or garages, and lived the generally “Outlaw” style of life, of smoking the Mary-do-ya-wanna, drinking a lot of alcohol to “self-medicate” my way through the residual childhood trauma hangover, and yes, having a loud voice, using it to excess when fellow tenants acted quite unacceptably, I always, with one exception, paid the rent on time, and received back the prepaid bond.

But, since leaving Victoria, moving in 1998 to Nimbin/Lismore area in northern NSW, then to Gympie Queensland in March 2011, while most of the time accepting that I was being pursued by Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs for the (unexplained, and ever-denied) things mummy happened to forget to tell me about myself - that I am allegedly of royal blood, with attachments like being the fated child to be king, of the fucking Jews, and thus have lived as a Nomad, on-the-road, in vehicles.

In this, all-the-while, I was being forced, by quite covert and quite deluded cults, as said, up as far as the Vatican, to believe I was merely being a “Human Justice Warrior”, fighting the good fight.

Doing so, left me with no option but to abandon all hopes of renting a house or such, from the quite evil “real estate industry”, for that industry is the very antithesis of all underlying Human Justice Issues.

But, as said, just last week it struck me how many women now work in real estate, and, on the occasions I've applied for a rental, only to be rejected by the agent, I so often noted an upemselves air of “bad luck sucker! Hehehe!” from the invariably female real estate on the other end of the phone.

Without doubt, they have exuded immense pleasure in being the ones to tell me, that “sorry Maaaax..., no, your application (for somewhere to live in relative peace and security), has not been accepted!”

So, now, when I'm motivated by severe austerity, to once more scan the 'net for accommodation, memories and the thought of dealing with the most arrogant females on Earth, in real estate, has me just “window shop”.

But my latest pondering on the subject in general, of housing and land purchase and or rental prices, being as they are in Astrayliar, the most inflated on Earth, brought down from the ether the question of whether there is any correlation between the skyrocketing of land prices, which, from research I did for a fellow in the 1990s, really began to increase from about 1972-on, and the rise in the number of females working in the real estate industry?

Being overtly, a sworn misogynist, I take the stance of reckoning that there is a direct relationship between the 2.

And, weighing all factors possible, this is by no means an extraordinary postulation.

It is quite correct to put it that females, “women” have as much psychological dysfunction as the males of the species.

It is also not at all unreasonable to put it that females, young and old, but accepting that youth get their biases from what the adults inculcate in them, the young are essentially blameless, bear long-ingrained grudges against males, for the age-old male domination situation, as still exists, east, west, north and south.

“Revenge” is greatest in dysfunctional minds, embittered and avaricious, insatiable minds, and the desire increases multifold when opportunity shows itself.

Since the Whitlam government of the 1970s made it possible for single mothers to get government financial assistance, thus be more independent of males, of male partners, and of the mainly male-orientated workforce, and since the “women's liberation” movement gained traction from the 1960s or so, many women have taken advantage of the changes, and with this has grown an equally disproportionate fascination with power for females.

One of the underlying aspects within this, well concealed from the male gender, is simply for dominance of men, both out of a long-restrained grudge, and lust for revenge, but also, rightly or not - naturally I say NOT - for females delusions that the natural order of Human society is for women to rule over men.

We all know the common refrain by bitching females that they are superior to men. That they chant that they are the only ones of the two genders, who can make another human life, so automatically makes them superior, to me, just shows how much they base their alleged superiority on their genitals and ability to drop a ruggie, over any inherent, Natural Human Intelligence, Intelligence which is or should be natural in both genders.

Arguments are aplenty showing women to be more than foolish while they rely in-the-main on their ability to have children over any of the aspects, traits, faculties which make Humans Human, principally the ability to divine Wise concepts, thoughts, and behaviours.

This, the Human Intellect, is by orders of magnitude, superior to any merely biological abilities to reproduce.

But, as, in this deeply awry day-and-age, with females winning more equal rights, to the point of having an excess of rights - “divorce settlements” but one case in point - and thus the legal opportunity to be as stupidly avaricious and corrupt as the males of the species, therefore with women, extremely few having expunged from their psyches the ingrained bitternesses and wants for revenge against the males, and the over-compensatory prejudices of their assuming a superiority, mainly only serves to make women dangerously more egocentric, and, in their pumped-up self-aggrandising beliefs, more willing, able and less-reasoned in abusing whatever powers they have especially over any males whom the women know are better persons.

Better, in that such males may be more Honest, for one. For we all know that women learn young, again, fostered by their matriarchs, that they have to know well how to lie, to deceive and to keep secrets over men.

It should not be put on one or the other gender that they cause the other to become liars, or to cheating, etc.

Both excel in “breaking hearts” etc. This, however, is based in an awry culture, a culture which has long been lost off the path of Honesty, of Righteousness, of Integrity Et Al.

So we cannot assert that women are better than men, or vice-versa.

In the “modern world”, while we prescribe to that “modern lifestyle”, we're all seriously dysfunctional scumbags, come down to it.

However, things as they are, generally in utter chaos, with, in the modern, western, Judeo-Christian trend, the majority being quite insane, and like all psycho-pathological people, it is impossible for them to “see”, to recognise and to cure themselves of their psycho-pathology, purely because of their psycho-pathology, giving egomaniacs any power other than the power to cure themselves, only takes us all down.

Being on the outside, having been forced to confront my own psycho-pathologies since my youngest years, I cannot see non-psychotic behaviour in mainstream Astrayliarn society.

It is part-and-parcel of the times, of the culture, and, spreading exponentially, is taking the whole world under.

While those who have by fortune alone, never, never, by their own will and motivation, found themselves in positions of wealth, influence, power and authority, assume superiority over others, without expunging from their own mind the typically large number of dysfunctional beliefs, and it cannot be emphasised enough just how many dysfunctional beliefs there are inherent in the messianic Zionist, Judeo-Christian doctrines and delusions, they should definitely not have any control over any person's fundamental right and need for secure accommodation, and what should be integral in that, of enough land upon which to “grow” a natural and Green life.

While women are too often known to assert that they are not egotistical, the opposite in this liberated age, is true.

But try discussing that with a female real estate agent?

But a few, have been seen clearly to not get the greatest thrill when they can determine whether a male is able to find a place to live.

Especially, if that male, is superior in Honesty, in Integrity, in Intellect, in Ethics, than them.

But, getting back to the original premise, that women want to take over the world, it figures that were land and housing prices to rise as much as they have, worldwide, and as the western courts are leaving men nearly destitute, by awarding the women the house and land package in divorce cases, with the huge increases in land/housing values, the victorious women are being lifted up enough, for the first time in history, to having economic power over men.

And all power is in the land.

Own the land, and you own the people.

So, it goes that there is, by what I regard as a covertly female cult - Catholicism - the demand that marriages be monogamous, and essentially divide the Community into the smallest possible reproductive and economic parcels - the nuclear family unit.

While I do not argue that women got a generally bad deal in the past, in the typical western, Christian marriage situation, and thus were often due for a better time of it, I do maintain that this western single-couple marriage design has far more negatives to it, and to the aftermath of such, than a few other “models” for Community, I've dreamed of over time.

One being not my own, but that of the Australian Aborigines, where such isolating relationships were not the central focus of anyone's life.

The Men, grew-up the male youth, and the Women, grew-up the female youth, had their own Pathes, in psychology and on the land, knew their duties, and their ways of recreation, and how to display their reverence for each other, and for the world.

In the west, in this “modern world” we are so off-the-track that sexuality dominates most everything we think and do.

This, is completely insane, and is the lowest aspect of this once Noble Being, which is precisely why the world is heading for it's own end.

Indeed, Man, and Woman, are their own worst enemy.

“But I want to have a BAAAYBEEE!!!???#$%^&*!?

Drove me to drink they did! Best thing they ever did for me!”

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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Omaxa bin Eartha
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