Activity Observed Globally Across The WARZONE Perhaps Toward Justice

120703 Truelaw Outlaw Junction News-Stomp Activity Observed Globally Across The WARZONE Perhaps Toward Justice Edition

Sitting in despair, becoming more despondent about my miserable lot, taking extraordinary steps to incite some genuine REALPolitik Movement across this decaying planet - think “121221” as I write dates now, one cannot help but be brought to comment to this blog page about the various news items heard thus far today.

Bank probe ordered after Barclays rigging” as titled on the ABC website, goes to British PM Cameron announcing a full parliamentary inquiry on banking frauds, plural.

Not before time, it must be said.

Whether any reforms they find necessary or enough to get away with, go anywhere near the actual needs for reform in the British but global banking industry, as Economic Science knows are necessary, is yet to be seen.

But, be sure, that if nothing of True substance comes from this, this inquiry which might turn out to be no more than a typical delaying tactic the elitist political class of the planet try on us regularly, something much bigger and tougher will happen, and not just in Barclay's bank. Cameron.

Locally, new Queensland LNP government has announced a review into public housing, after announcing last week a cut in funding to so-called “public housing groups”. The same “public housing groups” and their funding cuts, which inspired me to scribe a damning piece over the weekend, and is posted today here.

And, an inquiry into use of the land in the state's rural and agricultural areas by government seems to show they are trying to get somewhere more serious about the abhorrent mis-use of this everyone's most precious resource.

Again, while I have reviewed my previously harsh assessment of Campbell Newman's intellect, and hope he is more REALPolitikally minded than I thought, it's to be seen whether he and his usually dumb-as party and now government members are on the ball and truly want to straighten the horrendously crooked road this state and the rest of this country, as well of course the whole fucking planet has been travelling for eons.

But, again, the Gods have lost almost all patience with today's governments and private institutions and corporations here and globally, so if he and the LNP, and the national ALP too, do not get serious, 121221 will not be a happy day for the spoiled brats of the planet.

As usual, other matters were heard on radio news, but do not come to mind right now, and I have other stuff to do, like build a house for meself.

Different issue - last night I saw most of ABC's Four Corners documentary about Catholic priests and their paedophilia.

A good expose, but in one way, simply more of the same.

None of the media or government reports get underneath these institutional perversions, to expose exactly why priests, but also other paedophiles from different and opposing cults, such as the Freemasons, and the military, as-in the previous ABC Four Corners' show about bastardisation of recruits within the Australian army, are arse-fucking their “captive” male youth.

I do know that many heinous crimes are being ignored by the establishment purely because the criminals are in touch with the main body, the main cult behind today's establishment scum-on-top-of-the-pool, the Catholics-in-combination-with-the-Freemasons, who are behind the disgusting fabrication of a false Christian messiah, and are blackmailing them against exposing this biggest most evil lie of Jesus on the rebound.

This, as I assert, and all these multiple cults, gangs, clubs, covens, syndicates etc etc etc., are sexually assaulting the youth for occult purposes, to capture the youth into their cults, in this hidden war of witchcraft between these same, and the innumerable other violent groups.

I am inclined to the belief that these massive numbers of activities, while the perpetrators assert sound reasons for their actions, also show that the human species is deep in it's decline, a decline brought on by the related insanity of poorly initiated so out of control witches, and when witchcraft gets as out of control as it is now, it signals the end, when all the subtle energy brings a huge and unstoppable reaction. Big enough to shatter the whole planet.

So. Be. It!


So. Mote. It. Be!

I've had enough of the shit we see coming out of all parliaments, as I'm sure have plenty of other better-minded folks.

So, if the world's governments and private interest groups do not smarten-up significantly, the more powerful witches will bring down the Force of All Forces, and put the big end to all these little little idiot witches' games.

This, as said, applies to all parliaments. Not just “clipped” and hamstrung governments, but all opposition parties and factions and cults also.

While this false Democracy is allowed to be acted-out, in Australia, we can still try for better economic and LAND management, as may be seen in today's Queensland government announcements. But there are not a lot of days and parliamentary sessions between now and December.

So those who play with the public or, with my perceptions, in parliament, best smarten-up by orders of magnitude, or shit will happen, which no-one will be able to swim out of.

At least, a majority of the human population.

Take heed, cocksuckers.