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Having a Google news page section set-up that dumps me articles from news sites relating to my tags of “Whistleblowers” and another of “Outlaw/Outlaws” a Whistleblowers item dropped out this mornin'. So, in trance-like style, I registered to the “The Nation” news site, and posted this/these to their COMMENTS window, that called for such on the issue discussed, perhaps better than I've seen for a while, at

A Disturbing Warning for the Media at Bradley Manning Hearing

By The Nation's Greg Mitchell.

I commented...:

"aiding the enemy"?
1st the US public must make clear who the enemy of said "...enemy..." is.
The US military, government, or the people?
For the Manning case & covert attempts to down Wikileaks expose a clear delineation between "the enemies enemy", ie., the GW Bush govt, NOT, the Obama govt, the CIA in control during the Iraq war, its military forces, and the US polity, who condemn the killing of the Reuters journalists by the US military chopper crew, and... (my smartphone played tricks, losing the connection..., so I didn't finish my train of thought, thus, lost the thread of that sentence, damnit!)

Hence I logged in again, to post this....

DAMN this is a crap "smartphone"!!!

Then, trying to get back to how I was thinking before the shitphone crashed the connection....

The US military simply does not have a case, if our highest mental faculty - the Intellect - is employed.
Hence..., the classic of classic oxymorons..... "military intelligence".

Free Private 1st Class Bradley Manning!

Free Julian Assange!

Free Jeremy Hammond!

What does a bloke do, when he, and the rest of the species knows full-well that the US CIA and it's military, in cahoots with the white, supremacist NATO alliance, including of course, the seriously maniacal, dysfunctional lost-tribes of Israel/Britain/Eurape/USA/Australia/New Zealand/and-everywhere whitearse-has-stepped-foot, hugely sponsored by the also seriously dysfunctional right wing Jewish, Protestant, Catholic Christian cult/s, under which thrives the Freemason cult/cults of the USA, are completely off-the-track of any “fighting the good fight”?

This article by The Nation's Greg Mitchell, goes to the threats arising from the deranged US military lawyers and their support body underneath the Pentagon, to the hallowed “free speech” we believe is everyone's right.

That such warped interpretation of the law, by the strangely-named US military attorney – one “Captain Angel Overgaard” !!!???!!!, and his cohorts, can get through the highest offices of the USA, mystifies me totally.

That the Obama administration cannot put forward the simple and clear case against such twisted legalese, says mountains as to how astray the western alliance military forces are, and, worse, how powerful they and their main backers, probably the western evangelist churches and Jewish diaspora, are.

As I threw in to the COMMENTS window of The Nation's article, this charge against Private 1st Class Bradley Manning, and Wikileaks, as well as against the lesser-heard-about captive of the US military, Jeremy Hammond, of “...aiding the enemy...” should be simply and swiftly thrown out of court, by putting the counter-case, of seeking to establish who, in fact, “...the enemy of the enemy...” actually is.

That, it seems to me, should be very much easier to establish, rather than trying to argue in court, against the charge of “...aiding the enemy..” in defense of Manning, Hammond, Assange and Wikileaks, et al, ie., all Whistleblowers?

So, following that line, if it is established in court, say, that the US military, which it should also be easy to confirm, operates most for the financial advantage of the western multinational corporations, like “Haliburton” “General Dynamics”, et al, as put in another COMMENT to the same article, then, challenging also the grip on the US and global political class that the major warlike corporations represented in US federal politics by the Republicans, it cannot not come out that in fact, as we all know, the major corporations are “...the enemy...” of the people of the USA.

That it would in such a case, also come out that those corporations are also the enemy of the enemy, but more, are the enemy of the people of Iraq, of Afghanistan, of all non-Jewish and non-Christian people, worldwide, is fact, but is not the issue the courts are trying to make a decision on.

Clearly, the minds and hearts of the western alliance attorneys and administrations are about as clear as toxic mud in a nuclear waste dump.

While the devils in the minds of Captain Angel Overreach and covens no doubt are exceedingly clever little junkless bastards, a Rightminded Cohort of Legal Eagles, from as worldwide a collection as possible, would denounce and destroy these utterly delusional US Military-and-companies fabrications in but minutes.

That it might, if pushed, put the Republican Party, and it's sick, fanatical, ie., entranced right wing Judeo-Christian financiers and cultists both in the dock, and out of business, can only be seen by the more Astute and Honorable peoples of the planet, as the best thing since sliced Hashish!

So! 1st get to the root of “...who is the enemy of the (said) enemy...!”?

If the Obama administration, and the change of guard in the CIA HQ, Et Al.., can “Man-Up!” and, in that, “Wise-Up!”, and take this Most Honorable, simple approach, then the media, good and evil, has nothing to worry about, in terms of threats to it's, and to our, freedom of speech, and of secure sources, methinks. Methinks methinks?

Therefore, it behooves all media, left, right, centrist and the likes evern, of JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction REALPolitik Journalism (ha! Yer! oneavakind, aye! And, being a Marksist, of the Groucho-kind.., “I wouldn't be a member of any club that wants me to be a member!!!”) to get on board, by uniting against the blatantly obvious tyranny of the western military alliance forces, mounted against today's Most Honorable Whistleblowers, Journalists, Lobbyists, Supporters AND Citizens, Julian Assange, Private 1st Class Bradley Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Et Al Et Al, to form Legal Conferences to Hone and Refine the basic Tenets of the Cases for the Defense of said Defendants, and strengthen everyone's rights to Just Laws and Freedoms, worldwide.

Because, the simple fact is, that all these “situations” are, non-issues!

As an added bonus, were such a case put and won, the world would be empowered thereafter, to tackle the ever-slippery case of the “People versus CRAPitalism”, thus, easing all manner of threats to – the environment, to inequitable distribution of wealth, etc etc., which we all know are coming at us and at the planet from psychologically dysfunctional corporate executives and their deadly-stupid objectives, from the resultant unregulated, and totally unnecessary wealth-scavenging, ie., poverty and crime, and the psychoses arising amongst the multitudes for being so deprived of the opportunities of living an honest and sufficient, satisfying and sustainable life.

  • that the case should not even cost the taxpayer the time in court,
  • that the case is so clear-cut as to throw the military's case in the trash straight away, also means
  • that 1, Private 1st Class Bradley manning, should be released,
  • all charges against him dropped,
  • he be compensated in the millions of dollars US, for the persecution and wrong charges the “system” has sought to hang him with,
  • be promoted by several ranks immediately.

- all allegations and charges-pending against Julian Assange be dropped,
    • Julian Assange be publicly apologised to by the Swedish authorities concerned, and by all senior executives of the US administration, responsible for drafting any and all cases and allegations against him,
    • Assange be compensated for the unjustifiable deprivation of his freedom and liberties in the millions of pounds-sterling,
    • Whistleblower Protection Bills be drafted and passed in all western parliaments immediately,
    • all Whistleblowers, including one Jeremy Hammond, and all held now by western alliance and NATO forces be released immediately, and financially compensated in the millions of US dollars, done as well, in order to “make an example” of the errant legal agents, views, opinions, fabrications, distortions and structures within and across the US and western military alliance administrations' legal departments, so they LEARN to not play those evil games again.

In addition -
    • all parties found to have contributed to the false and unjust persecution of said Defendants, Assange, Manning, Hammond, Et Al, within, allied to, and in communication with the prosecuting US, British, Swedish, and any other military and civil alliances, judiciaries, forces and administrations,
    • be brought to stand trial on charges of
    • subversion of the courses of Justice in their respective countries,
    • the deliberate and pernicious perversions of the courses and administration of Justice, of Law, and
    • of the falsification of evidence leading to the illegal invasions of
    • Iraq, from 2003-on, and
    • Afghanistan to this day.


Taking it to the “N-th” degree, ….............. hmmmmm?

Could I be bothered???

With or without bothering, it stands that were these corrections to be followed, other things ramify out from them.

For such Determinations bring up the perhaps more vital issues of the Rectitude of most all of the western alliances' parliamentary structures.

So..., were such outrageous amendments to be effected, be-they just in the US administration, etc., they could not help but send metaphorical shock-waves right through the western establishment's hegemonic status quo.

The accepted structures, say, of the ruling dynasties of Britain, the USA, Eurape, Russia, et al, et al, and of course, old old Israel, would be thrown, in chains (hya-hya-hya!!!), in the dock, to face charges of subversion of the Human Race, to the pernicious advantage of the said dynastic family clans, etc.

The best result one might dream of from such Revolutionary REALPolitics, would be the final and long-fought for Democracy, worldwide.

Were LAW to be followed, to the letter, and by the Spirit, Democracy would be the unavoidable result, worldwide.

Such a case is impossible to argue against, no matter how clever or wealthy, the opposition might be.

But..., I do go on, don't I....?

Many thanks to Greg Mitchell of “The Nation” US online news journal, for his/their REALPolitik article!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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