Drop The EU Bullshit & Greek Election

120616 Truelaw Outlaw Junction News-Drop The EU Bullshit & Greek Election Edition

..... and on the last day.....

The last day before Greeks go back to the polls - that is - to tell the Brute-Eurapeans which way they will go from here.

Back to the polls, to tell the upemselves, upclub, uptop Zionist Brute-Eurapeans who sit on-high in the most disgustingly opulent, unsustainable thrones on Earth, held-up there by the most delusional and evil Christian mythologies about “Jesus” and every-untrue-thing they've relied upon for some 1950 years, since He was crucified for speaking honestly about the endemic corruption of both the Jewish Temple, the Jewish elites, and those of the invading Romans.

Predicting either way from down here down the shithole in Astrayliar, is stupid.

But one can hope.

However, taking the course I dream-of, for Greece, and for the species into the future, but local to Greece, for Egypt, Syria, Libya, other neighbour-nations like those poorer Euro-cousins in the Balkans, and further east into the Caucasus, and of course the fools in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Brutain, etc, is beyond the ruling classes in all of them, to absorb, and humble themselves to accept and adopt.

But the same applies down here down the shitrap.

In Astrayliar, slowly we are fed news of collapsing corporations, Australian and foreign IMF-type corporations who've taken too big a bight of everything for too long.

An “economy” (HA!), engineered, both to fabricate a market for-to flog their unsustainable products to, y'know, ridiculously superfluously fancy autos, tricked-up household equipment, “white-goods”, entertainment gizmos, super-high tech junk, the most of it, designed to last a few months outside the warranty (yeah, an over-statement!), then through the rudest, outright lying via “innocent” exaggeration by the advertising and marketing industry, inordinately tempt the braindead masses, absent of all Wise discrimination, into wasting their cheese-crackers on, then, once amassing the peoples' wealth, begin to blackmail governments to do it their mindless, carcinogenic, totally unsustainable way, all multiplying the drain on the supply of resources, the environment, the biosphere, nature's animals, critters, water supplies, land and marine stability, sending whole nations (and environments) into un-repayable debt, while their bankers and corporate cabals, the OCCUPY Movement's antithesis, the upper-upperclass “1%”, reap the filthy profits, the masses are left with the most barren economic, cultural and environmental landscape the planet has ever seen.

99% of Australians have no say in any of this. They are but victims of the offshore cabals, who “own” the zombie police forces, and merely, like everywhere, to be allowed a home, and friends, and family, “a life”, the 99% are forced to comply, be silent, and get what they can from whichever “market” is open to them. As with most peoples now, the black market is resorted to increasingly. Governments perhaps most of all, if we accept that the mainstream marketplace is in fact quite black, in that it is completely free of all conscience, of all morality, and of all ethical considerations. Run, by NO coincidence, by the western, Christian and Freemason powers.

On one hand, the Labor-Greens-Independents federal government, whom, of the two available options, I “side” with, as opposed to the disgustingly incredible right wing “alternative”, trumpets how good they are as economic managers, and the recent federal budget was, in their spin-doctors' eyes, “a fucking rippa, mayyte!”

And sure, compared to the financial troubles Eurape, and Ireland, and Brutain, the USA, the CIA, and all other acronyms, like the EU, the IMF, have told the world about, Astrayliar hasn't done too badly.

If you believe the figures?

Meanwhile, standing in complete contradiction to the federal government's figures, something doesn't quite “figure”?

Because the two most populated states, New South Wales and Whos'land-er-Queensland, are in serious shit, that-is debt, with the 3rd, Victoria, close behind, all posting deficits in their recent budgets?

So, someone's telling porkies!?!?!?!?

So, Greece, and other continental nations, are all facing disaster while Greece, remains within the EU. For the EU is about to implode, so badly as to take down every other nation who relies and even trades with them.

So badly as to take down every other nation who has anything at all to do with them.

And, while the media and the global elites try to keep us thinking that for one, Syria's civil war, and the changes of guard across north Africa, or the centuries-old troubles in the rest of the world, are separate issues to the over-consumption woes of the 1st world north, including Greece, the species fails to see the big picture, which is that one, they are NOT separate issues, and two, we are all in this together, and therefore we MUST, I say MUST, drop parochial figitings and most all of the headline material the idiot media pumps at us, and collectivise as soon as possible.

This we can only do by dropping totally all our own little personal and usually secreted egotripper delusions of wanting MOREMORE MORE, and a sweet and comfy western, modern lifestyle.

But, as said, few, very few white guys - male, female, upper class, lower class, mainstream, outlaw, gay, young or half-smart, are anywhere near capable of going as far as they/we need to stop the rot.

In other words, “we'se all fucked, dudes!”

So, as the future, perhaps especially in the rotting Eurozone, is all disaster, it's best that the rest of us leave well alone, most everything they have flogged us over the last, say, 2000 years.

Which way does we goes once we's done that then, oh grainy one???”

Well.., the brutal truth is 1st, land redistribution.

But HEY? Is Mick Romney going to admit, or even see the reality of that path?

I don't think so...!

What about HRH Mrs Windsor and her grandkiddies?

I don't think so...!

Many politicians do see the Intellectual, Wise, Mathematics, and of course, the Economic Science of such a True Path. But many billionaires definitely cannot and will not.

Especially the mining magnates. And bankers.

And, never to be forgotten, the real estate bitches.

Now, one major sticking point extant, and muchly so in Greece, is that a lot of today's Greek wealthy, made their piles, off of mum and dad's real estate investments, or the grandparents', way down here down under in Astrayliar, after the depressed Greeks emigrated here post WW2.

Being perhaps a lot more savvy than the average 1950s, 1960s white-guy Christian Anglo-Aussie, they saw the bonanza awaiting them in cheap land, and plenty of it, in the Great Southern Land, and slaved their underclass, immigrant backsides-off to save enough for a ten pound plot of land, which quickly-enough inflated up to making most of them well-situated enough to trip back-and-forth as often as they liked.

So now, the inheritors of their folk's hard and wise work and investments, are rather more than enamoured of the lazy unearned-income lifestyle, and do not want to correct their thinking and never-do-an-honest-days-work patterns for NO-one..., mayyte!

Lots of them live in Astrayliar, but a lot of them either trip to-and-fro, or have emigrated back to the exotic Greek isles, sipping ouzo and black coffee, nibbling on olives, fetta, tzatzikis, souvlakis and lazing in the Mediterranean sun.

ARGH! The good life!

While the Aussie and Greek speculative real estate markets hold-up!

But they have already folded, as-in Spain, Ireland, the US, et al, et al?

So what we see now is the profits of profligate spending, in unproductive, entirely speculative ventures, just, just keeping the planet afloat.

That's why news bullshits us that the markets, the stock markets, which one of the US Democrat elite Kennedy family Fellas said, “...tell us everything we don't need to know...” (paraphrased), that “....things are holding up....”.

No-o, they are NOT!

So, Greece, are you going to go down with the Titanic we know as the EU, once the bubble explodes?

Or are you going to recognise the Perennial Truths that the new Left-Wing Fella, and his so-called “extreme-left” political allies see as necessary, not for his CV or career, nor just for Greece, but for all of us, and get out before the ship of Eurape hits the much bigger iceberg?

I know he, sorry, you Greeks have funny names! Tsipiris (?) prefers to stay in the Eurozone, or says that.

But I bet ya, he also sees the future clearly and that either way is dangerous.

Staying in the EU is sensible. While the world is on the edge of a cliff, it's not necessarily wise to venture off alone, into new and sensitive, unknown, turbulent possibly hostile, uncharted free air, without a parachute.

But, from here, it would seem most practical were Greeks, and neighbours like Serbia, Croatia Et Al, but also Turkey and those of the Caucasus, to bury all and any hatchets of olden days, make amends and come together in a new local economic trade zone.

No-one will survive hard times, by going it alone. “Security in numbers” is what is behind such entities as the Eurapean Common Market, the United States of America, and is in fact what enables private corporations from little fellas up to the megalithic IMF, to grow and profit. Another term for it is “economies of scale”.

Something no corporate monster, CEO or self-interested share-holder will ever admit, is that this “economies of scale” basis of corporate growth, is in fact Pure Communist Principles applied to the selfish market warzone.

So if Greeks vote for a different path to the austerity-laden deals within the Eurozone - (and surely it's clear, that “bailouts” are nothing more than magnified increases in future debts to the lenders, making those bailed-out impossibly endebted. This always ends with such chaos that vicious purging wars are the only option, other than being allowed to cancel the debt, as was done for several 3rd world nations in the passed couple of decades. But that, not until war erupted across most of them) - Greece must find other partners with which to secure their economics, trade and culture.

It is placing the nation on the back foot if it goes with more wealthy nations. Like the north of Eurape does now, a poorer nation will always be looked down upon, and patronised. Always, they will be expected to beg for the supper.

Better to find agreements to cooperate with those of some similar standing, hence the Middle East and the Caucasus. But, don't think I see Greece as a 3rd world nation. All nations have “3rd world” quarters and classes, as they all have an elite. And there, is the rub!

As well, typical of the arrogant, proud white-guy kind, were Greece to opt-out of the Euro, you can be sure that the upclubsters of the EU, and of Brutain, driven as-much by the upper ilk of Israel, would asap begin engineering chaos down Greece's way. I would suggest as far as fabricating more local warzones to make Greeks pay more for their preferring another route to the fast-stagnating Eurozone through the future shitfight everyone is going to have to face soon enough.

Even to the point of the scumsuckers of Brute-Eurape splitting Greeks and bringing them to starting their own civil war.

If Greeks want to avoid this, they best listen hard to Tsipiris, but also to the REALPolitik of REALEkonomic Land Reforms.

This can only succeed if done across the region. So Greeks have to talk with all their neighbours to find that underlying agreement toward fundamental Reforms.

Further afield, in Russia and China, the “Land” issue is well known, even while their own internal and powerful forces subvert and argue against it. Again, the upclub, selfish elites at work.

But, perhaps ironically, the USA Championed the Most Honest Economics and Most Equitable Land Distribution systems possible, born, educed and refined by one of America's Finest Philosophers, Mr Henry George.

Forced out of the spotlight by OH! Brit-Euro monarchist corporate elites, totally subverting America's otherwise Noble Democratic Path, millions of Americans know well of it's Merits, Credibility and indubitable Rectitude.

And, across the world, east and west, many see that our current turmoil is the opportunity for once, for truly healthy economics to be introduced, globally.

And globally, is the only way it can succeed.

But as many powerful elites in those two major nations are onside with fundamental land reforms, coming from a far more Intelligent, Scientific and Wise basis, opposed to the brutal “emotional” hegemonies of the Judeo-Christian west.

The brutal “emotional” hegemonies of the Judeo-Christian west, who are the enemies of the Common People, of Greece.

So Greeks need not feel frightened if they leave the EU, for there are Alternatives out there. Sure, everyone has, to large extents, to ensure their own interests, so deals and bargains have to be struck before a larger power would be willing to provide secure relations.

But most of the non-western heads of government are very conscious of the days we live in, and of the future of uncertainties, and that they are laden with the most urgent global need to review and reappraise most everything we have taken for granted.

So, as the saying goes, “everything is up for grabs”, and new, or, in fact ancient approaches have to be and can be, but must be, considered. But sure, a Balanced combination of all.

It's not unreasonable to say that Greece has been given the short straw for too long, since Rome and it's Jewish counterparts have overrun the planet, and thrown “Philosophy and Reason”, and thus Democracy into the dustbin. Being in the middle, between the Christian west, and the Islamic Mid-East, etc., has made it hard for Greece to develop itself to the extent it is capable, methinks. It may be worth keeping in mind that Islam began with Mohamed seeing that Rome and the decayed Jewish theocracy had taken the lower, dark, corrupt path, essentially by ignoring, abandoning and even banning Intelligence and Wise, Scientific thinking.

Greece, once prospered on the same ways. Perhaps it is now the time and the opportunity for Her to re-awaken those Talents in Her Peoples, with the able assistance from across the divide?

Contrary to the mainstream's propaganda, REALPolitik REALEkonomic Reforms constitute the most “central” as opposed to extreme right or extreme left, policies possible.

Central in that it enables both political, that-is both economic systems to function with the least restrictions. Capitalism is allowed to operate how it should be able to operate, without the extremes of over-marketing, and of over-taxation, and the pressure to cut quality to zero, as well as the ideal Socialism, where government does not need to do any more than govern the fundamentals of honest monetary policies, primarily in terms of utilities, infrastructure and revenue.

Where markets are actually free, are genuinely on the proverbial “level-playing-field”, but the dark sides of capitalism are known and are admitted to by all, so are kept properly governed not by the elites, who tilt things to their benefit, but by the DEMOS.

But, as I've said for years, “Democracy is dangerous if the People are stupid”. And, “If the People are dangerous, Democracy is stupid.”

But, the latter line, can also suggest how the People can get themselves out of the shithole of elite corruption of bad land laws and upsidedown demographic distribution and market biases, if they are ORGANISED enough to deploy their “dangerous” collective power to preferably vote in the Honorable, Rightminded, Intelligence-based REALPolitik, REALEkonomik government.

But back to Eurape and the crisis, casting the REALPolitik eye further into the future, any closing ranks in a rotten bucket of a boat might stave off the vessel sinking, merely because there would be more to bail out the inflooding water, and stick fingers in the leaks. But once it does sink, more, indeed, everyone will drown, methinks.

Like President Obama campaigned on, we all need “CHANGE”, and in a hurry!

So, as Greece holds centre stage under global spotlights for now, don't waste the opportunity to lead at least yourselves, but also your neighbours in YES, semi-hostile Turkey, but further into the Middle-East and Asia, through the coming upheavals on a new course.

Greece has to unnerstand it is regarded as the poor relative of the elite “northern” Eurapeans, and that once the shit hits the fan, Greece, and Portugal and other nations lower on the Euro-economic scale, will be deserted by the elites, and forced into worse, slave-like conditions. With extra austerity.

The old course, funded by the Indigenous Peoples of the planet, and abused by the Brute-Eurapean elites, has brought us all to the edge of the crumbling cliff.

Therefore it may not be unwise to take the step and turn to the Middle Eastern nations for a United Strength against the future uncertainties?

Methinks.....? Methinks methinks?

But I get the feeling that it's all a big bad dream.....

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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