IMF Shuffling Deckchairs To Appear Equitable & My Tribute to Top Secret Drum Troope

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In an article I fell upon from AAP, dated 121213, titled
zee Frrrensh socialist government of Frenchie Hollande, denies trying to fool zee Frrrensh zat zee Frrrensh zocialist goovernmon are – Zocialist!

Mon jerr?!? Ow can ziss be?

Because zee Frensh Socialists, not long ago CEO-d by one Dominique Strauss-Kahn, oo alsooo wuz zee bozzz aof zee global tyrant corporation zee IMF, as well as an international 'otel-worker rappeest, partime, is perhaps the leading powerhouse of global tyrants we call alsooo, zee IMF.

I dunno what their ultimate agenda is, aside from behemothing zee whole fecking planeta, wiff seriously dubious international capitalisation plans, like the gathering of all electricity, water, and telecommunications industries, not just the big corporations, but whole fucking industries, into their psychotic Euro-centric powerhouse, and thus further enslave the world's masses.

Rio Tinto, the subject of this article of denial, has always been one of the shining stars of the IMF's rape the mother planet agenda, and that it has some connection to Astrayliar, probably on paper only, outside of having huge mining interests in our soils and below, is meaningless to a senior executive branch of the IMF, ie., zee Frensh-Eurapeean political class.

But, trying to extract some fee-eeling from the linked article above, could we be close in assuming that zee Frensh goovernmon is feeling zee heat of zee fiscal cleef their very own insatiable colonialists see coming home to roost?

Nationalising Rio Tinto might redirect some of the profits from it's interests, mining and otherwise, on Frensh soils, more directly into zee purses of zee Frensh goovernmunt, and, were any such move to not start world war 3 between zee non-Zionist Frensh and zee Zionist Frensh on zee board of Rio Tinto, other Eurapist nations might try the same thing.

Aside from zee massive profits zee IMF and the Banks of England, Fransh, Germany, Switzerlandenenen, and Israel, et al et al reap from the illegalisation of heroin, opium, laudanum, to feed the habits of the same political classes elite children, and to fund their NATO militarist beast, and from whatever else they illegalise so-as to increase prices and profits, it may be that this is a sign that zee Eurapists, but mainly their umbrella-tyrant corporation, zee IMF, are getting concerned about two or three things.

1, is zee fiscal cleeeff pending, 2, zee Masses of Eurape reaching PISSED-OFF criticale points for lack of 30-pieces-of-silver from – OOW! zee Zioneeest IMF tax-collectors to feed themselves, and perhaps even to still afford their 2nd holiday homes offshore, and 3, maybe, WikiLeaks really does 'ave somseeng on their tyrannical escapades of zee last oooowh, 500 hundred years?


Frenshee “Dutchee” Hollande just wants zee Frensh popoli to believe 'e an' 'eez goovernmon are seenking aboot zem!

Now, I guess I'll read the article again!??


Lot o good that did!?

My comments admittedly a long way from any accurate dissection of said article, 'cause it mentions a number of large firms being shuffled around the IMF cruiseliner's deck, Alcan, ArcelorMittal, Electricite de France (EDF), and of course, Rio Tintin, all wanting better deals from zee oothers, even while all of zem are essentially under the same umbrella-tyrant of zee IMF.

But, fearlessly diving into unnerstanding the shamozzle we know as Eurape, opens a truckload of boxes stolen from the evil and elusive Pandora.

From just this article, one might, if one took enough LSD, come to ask if in fact there are any real people left, or right, or central, in Fransh, or across Eurape, other than the diplomats we watch kissing each other and shaking hands at Davos-type G-20 conferences, in front of a zillion Zionist media-corp cameras, and other than the rent-a-PROTESTUERZZ, breaking out from their comfy little 300 year old maizzons, in quaint rural Frensh villages, to bitch about milk subsidies for the moooks?

Just don mensheon zee NUKES!??

Or...., zee SPOOKS!!!


Talking about SPOOKSsssss...!?!?#$%^&!!!

I caught a bit of the grand old Edinburgh Military Tattoo the other night!

Enough to see how much behind the supertimes I am!

One performance stuck out to me, talking about SPOOKSsss..., which was the Swiss Troope of drummerzzz, called..., “Top Secret Drummer Boyzzz” er “Drum Troope”.

Brilliant! And I'm not saying that just because they're fucking Switzers, the top of the alps organised crime syndicate with all the world's secreted wealth in their mountainous vaults.

Precision extraordinaire, lads, and lasses, if any!

Words can't do their accuracy justice. Perhaps they're whacking a clip on YouTube. Bound to go viral, methinks. (But NOOO! Ve are Top Secrete!?!!$%!!)

Perhaps the Swiss Alps air has them refine their timing to perfection?

But, methinks, more like they're programmed like the fictional super-Jewish-Hero on Foxtel, Charlie Bartowski, to intersect perfectly with other lifeforms.

No doubt the Troopers are raging egomaniacs. It goes with being Swiss, methinks! Ask any Swiss banker!

But.., calling themselves “Top Secret Drum Troop” kinda has one expect they are also in control of their white-superior raging egomania, and so, like all spies, don't tell anyone!

Instead they wander the planet their corporate banker daddies own, quietly, humbly, and kindly buying up electricity corporations, city water-supply dams, drum kits and Aboriginal real estate, with smiles and a RATATATAT, to conclude the deals. I'm sure.

Being left far behind any of that psychic intersect stuff, by my “mates”, I can only watch with some amount of envy.

As said, the performance was magnificent.

But, as my envy sought excuses and justifications to laugh at the lads, it drifted away to long since seen, scenes of.... I had to ponder..., AH! Flocks of geese, or of swans, flying in a massive, long, and absolutely syncronized “V”-formation, as if one mighty flying drum troope, across the high plains of Astraylairn rural real estate.

And..., went my thinks..., “Yeah, the Drummers have got it! Howevaaar? Are they superior for it?”

It does seem to mememe, way out on the frozen margins of human societie generale, that what the Drum Troopers have found, is but something the world, of Nature, of Fine, and Immortal Human Beings – y' know – the REAL Human Beings, that the Eurapeans and British exterminated as they romped around the global real estate and mining reserves, and of swans in flight, knew as integral in living the True Life?

The exacting precision and, it's gotto be said, the lightning speed of their drumming-ken-drumming-ken-drumming-ken, is a great triumph of humans' ability to harmonise, and deserves a bunch of salutes, no doubt.

But, looking back in his-and-her-story, outside of the bankers paradise of Svitzerlandenenen, the Lads, must, to further their climb to Human Immortality, humbly remember the same, and maybe better precision practiced, perhaps more than in performances, by those Artists of the Orient, who so attuned their spirits together in the practices of the ultimate of Human physical perfection, the Gung Fu, or Tai Kwan Do, or Judo, or such, known from the beginnings of human times across Asia, and no doubt, elsewhere.

Da'an 'ere, in Australia, our Bleck Fellas, probably didn't even know they were as attuned to each other, so natural was their way.

But also, I have NO doubt, that our Aborigine, also had a supreme, strong and solid handle on how to “stay cool”, and how to keep the realm relaxed and comfortable, by avoiding the traps of selfish wealth accrual, thus of constant need to be super fast in every aspect of life. Or, to be “top secret agents”, etc etc etc.

Synchronicity”? Yeah, I haven't sat in on a Top Class Bleck Fella Corroboree, to see their Fellas perform their Ritual Dances, sometimes mimicking the animals they share their Dreaming with.

But what I have seen of them, they too can get their act pretty-sweetly synchronised.

The difference is, they don' carry the effects of paranoid nervousness into their acts.

Just Communing, Wise, Divine, and Blissfully Happy Harmonies. With some of the world's most Sacred music.

Well done, neverthelessenenen..., “Top Secret Drum Trooperzzz”.

But do remember, some of us, not from the top of the moneygoround world, still have incorruptible connections to that “Some Sacred Thing”, you guys have tapped into, and employed in your excellent RATATATAT-and-a-RATATATAT-RATATATAT-RATATATAT.

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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