My comments on WSWS article "China media on war footing"

My comment on WSWS article "China media on war footing"
Jan 29 (2 days ago)

Wealth needs resources.

Its ever the same.

All inheritors of wealth, since Babylonian, Ancient Israeli & Roman times, advocate sending slave-classes to war, so they can keep living in excess.

This is clearly an illness of the mind, "inherited" & culturally instilled, like a social trend or a fashion, by economic elites, who unnerstandably want the best for their progeny.

But in their own deceptions from all their earned or unearned riches, they make tragically bad choices, especially on where to send their kids for education. Ie., the undeniably evil "private" (a cover word for "secret agenda"), church, cult, occult, schools.

But this wealth-rooted psychopathology is kept under the rug, & deliberately unrecognised, mainly because the very same unearned wealth inheritors become the medico's, medical industry CEOs & board members, psychologists, psychiatrists, government departmental heads, advisors, lobbyists, university sponsor-financiers, politicians AND...., media managers.

So this, their wealth-psychopathy, is the "mental-block" stopping them from seeing that they suffer from perhaps the planet's greatest threat, their wealth-psychopathy!

"Avarice" & "greed" have become old & have lost their impact.

My "wealth-psychopathy" term & the like, apply and appeal to the modern mental sciences' followers and "professionals", and will become dated too, especially because this very condition occupies the heads of the above inheritance groups, who, by it's occupation, & theirs, cannot face it, I mean REALLY face it in themselves, nor in the majority, to go anywhere near expunging, "exorcising", purging it from their own minds.

It is not a madness exclusive to the "Judeo-Christian superiorist" mindset. For China's same wealth inheritance generations have fallen as well.

These personal insanities always bloom because the dicks know they have powerful national, or, like the NATO military alliance, regional military forces who, but slaves, exist to defend their very own enemies - their own most wealthy - rich-mad-&-dangerous - inheritors of unearned wealth!

Modern China is, in fact, still doing the bidding, in wealth & war, of the western world's ancient stupidly-rich dynasties.

Heinous "western" elite plans from the 19thC & earlier are being finalized in China's 2nd generation inheritor-class reckoning on war.

The Chinese "princelings" wealth-inheritance generations, free to globe-trot and associate with their class-equals everywhere, are under the same trances, and most, not only from new superpower China, but from all aspiring (ie., insatiably crazymind) middle and upper classes of all nations, are so self-absorbed as to not see, or, only "semi-consciously", are "persuaded" by back-of-mind puppet-masters, to deliberately ignore the bigger picture, the plans and dark dark darkest ramifications of this evolutionary species and technology-fueled development.

Stupid dreaming, such intentions, to be sure.

Of a certainty, and so very Catholic-witch of them, ".....paving the road to Hell"!

But the human, for our natural long term evolution, & for the psychoses that excesses of wealth always breeds into us, always does the same.

But this time, we have gone as far as possible, in unplundered territories and in maximum possible "WMD" carnage capabilities, short of plunder and pillage of the remaining 3rd world regions like Africa, being effected now 1st by France in Mali, and soon to be joined by Germany, Britain & the USA.

And without the most shocking global "game-changer", the elite, world-over completely off-the-path of actually Being Human, ie., "Wise", Self-restrained in all thoughts & desire, knowing the eternal worth of True Law, & warring only to protect True Law, being absolutely and irreparably insane, crazymind fuckheads, will take the world to the end of the current 100,000 year epoch.

Due to the phenomenal excess of resources-extraction, flippant misuse, waste and over-consumption, never before reached, these same crazymind rich fools may also be destroying all life on the planet, but less then 200 years ago, still, outside of nuthouse Judeo-Christian whiteguy lands, Heavenly.

Sounds horribly religious prophesy I know.

But it's really just simple observation and deduction.

Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination.

Or, just a simple bloke "DOING TH' MATH!"


1: Shut all "private" religion-run schools.

2: Learn to be Happy! By living like the Aborigine did before Moses got itchy feet & the "golden calf tribe" that-is, the inheritance generations, lost the plot!

3: Install One Land Law globally.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw