Elite Media for The Spoiled, Selfish Elites

120717 Truelaw Outlaw Junction Elite Media for The Spoiled, Selfish Elites Edition

Watching, less interested as the hours, days, months and decades pass, the media my cowardly occult masters allow me to access, mainly ABC1, SBS1, Sky news, and others, with minimal entertainment options, and as I've been honed to focus on serious stuff, politics in-the-main, over time I've recognised a serious failure of the mainstream and even the less mainstream media.

And that is that when programs are broadcast on political, or sociological, or ethical or medical or health or whatever you can think of issues, there is a complete gap created and left too wide to bridge, in the fact that the various shows are made by an upper, essentially elite class of producers, cast members, writers, designers, techies and every other specialist behind the production of these programs, to be watched/heard by audiences of the same upper echelon/echelons.

The class-blindness, the cultural gap in this almost deliberately and dangerously “class-selfish” phenomenon, ignores the brutal and rude facts that the vast majority of Human Beings are forced, by this very same elite (church-)class, and it's false, divisive system it has worked for millennia to create, to spend most of their time at the grind-stone, in the factory and mill scraping the money together just to feed, house and clothe themselves.

When not slaving for these same upper class snobs, who take for granted the leisure and fun times they have making all these highfalutin media productions, in their spare time, most of the majority of humanity are either dealing to varyingly failing degrees with their own psychological issues created once again, by the heinous false class divisions, with grog or drugs or gambling or mindless entertainment, or are doing what they must in their local small parochial social circles and on mainstreet or backstreet, for extra forms of “income” - aka “crime” - to support or fill the gaps their imposed poverty leaves them with or without.

So the majority of these of the same species, have never had the chance to develop an interest in these larger, “specialist” cultural issues and these documentaries that uptop, upclub, upemselves wankers spend so much money, fun and resources making.

And, on top of that class-crime, they are ignored by 1stly governments in being equitably educated 1, so-as to understand the higher levels of language these upper-echelon media programs employ, as “normal” for them, and to be taught the backgrounds and breadth of knowledge to absorb, compute, understand and then contribute to discussions on the larger concepts and issues discussed, but 2, so-as to be able to lift themselves out of the poverty-traps the same and quite evil class-divisions dump them in, so-as to be released from the slavish life, and thus to have the leisuretime and developed intellect thus interest, to be able to enjoy the highest, most noble art of refining and improving their own, and their progeny's Intellect.

So, these uni-educated sociological and cultural specialists are being paid usually high figures to talk to their own upper class hoity-toity clubsters, (hoity-toity clubsters of the audiences who themselves do not in truth give a fuck about the lower-class-rest of the species), yet fail totally to reach the lower-class majority who need most to hear, understand and adopt the suggestions mentioned in these talks, conferences, documentaries and upclub wankfests.

Perhaps the most pernicious thing about and behind these media productions and so-called “public meetings” “community Q&A's”, conferences and “talkfests” etc., is the rude fact that none of them go to the issue which creates most all of the imbalances across all societies in the 1st place

Imbalances which always translate into local, cultural, civil and international wars.

The cultural, that-is the cult, that-is the church-based divisions of the upper, church classes having the support to afford and thus gain access to the land they/we all need to find safety, security, community and the opportunity to support ourselves.

So, in media, the most evil divisions are created, perpetuated and increased each time they employ “specialists” from their own upper classes to talk or define issues which are not the issue, and are in fact merely distractions away from the in-essence illegal means and methods the upper-classes employ and sustain so-as to support and sustain their own elitist cults and clubsters.

From my own view, the only way these divisions and cultural gaps can be removed, is to open-up access to media production, to all classes.

As it is, the licenses and finances required to open smaller, local media operations, networks and companies are quite deliberately prohibitive for those who are most effected by the social, financial and cultural divisions – the lower classes.

Centralisation of media is a most evil thing, and should be the focus of every government and every level of government.

This infers that it is the vital and most responsible duty of all government to make funds available to any who can present and show ability and dedication, to produce and broadcast media programs which can be accessed and understood by the classes not able to develop an interest in those higher-end upper-class programs and sociological, cultural and pseudo-political topics.

“Pseudo-political” in that most all “political” issues, including the talkfests and programs created around fabricated cultural, sociological and economic problems and thus subjects, are all “pseudo”, in-that word's meaning, being “fabricated”, “fraud” and “counterfeit”, etc.

If the lower classes were given the chances to improve their interest in the same subjects the upper media boffins address, by being allowed to investigate and produce their own views and media productions, without upper-class censorship, we would unquestionably see less disorder, less violence, less abuses in alcohol, drugs, gambling, and in-general-crime, and a media interest and following by the less-well-off, is likely to change the direction down the upper class boffins and media junkies so like to talk endlessly, and so often uselessly, about.

But perhaps most importantly, we would more likely see the under-privileged take an interest in developing their own Intellects, the medium with which we all access the most valuable of Human prizes, Wisdom.

Behind all Democratic Advances, it is only when the masses are able to access and appreciate Wisdom, not rote learned information or programming, but Wisdom found through their own expanded Intellects, that Better, Secure, Equitable Cultures and societies are made.

This is the right and proper role of media.

But, REALPolitikly, humanity must remove those self-interested and decayed, utterly corrupted institutions which serve first and foremost their own kind above the species, before Human, Social and Cultural balance can be restored.

This must spell the end to false religions and their evidentially false and dark gods.

Death to all Christian religion and exclusive “private” schooling.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
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